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On May 1, 1945, Reich Minister of Information Dr. Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda took the decision to end their lives and the lives of their six children.

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It was an easy decision: the family were under no illusions as to their fate upon the Red Army entering Berlin. The rape and murder fest was already underway. The wives and children of Germans, especially those of the higher echelons, were brutally treated, enslaved, raped, sexually abused, killed, imprisoned by the Soviet, British and American armies of occupation. It is estimated that 13 million Germans perished following the defeat of the Reich.

After writing their last letters to their son, Harald, the minister and his wife, assisted by Dr. Helmut Kunz, injected their six children with morphine. Once unconscious, the doctor pressed an ampule of cyanide between the sleeping infants’ lips. The method by which Joseph and Magda took their lives is unclear.

In 1970, KGB director Yuri Andropov authorised an operation to destroy the remains. On 4 April 1970, a Soviet KGB team used detailed burial charts to exhume five wooden boxes at the Magdeburg SMERSH facility. Those were burned, crushed, and scattered into the Biederitz River, a tributary of the nearby River Elbe

It is well to remember that during anti-German sanctions and demonization (1932 – 1940) and the wars waged by the combined forces of three empires vs. Germany conflict (1939 – 1945) no member of any family of any nation suffered as consequence of their country being occupied by the German nation.


My Dear Harald,

We sit locked in the Fuehrer’s shelter in the RC (Reich’s Chancellery) fighting for lives and honour.  How this battle will end God alone knows.  But I know that alive or dead, we will not leave this shelter unless we leave it with honour and glory.  I hardly believe that we shall ever see each other again; therefore, it is likely that these will be the last lines you will ever receive from me.  I expect from you, should you outlive this war, that you do only that which will honour your mother and father.  It is not necessary that we be alive to influence the future of our people.  It is likely that you will be the only one left to carry on the traditions of our family.  Do this always in such a manner that we would never be ashamed of your actions.

Germany will outlive this terrible war, but only if it has examples upon which to guide its reconstruction.  Such an example we want to give here!  You can be proud to possess such a mother as yours.  Yesterday evening the Fuehrer gave her the gold Party insignia which he wore on his coat for so many years, and she justly deserved it.

In the future, you must know only one duty; to prove yourself worthy of the great sacrifice that we are prepared and determined to make here.  I know that you will do that.  Do not let yourself be confused by the uproar that will now reign throughout the world.  The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will again triumph.  The hour will come when we shall stand pure and undefiled as our aims and beliefs have always been. Farewell, my dear Harald.  Whether we shall ever see each other again lies in the hand of God.  If it is not to be, then always be proud to have belonged to a family that, even in the face of disaster, remains true to the Fuehrer to the very last and true to his pure and holy cause.  All the best and my heartfelt greetings.  ~ Your Papa.


My beloved son, we have already been here in the Fuehrer’s shelter for six days; papa, your six brothers and sisters, and I.  We are here to give our National Socialist way of life it’s only possible and honourable ending.  Whether you will ever receive this letter I do not know, but perhaps some considerate soul will make it possible for you to receive my last greetings.

You must know that it was against papa’s wishes that I remained here with him and that last Sunday the Fuehrer himself wanted to help me get out.  You know your mother, for we are the same blood.  For me, there was no alternative.  Our beautiful idea is being destroyed and with it goes everything I know in this life as being fine, worthy of admiration, noble, and good.

Life will not be worth living in the world that will come after Hitler and National Socialism.  Therefore, I have also brought the children here with me.  They are too precious for the life that will come after us; a merciful God will understand me when I myself help them to a merciful deliverance.  You will live on, and for you I have but one request; never forget that you are a German. Do nothing against your honour and take care that you do nothing with your life that will have made our death purposeless.  The children are wonderful.

Without assistance, they help themselves in these more than primitive surroundings.  Whether they have to sleep on the floor, whether they are unable to wash, or whether they have nothing to eat, there is neither a word of complaint nor tears.  Even for me, the shell crashing are nerve-wracking.  The small children comfort the even smaller, and the fact of their being here is a blessing if only because every now and then they coax a smile from the Fuehrer.

Yesterday the Fuehrer removed his golden insignia and pinned it to my dress. I am proud and overjoyed.  God grant that I will have the strength to accomplish the last and most difficult task of all.  We have only one mind left to us; to be true unto death to the Fuehrer, that we be allowed to end our lives together with him is a merciful fate upon which we could hardly have counted.  Harald, beloved boy, I give you the best life has taught me, to take on your way with you; be true; be true to yourself, true to your people, and, most of all, be true to your Fatherland in each and every respect.

To begin a new page is difficult.  Who knows whether I shall still have time to fill it, but I want to give you so much of my love, so much strength, and to take from you all the sorrow of our deaths.  Be proud of us, and try to keep us ever in a proud and joyous remembrance.  Everyone must one day die.  Is it not better, more honourable, and braver to have lived a short happy life rather than a long one and under disgraceful conditions?  I put my arms around you with the deepest, most heartfelt mother’s love. ~ My beloved son, live for Germany!  Your Mother. 

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  • Hi Mike, Thank you, once again, to be the messenger of these dramatic events. I have just read about Harald who survived the war, fter being emprisoned as a Luftwaffe pilot by the English, in Italy (1945). HugsMichelle

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  • It is heart breaking to read about the death of these people and the destruction of all they worked for and believed in by the most vile life forms on the planet. When one sees how the most evil have prospered and the best have been murdered, defiled and degraded by these monsters it is difficult to maintain faith.

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  • Thanks Mike, my eyes shed a lot of tears reading this beautiful article. Slowly but surely we are beginning to grasp the magnitude of the deception and as well as our present situation. The time is ripe for an explosive awakening, and this is happening now. I always knew that the deeper they push Adolf Hitler and NS, the higher will be the rebound. Your work is helping to accelerate this rebound.

    Liked by 1 person

    • marxistcommunistbolshavistglobalist.

      I would like to say Alfred, Denise wise has done and is still doing brilliant work , his the greatest story never told sent shivers down my spine and hairs standing on end for the whole documentary, this man gave me a solid meaningful identity , and filled me with pure pride , I would also like to mention another great present day hard fighting soldier , Andrew Hitchcock, this man puts out fantastic shows every day , these shows give me an hour of freedom every day .


  • Thank you, Alfred….. if we can as disparate organisations mature enough to cooperate whilst allowing for organisations to push their own agendas we are already 100,000 strong.


    • marxistcommunistbolshavistglobalist.

      God bless you Mr Walsh , you are doing God’s work , if i manage to get into heaven , after passing through Jesus Christ I shall head straight for Adolf Hitler , can you imagine speaking to this great man ! Having a cup of tea with him , thank him for what his great great Germany tried so hard to do , one thing is for sure , there will be no money changers there .

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  • These two short films on the Gœbbels family and their fate are poignant.
    One well understands Putkammer’s emotion.
    I knew Magda’s farewell letter well — thanks to Anna Reitsch’s “bons offices” — but Josef Gœbbel’s letter to his stepson. is a première to me.

    Of course such a sublime family suicide is way above the grasping abilities of the rodent ghouls who would be atavistically inclined to crawl, beg and wail on such a situation; as well as to those of their Soviet cronies.

    The background music has been well chosen.

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