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On England’s declaration of war against Germany on September 3, 1939, there were thought to be up to 20,000 Germans and Austrians plus 60,000 other European refugees resident in Britain.

! Base Treachery

Vetted, some were identified as being either being sympathetic towards National Socialism or merely wanted peace between Britain and Germany.  Many detainees were classified as A, B or C category risk. The first category was interned without trial without limit. The group classified as B had their movements restricted, and the C category was left alone but their civil rights restricted and placed under surveillance.

! Hitler started the war

In May 1940, Britain prepared to invade the Low Countries and open up a front similar to that of the Western Front (1914 – 1918). It is estimated that as many as three million British, French and German youth died on these battlefields.

In order to avoid a repeat of this European catastrophe the German High Command pre-emptively occupied the Low Countries and northern France; thus Britain’s planned invasion of Europe was frustrated.

The detentions increased and a further 2,000 males, mainly resident or working in coastal areas and in a position to warn the Germans of unusual military activity, were rounded up and interned.

A month later Italians were included in the mass arrests. By late June 1940, all C-Category men under 70-years of age were arrested and interned without trial and without a period of time. Those too young or too old to be arrested were heavily restricted in their civil rights and movements.

Olympia. July 16, 1939 BUF Rally

Olympia. July 16, 1939, BUF Rally

All anti-war individuals and organisations thought to be sympathetic towards pacifism, or who were in some way connected to anti-war movements such as the British Union of Fascists (BUF), were detained, again without trial or limit of time.

Mosley Meeting

Mosley Meeting

The most prominent was BUF leader Oswald Mosley and his family. All members of the British Union were arrested, questioned, and most detained.

May 1940 also saw the arrest of Tyler Kent, an American diplomat stationed in London. The diplomat was associated with anti-war Members of Parliament, such as Captain Archibald Ramsey, MC, founder of The Right Club.

The distinguished British army officer was Unionist MP for Peebles and South Midlothian, a member of His Majesty’s Bodyguard for Scotland and scion of the Scottish aristocracy.

All were accused of plotting with pro-Fascist and diverse peace movements for a negotiated peace with Germany. Ramsey, along with thousands of others, was detained for most of the war.

What can we do to roast Germans - Copy

Throughout Britain, including the Isle of Man, there were scattered 1,050 British concentration camps known as internment camps. Many of these camps housed civilians including children.

meme 14

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  • How many British people today know the full facts about why their country went to war against Germany in 1939?.

    Thanks to the drunken mass murderer Winston Churchill ,and his jewish puppet masters, a whole generation of white Europeans were needlessly sacrificed.

    Today, we are in the same situation with the jewish controlled UK government and their media hacks screamaing for war against Russia. This time the stakes are much higher, with unthinkable consequences if they get their way.

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    • Sadly…… we tend to look domestically but the mindset of those who rule over us is the same as that of their henchmen who masquerading as liberators enslaved all of Europe, half of our continent to brutality and slavery.

      Liked by 2 people

  • British people should understand that it was the Bank of England that powered their colonial empire, and it is the perfect system to fuel (and compel) such conquests as there is always more debt to pay. By the end of Victoria’s reign the debt’s were crippling and Germany was a young fresh challenger with no such debt load and technical ability to rival England. Though they did not start the war Germany was assigned blame for WW1. As not many people understand this they certainly can’t understand the need of Hitler to throw out the international banks that has ransacked Germany after WW1 and print Germany’s own money to restore their country. No doubt they will not understand the debt enslavement and ruin of their OWN country and their OWN children now.

    Liked by 2 people

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