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The genesis of best-selling WITNESS TO HISTORY, Mike Walsh’s epic analysis of the birth of Bolshevism and Germany’s struggle to avoid the fate of Imperial Russia, overthrown by the Capitalist-Bolshevik regime change 1917 – 1922, was in a single flier.

It might have been the Montreal Olympics of 1974 or Moscow 1980, the sports spectacular was imminent. Angered by media horseshit about Jesse Owens having disproved the myth of Aryan superiority and his having humiliated Adolf Hitler, Mike Walsh did a little research. The facts proved otherwise, the 1936 Berlin Olympics proved conclusively that Aryans nurtured in a National Socialist environment were in fact unbeatable. Jesse Owens, the brilliant coloured athlete, in 1936 had been idolised by the German people and had not been snubbed by Adolf Hitler.

The success of the flier encouraged the historian to add further revisionist analysis of real history. As a consequence, For Those Who Cannot Speak, similar in size and content to the then just published Did Six Million Really Die, was published.

Such was its success that it occurred to him to research and to publish a true history of the Reich and National Socialism from 1914 to 1950.

In fact, it was May 8, 1945, that the German armed forces crushed by the vast armies of the combined Soviet, British and American empires, surrendered.

The legitimate internationally recognised elected German government never did capitulate. Today’s German regime is an illegal entity; World War II has never been signed off, Germany remains an occupied country.

Witness to History was more than 25-years in the making and had three goals and one purpose in mind. First, Mike Walsh, who went on to author a further 42 book titles, wanted a single book that would divulge previously censored information whilst effectively debunking the victor’s propaganda.

Second, to put into perspective the catastrophic 20th Century one needs to see the big picture from the 1917 misnamed Russian Revolution to the attempted genocide of defeated Germany.

Finally, it is useless to compile a book based on one historian’s spin. It seemed far better to give those who made this heart-lifting yet catastrophic epoch a chance to tell the new world the protagonists spin-free story in their own words. Sources are listed at the end of the book. For these three reasons, Witness to History is unique. Its purpose is to pay homage to all victims of Capitalism and Communism.

This book, on one REDUCED PRICE volume, or in a set of four-volumes, is dedicated It is to these betrayed martyrs that Witness to History.

No one book can adequately tell of their tortured lives. All Witness to History can do is offer a vignette of their distress. It does so with fervent and heartfelt wish that its message will help to avoid history repeating itself.

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