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STOP PRESS:  Ursula has been arrested and detained. At 13.30 Monday, May 7 armed German police stormed the sanctuary where the fraud buster was resting.  May the police and all associated with them rot in hell.  Decent human beings would prefer washing sheets in brothels than wearing the uniform of a state police thug; better a world of conventional criminals. They may steal your wallet but not your civil rights and freedom. 

Washington Occupied Germany (WOG) has launched an international manhunt for a fugitive who many hope will celebrate her 90th birthday in freedom in November this year.


German great-grandmother Ursula Haverbeck (89) achieved international respect and acclaim for her relentless investigations into holocaust related fraud. The German regime, which is heavily implicated in the swindle, sentenced the courageous sleuth to two years for questioning the Allied account of conditions in WWII internment camps.

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Ursula Haverbeck is dubbed the ‘Nazi grandma’ by corporate media. William Colby, a former CIA director, and Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine concede is CIA controlled. Both men died in mysterious circumstances.

Ursula good quote

Sentenced last year, Frau Haverbeck having been given time to manage her affairs, failed to show up at Bielefeld prison on Wednesday where she was due to be held, likely until her death in custody.


A Jewish committee member of a self-styled holocaust survivors group calling itself the International Auschwitz Committee says, “One can only hope that the police are looking for her under high pressure.”


Local newspaper Westfalen-Blatt reported that the elderly dissident’s home in Vlotho in central Germany seemed empty for days with mail piling up in front of the door.

Free speech now a hate crime

The elderly fraud investigator’s escape, even if short-lived, will prove to be an unmitigated public relations disaster for the holocaust industry.

Ursula happy days

The manhunt to find the elderly fraud investigator will raise unwanted publicity and in its wake could inspire others to add their voices to those who say the Holocaust isn’t wearing any credible clothes. In a recent survey, it was discovered that two-thirds of people are thoroughly fed up with hearing about the elasticated and ludicrous holocaust claims. 

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  • marxistcommunistbolshavistglobalist.

    Thank you for this report , this is just insanity.

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    • Wow… this is crazy.. it was America that killed more then Hitler..
      Look up Eisenhower’s death camps..
      That’s where all the deaths came from.. not Hitler…

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      • Danielle Marin

        Georgina, I’m sure you mean well but please place the blame where it belongs. I am sick to death of hearing ignorant remarks about America. We do not deserve to be vilified because of our corrupt Zionist Jewry owned, occupied and operated fascist government. There are over 325 million people living in the USA and I can ASSURE you that millions of us “average, regular Americans despise our sorry excuse puppet leaders and would love nothing more then to see every President since JFK who is still alive and breathing, publicly executed for treason. Merkel, May, Macron, and Putin all answer to Jewish Oligarchy yet it is only the USA who everybody seems OK with wiping off of the face of the earth, which is absurd because there is a huge population that still exists in the USA, despite the fact we are turning browner by the day and being overrun with illegal immigrants of various Mexican, Hispanic and Latino ethnicities that have a propensity for raping and murdering white women.plenty of white gentiles that are predominantly of European descent. please educate yourself better so you can hopefully shake off your ignorance – it is inappropriate, inaccurate and most of all unfair.

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    • AS we struggle each day lending a hand to our kids and grandkids( keeping them out of public endoucturnation) I sit and wonder how much better our world would be had be united with Germandy and Hitlers vision for our people. This world is truely ruled by evil. A bunch of santonic gone mad low life Money changers! All wars are banker wars! What will remain in 20 yrs from now?

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      • @ Danielle Martin, Georgina is educated, I have yet to see the average American with all it’s “freedumbs” marching in unity against the occupation of Germany by the USA & co, against the injustice of being ruled by the 5 veto powers (yes the USA officially under President Franklin D. Roosevelt was eager for large-scale trade with Russia, he negotiated with the Soviets, and he used presidential authority to normalized relations in November 1933) i.e the USA, UK, France, USSR (Russia under Putin) and China). Most think Marx wrote the communist manifesto, quite the contrary he “plagiarized” Clinton Roosevelt’s (nephew of FDR) “Communist Manifesto”, who in turn “plagarized” the Communist teachings of Adam Weishaupt,a renegade Jesuit, and the substance of the Communist Manifesto. The Roosevelt version appeared seven years before it also was “plagarized” by another member of the Order of Illuminati, Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Heinrich Karl Marx, in London (his cohort Engels became filthy rich using child labour in the UK). It embodies a blueprint of the New Deal, its NRA and other devices, that became the tradition of the Roosevelt Dynasty. It is the pattern of an American dictatorship which they seek to impose. Their progress in imposing this dictatorship was slow until the present century. Now thanks to the support of the Rockefeller dominated “Philanthropic” Foundation Trust it is moving to ultra-rapid culmination.

        You also use the word “fascism”, get educated on Fascism of Il Duce, before throwing it around like a lose balloon in a saloon!

        “here are over 325 million people living in the USA and I can ASSURE you that millions of us “average, regular Americans despise our sorry excuse puppet leaders”…. yet you vote for them???? Where are these millions you are talking about???

        “yet it is only the USA who everybody seems OK with wiping off of the face of the earth”…… who is “everybody”? Start here: https://countercurrents.org/polya050713.htm

        Millions of Germans built the USA, what was their “payment”? Anti-German Hysteria that continues until this day, start here and READ your own history http://exulanten.com/hysteria.html & http://exulanten.com/hell.html & http://exulanten.com/bombinghell.html – Germans do not want you wiped off the face of the earth, as a matter if fact they want you to leave their land and shores and to take your Jews and traitors ruling over them back, you are not wanted or welcome in Germany anymore.

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  • marxistcommunistbolshAvistglobalistlousyspeller


  • “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  • some people have gone mad…..you have been taken over by the jew…..look at europe today…are eurpeans happy now….not…..look who started all these a jew named soros…..who doesn’t give a damn if your jewish or not….he goal is to make money…..look at sweden, where children are being raped by the illegals ….who’s in power in sweden…the jew……first nuke on this planet, the jew dies world wide…period

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    • Google or YouTube “Barbara Spectre multiculturism” and you will see who controls mass immigration into Europe.

      Liked by 6 people

      • “Spectre” really a befitting name don’t you think… Now go one step further… Did you notice the glazed, opaque, eyes? And the dandling head? Very little can be done to cure this creature of a different god; the two signs which I have pointed out are telltale signs of fanaticism… And WE are supposed to be the “baddies”?!!!

        Teach your children the art of close observation… before it’s too late…

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  • This stupid pro-Israel, anti-truth organization is not stopping hatred through their Satanic actions, they are fueling it. Some day it will back-fire on them and that day may be sooner than one thinks. Enough is enough!!!

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    • They don’t mind. They always needed jewish victims and shoah, to give jews around the world a feeling of being a people, a reason for sticking together. And don’t forget: There is no business like shoah-business

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  • AGAIN??? Bur didn’t they arrest Ursula last year sometime??? When, oh-WHEN are those blathering idiots going to stop viewing those who don’t believe in the lies about the so-called “holocaust” (of which I happen to be one) as criminals? I have enough evidence to prove that the so-called “holocaust” is one big lie, but despite that, these Khazarians (you know whom I’m referring to) are only out to demonise those who tell the truth and to bleed them dry in every manner possible…. Thanks, Mike, and keep plugging the truth – sooner or later it HAS to start taking root… Kudos to you.

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  • Apart from the overwhelming ridicule with which Stasi Golema has now covered herself, I am worried about Freifrau Haverbeck’s health and physical integrity; a regime which allows to downgrade itself to such abysmal lows is capable of anything to please its ‘masters’ and ‘owners’.

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  • Dale Chatfield

    She is welcomed in my home for as long as she would have need.

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  • Ernesto Ferrada

    It requires only a little lucidity to perceive that something is not working well, because here the fangs of cruelty without limit are evident, but nobody seems to notice it, while history forgets its method to become law…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dear Nr EF,

      Coming back to your hidden question (Indeed “something is not working well”) in relation to the fate of our “Freifrau” Ursula, you are definitely on the right track.
      The day brave German patriot Reinhold ELSTNER sacrificed himself in front of the Feldherrnhalle (April 25th, 1995), the puppet germany of Helmut Kohl should have crumbled under the wrath of millions of awakened Germans (who would have then deserved a capital G)…
      Nothing happened.
      The only people still ready to appear — and fight — on the front line are Ladies of “Freifrau” Ursula’s generation and quality.
      Occasionally a promising young man will shiver and ejaculate: “No… this I can not translate in front of the cameras”.
      Stasi Golema (a combination of a “Golem” and a “Stasi Merkel”) has managed to set up a terror regime built over the severed balls of each and every “promising” European ‘male’…
      I see precious little solutions as testicles haven’t been known to grow back once severed.
      Yet basically, to answer to you one word is enough: COWARDICE.
      As a newly commissioned officer (long time ago) I stood in a tramway in one of our larger cities.
      Two young lads of unmistaken middle-east origin were on the edge of molesting (assaulting?) a young lady.
      All passengers representing a complete catalogue of age, sex and social background were all of the sudden very busy studying their newspapers…
      I then walked up to the two guys and bellowed “Enough now!”. They clearly saw that I would stand my ground.
      They meekly froze and, at the next stop, they left the carriage… inviting me to step out.
      I did not.
      The doors closed and the tramway was soon on the way.
      I had assessed the situation: had I gone out; they would have slit my throat. Then each and every former newspaper reader — these “Gutmenschen” whom I am so fond of — would have shaken my cold hand and said: “Bravo, young man, you did the right thing”.
      The morale of the story is:
      Should need be, we shall have to shoot to kill… and not to be killed. It is a mere question of self defence.
      It is not an easy exercise. It requires careful thinking to be followed by APPROPRIATE A C T I O N .
      Thought and action are two necessary indissociable elements to ensure efficiency.
      Careful thinking ensures that we correctly identify our implacable enemy and not merely stop halfway at the level of the useful idiot (of which we will find scores).
      A good idea would be to check on what is presently keeping them ‘busy’…

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  • This whole incident just shows how nasty, vindictive and out and out insane jews are as a collective. Not one of them has put their hand up to protest this injustice.

    To direct a government to imprison a 90 year old Grand mother for stating the simple truth that Auschwitz was a work camp ,not an extermination facility , is pure madness.

    The problem with jews is that they cant let this lie go down as it has been their meal ticket for so long. They have used holocaust propaganda to totally demasculate Germany .

    I predict Frau Haverbecks arrest will have a muliplier efffect and force Germans to look at the real story of World War Two. When enough people realise that they have been lied to for seventy years things will turn very ugly.

    Liked by 5 people

  • Come to the protest march “Freedom for Ursula Haverbeck” on Thursday, May 10, 13.30pm at BIELEFELD Bahnhof Bielefeld-Quelle!!!! No way should be too far for our brave heroine!

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  • Should she manage to escape again, she can stay at my place. FIGHT BACK NOW, polite demonstrations and elections will get you NOTHING. Rudolf Hess, you may recall, died in prison in spite of countless protests, letters, etc.

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  • Sure wish the science community would get involved to solve this problem through the science of genetics once and for all on behalf of the victims of alleged crime of ‘denial’ – before a court of law if necessary. According to a report from an American Free Press journalist and Texe Marrs of Power of Prophecy broadcasts, genetic science can now absolutely prove who is a true Semite and who is an impostor claiming they are victims of a so-called holocaust. Something has to make them stop playing this game of deception– surely science can now do that!. How many lies would be exposed for claiming they are Jew when they are NOT Jews, but are what Jesus refers to in Scripture as “…..being of the synagogue of Satan”. Scripture also says in Luke 19 v.27: “But those mine enemies (Jews) that would not I reign over them, bring them hither (where? Jerusalem) and SLAY THEM’. One has to wonder now if God actually intended in our recent history that those so-called ‘holocaust victims’ were not meant to be slayed after all for their crime of deicide? How can they continue to escape God’s judgment??

    Liked by 2 people

    • Targeting the Kazhars… perhaps? Carefully now… I understand that they mostly are in Israel (ca 80% of population). Part time… when not in Cannes, Miami or Hollywood (very few in Birobidzhan actually – much to a Lady’s chagrin, I believe).

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  • Jesus Christ addressing the Jews says: “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speakeath a lie he speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of it.” (John 8:44). “And I will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse in all places whither I shall drive
    them.” (Jeremiah 24:9). Luke 19:27: “But those mine enemies, which were not that I should reign over them (who were these people, the Jews) bring hither and slay them before me.” Jesus Christ was standing in Jerusalem when he said this which is where the Jews, driven there by the Lord Himself and where they are wiped out. Come Lord Jesus.

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    • Was not Christianity started by the jews about 400 AD just as the holohoax was started by the jews about 1950? Logic and science prove both religions are false.

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  • stupidity reach new level ..wow….trying change history…pretty soon we learn that that germans were attacked during 2WW….


    • According to the noted British war historian A. J. P Taylor, ‘the Germans fought a defensive war’; a point conceded even by Winston Churchill and others equally noteworthy. But, you carry on soaking up the victor’s spin as the comfort of your illusions is preferable to the uncomfortable truth. Perhaps having all the answers you can come up with other oddities, such as how Anne Frank managed to pen ‘her diaries’ in a Biro, which wasn’t available unto the late 1950s? Obviously you believe in seances too?


  • After the Nazi-Zionist ‘ Transfer Agreement’ in 1930’s , there us after the WW2 only one definition of the ashkeNazi zionist jews: ‘ The claim to be an ASH in the camps,but they are the only most li-KE-ly Nazis” in this world! These fraudsters used to vlaim 4 million jews as victims in Auschwitz alone! No hags there a memorial plate: 1.1 to 1.7 millions of victims from 27 nations and nationalities- yet the Holohoax 6 Trillion Business, keep their lies alive!!!


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