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The official narrative goes like this: In the modern history of the United States of America there was no greater tragedy than the terrorist acts on September 11, 2001.

The misfortune claimed 2,996 lives and ignited America’s war against Iraq, a nation totally unconnected with the tragedy. But the ensuing conflicts reaped billions of dollars for the insatiable arms industries and those who invest in it.  Belief in the official spin is kept intact by peoples naive disbelief that government could kill its own to advance its policy.

Prohibition, the criminality of the sale and consumption of alcohol lasted from 1920 to 1933. To enforce the law the Federal government considered the deaths of over 10,000 Americans as acceptable; this death toll was more than three times that of 9 / 11.

At the onset of Prohibition, America’s mobsters industrialised the separation of legal alcohol commercially used in fuels, paints, and solvents. Before its sale to the public as alcohol, they added flavourings for palatability.

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Aware of this the Federal regime then instructed the manufacturers of industrial alcohol to add poisons to their products, including gasoline, benzene, mercury salts, nicotine, formaldehyde, and methyl alcohol.

The fact that doing this would result in the deaths of thousands of Americans didn’t seem to factor into their thinking. As one federal agent was quoted, “If they insist on breaking the law they deserve to die.”

Die the Americans did, at first by the hundreds but by 1926 Americans were dropping like flies. A few brave Senators described it as an “Unholy alliance with the undertaker” and described it accurately as legalised murder.

Anti-Prohibition legislators such as Senator James Reed tried to halt the poisoning scheme. In an address to Congress, he stormed, “Only one possessing the instincts of a wild beast would desire to kill or make blind a man who takes a drink of liquor, even if he purchased it from one violating the Prohibition statutes.”

The Chicago Tribune declared: “Normally, no American government would engage in such business. It is only in the curious fanaticism of Prohibition that any means, however barbarous, are considered justified.”

Yet, in spite of public outcry, law enforcement continued to sanctify the poisoning of industrial alcohol until the end of Prohibition in 1933. By that time over 10,000 Americans had died.

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Who thought a desire for a beer or cocktail should be punishable by death? Why the same deep state neo-con mind-set the world suffers today. Remember Madeleine Albright declared that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children were a price worthwhile paying for America’s war on Hussein’s Iraq.

Someone Order Freedom

Catholics hotly opposed Prohibition and held several national rallies protesting it. The Catholic Church even went so far as to issue a formal edict declaring the poisoning of alcohol “an unholy and unpardonable sin against God.” As a result, it was they who contributed in large part to the repeal of the 18th Amendment.

Some gave all

Prohibition in the US was never about concern for public health born out of medical research. It was an attempt by deep state fanatics to establish themselves as arbiters of America’s fateful course, even if that attempt meant condoning the murder of tens of thousands of fellow citizens.


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  • Actually 9/11 has killed more than 10,000 Americans. By 2009/10 9,000 first responders to Ground Zero had died prematurely from the radio active toxic dust inhalation. No doubt that figure is now higher.

    These deaths being caused by the Cold Fusion process employed on that day by use of a DEW.

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