The weekly show is benefiting from an increasing audience from listeners who like to enjoy the repartee between veteran activist Mike Walsh and global broadcasting presenter Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock.

As always, the broadcast showcases the latest news and view covered by THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN news platform. Thought to be the world’s premier broadcaster for the global community the news stories receive plaudits from concerned supporters, who aren’t all necessarily Europeans.

Just as we support the rights of others to retain, value their unique cultures and religions, billions around the world are not anti-White and support our race’s fight for survival.

During the week ending May 9, we ran a high number of news stories and unique features suppressed by fake news media. We put the number of 3* story shares in brackets after each stories title, highlighted if the number of shares exceeds 100. These are very important to Europeans everywhere. We start with the most recent, hence low number of shares. There were 6 stories that each reached over 100 shares, 1755 shares in total.

UK Apartheid Red in Tooth and Claw (43) Not a Brass Cent Says Hungary (55) Media Suppresses British Unrest (59) My Government Wouldn’t Do That (12) 

TOP SHARES STORY Holohoax Heroine on the Run (829) Tsar Putin is Crowned (24) Abortion is Eurocide (21) Amazon Drops Cover Price of Witness to History (73) Red Roosevelt’s Victory Day (133) The French Revolution Mk II (56) French Troops Victims or Fools (74) Greece is Bleeding (425) Russians Reveal what Makes them Happy (52) When Peace was a Crime (240) The Bouncing Czech (232) Time’s Up for Sweden’s Benefit Bandits (35) Today my Mother Killed me (136).

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (652) Michael Walsh – The Ethnic-European With Mike And Andy #27

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