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The sinister nature of the British regime is seen in the complete disappearance of British spy Sergei Skripal and his guiltless daughter, Yulia Skripal. The creepy aspect is that the vaporisation of dad and daughter is not questioned or any longer referred to by the supposedly free and independent corporate media.

Skripal home


This is what happens in tin-pot dictatorships, isn’t it? But no, this spooky state kidnapping has occurred in Britain. Its fulcrum is Westminster where a coalition regime, headed by Prime Minister Theresa May, is desperate for an excuse to isolate and even declare war on Russia.

May Same Shit

Remember, everything read about the Skripal pair has been speculation. Every allegation made by the British regime has been unsubstantiated; every invitation to provide independent analysis has been ignored; every British promise made has been broken, nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

! MI6 would never lie, ask Tony Blair

The Skripal family disappeared on March 4 following which the pair was hourly headline news throughout the Western world. Then since April 10 not even a two-line obituary in the Salisbury Journal.



There was a single telephone call between Yulia Skripal and her sister, Victoria, in which Yulia said she was okay (she was clearly trying to reassure Victoria) but it was clear that she could not speak freely. Furthermore, when Victoria mentioned that she would want to visit Iulia, the latter replied ‘nobody will give you a visa’ followed by total silence.


The Russian consulate has made countless requests to visit their two Russian citizens. All requests have been ignored. Scotland Yard did post a letter the validity of which wouldn’t have got as far as a magistrate’s seat.

! Russians are coming

Her sister tried to contact her many times through various channels, including official ones, and then in total despair, she posted the following message on Facebook:

“My darling sister, Yulia, You are not communicating with us, and we don’t know anything about you and Sergey Viktorovich. I know that I have no right to interfere in your affairs without asking your permission, but I worry too much. I worry about you and your dad. Besides Nuar (Iulia’s pet dog) I am concerned about your apartment and your car.

Nothing has been decided about their safety and maintenance. We can help with all that, but I need your power of attorney in my or my sister Lena’s name. If you think that all of these are important, draw up a power of attorney form in a Russian consulate in any country. If you won’t do that, we will understand and won’t interfere in your affairs. ~ Vika. No reply ever came.

May 15

It is claimed that Yulia Skripal was released from the hospital on April 10. Since the 33-year-old young woman has simply disappeared.

May 8


One would be extraordinarily naïve or certifiable stupid to believe the official spin that the completely innocent Yulia Skripal has to be protected from the Russians. It would be the easiest thing in the world to organise a meeting between Russian and British diplomats in a highly secure UK facility. All Yulia Skripal need do is to tell him/her thank you, your services are not needed.

Skripal Lavrof and BZ

It would be even easier to arrange a video-conference call between the two Russian citizens and the Russian Consulate. It must be remembered too that both dad and daughter regularly visited their families in their homeland. Neither had anything to fear nor showed any such fear. Another obvious way out of the mystery would be to hold a press conference; no possibility of this happening.

Tragically, dad and daughter Skripal have served their purpose or came near to doing so; widening the rift between Russia and the West and the incident had come close to igniting WWIII.

Finally, quite regardless of whose version of events you take or irrespective of one’s political beliefs, does anyone really want to live in such an Orwellian nightmare world? What is undeniable that the complete disappearance of two states kidnapped human beings should alarm every concerned citizen of whatever nationality? 


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