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George Orwell famously surmised, “The English don’t see the writing on the wall until their backs are up against it.” Beat that, Oscar Wilde.

A report just released reveals that financial gaps will seriously hamper the British military’s ability to face up to serious challenges in national defence. Britain’s suit and tie benefit bandits snoozing in Westminster are now awake to the opportunity to grow richer from shares in the arms industries ~ if they vote to plunder again the depleted public purse.

Those who demanded harsh penalties caught tax evading

Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) may see its plans to modernise the country’s military hit a snag over a lack of funds it needs to buy equipment to combat what it claims to mounting threats over the next decade.

All Together now Russia Threat

The Ministry wants to spend almost £180 billion ($243.7 billion) over the next 10 years on the development of a new generation of nuclear-powered submarines, new frigates, and the troubled F-35 fighter jet program.

House of Benefit Scroungers

However, a report by the parliament’s Public Accounts Committee said that the MoD could be almost £21 billion ($28.4 billion) short of the money it needs to make this happen. The report concluded that the department simply does not have enough money to buy all the equipment it says it needs and accused it of losing control over costs.

Britain Tax Dodgers

The MPs were also critical of a lack of transparency over the costs of F-35 planes, which are due to enter service with the RAF this year. The committee warned that the 10-year equipment plan contains no headroom and leaves Britain dependent on its foreign allies.

Most Britons are blissfully unaware that their island nation would starve in days if it wasn’t for imports, and Britain no longer has a Merchant Navy. Few can imagine Panamanian or Fijian sailors running a Russian warship gauntlet to bring to Britain the China-made products.

Queen 3

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