There is always plenty to raise the temperature when veteran pro-White campaigner Mike Walsh teams up with the international broadcaster, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Wednesday, May 16 was certainly no exception.

A burning brand touched the blue paper on the shocking news of Jez Turner’s imprisonment, not for something he said but what speculation claims just might have happened as consequence of his telling the truth.

During the week ending May 16, we ran (lucky for some 13 news stories and unique features suppressed by fake news media. We put the number of 3* story shares in brackets after each stories title, highlighted if the number of shares exceeds 100.

These are very important to Europeans everywhere. We start with the most recent, hence low number of shares.

Victory for a Gaoled Dissident (76 ~ come on, share) The Four Horsemen of the Middle East Apocalypse (28 and deserving more shares) British Cops have had Enough (86) Brace for England’s Biggest ever Gay Parade (147).

Ursula Haverbeck Brings Germans to their Senses (1,400 ~ yes, you read that right) Boohoo British Beat Bobbies (21) All Bark no Bite British Bulldog (30) Journalists Reject State Control (19) Berlusconi is Back to Bang Heads Together (13) Two Human Beings Vaporised by the British Regime (108) The Lights of Freedom go out in Germany (190) Israel a Leper Colony (94) Allahu Akbar Facebook (21).

Corporate media delights when they see stories receiving as few shares as their stories do. Wipe the smug grins from their ugly features by sharing Ethnic-European REAL news stories.

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (659) Michael Walsh – The Ethnic-European With Mike And Andy #28

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