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Simple confusion leads to activists needlessly being vilified by pro-Israeli media, harassed by state police and fined or imprisoned by state jurists.

Jews, Zionists and Talmudic Jews are not the same thing. To say otherwise is same as saying all Christians are supporters of the Ku Klux Klan, which is an absurdity.


The State of Israel is not supported by all Jews. Even those Jews who support ‘Israel’s Right to Exist’ are often outspokenly critical of Israeli denials of human rights and war crimes. Many Jews are active in the struggle for Palestinian independence and human rights.


The Zionist claim to speak for all Jews is dishonest and arrogant. It is tantamount to Bolsheviks claiming to speak for humanity. It is a lie to stifle criticism of Israel and delegitimise dissenting Jewish protestors.

Zionism is not supported by all Jews. Zionism was a minor sect active in the Jewish diaspora before World War II. Even in the post-war transit camps, Zionism was rejected by many Jews.

It is important to remember that anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism. Anti-Zionism is a legitimate political response to the racism, war crimes and expansionism of the illegal Zionist Israeli State. It is unthinkable that any activist could be harassed, fined or imprisoned for focusing his ire not on Jews but on Israel or Zionists.

Palestinia Defiance vs Israel and

This is why millions of pro-Palestinian activists are free to carry anti-Zionist placards and scream invectives against Israel without their being arrested. The state doesn’t like it but there is nothing they can do about it except use state-controlled media to censor such protests.

Victors’ propaganda distorts reality. Adolf Hitler was never anti-Semitic; the National Socialists were courted by and allied to Semitic movements in Palestine and elsewhere.

Holocaust Rabbi praises Hitler

Many Jews served the Reich faithfully and countless Jews fought for the Reich. Many Jews protested vociferously against the Zionist demonization of Hitler’s Germany. Know the difference; Hitler was hostile to Talmudic Jews; it is likely that he was unaware of a sect known then and now as Zionists.

Cancer New Discovery

Attacking Jews per se plays into the hands of pro-Zionist media and can end up in a court facing a Masonic judge and prosecuting counsel.

Holocaust Rabbi Denier

This is much less likely to happen if activists understand the difference between Jews, Talmudic Jews, and Zionists and act accordingly. Follow Hitler’s example; attack Israel, not Israelis, attack Zionists, not Jews. Knowing the difference is the difference between liberty and prison.



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  • So we should not use the word jew but Zionest, correct?

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  • An Italian comrade relayed to me his — exceptional total disagreement with the above article. I would too… had I not understood what you are trying to avoid — and WHY? Only under that condition can I acknowledge you as right. ‘Mischlinge’… there were, indeed, more than a few in all FOUR branches of the ‘Wehrmacht’ including extremely few — probably less than 0,05 % in the ‘Waffen-SS’ of these, probably another 1% stuck to their oath to the Führer… And indeed, we now know from Rochus Misch’s testimony that well into the fourties (at least in late 1943) the Head of Greater Germany received a Jewish delegation in full paraphernalia at his private home on the Obersalzberg. But the least we owe to this Great Man is to admit that — like most of us, I believe — having (like Gœring) read their litterature a lot… he was extremely cautious about their ways… and very selective with his choices: …his former medical doctor when a teenager; Emil Maurice; Ehrard Milch; Friedrich Rugge (very much protected by Dönitz)… Contrary to the overwhelming Germanic mass (Himmler included); he was not naïve. Which is why the percentage of the ‘Mischlinge’ within the ‘Wehrmacht’ was drastically reduced as per the much differed (thanks to the Italian incompetence in Greece)starting of operation “BARBAROSSA”.

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