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Carolyn Yeager, an American blogger / pod-caster bizarrely says European ethno-nationalists should be prepared to take casualties. This is reference to British martyr, Jez Turner, who on May 14 received a 12-months prison sentence for claiming that Jews run Britain.


Yeager believes the gaoled Jez Turner and other Whites in Britain and Europe should not be tactical. They should instead stick to using the illegal four-letter word and remove themselves from the arena by provoking fines and prison sentences.  Come to Britain and set them an example, Ms Yeager.

The Ethnic-European says that if the martyred British Army veteran had used the term Zionist, a political body rather than Jewish ethnic group, it would have been far more difficult for his tormentors to get a guilty verdict.

Ms. Yeager takes issue with this sensible approach which achieves the same ends and insists that non-Americans should be ‘prepared to take casualties’. Miss America is prepared to fight to the last Briton.

Hence, The Ethnic-European cordially invites the notoriously opinionated Ms. Yeager to follow the example of Canadian Monika Schaeffer.  By doing her blogging from the UK / EU she too can become a casualty of war and receive up to five years in the Merkel, May and Macron Inc. Gulag.

Ms. Yeager’s blog makes great play of her name that translates to ‘hunter’ in German. Many European names reflect jobs of forebears; Taylor, Smithson, Carpenter, Butcher, Hunter.  None take much notice as a person named Hunter was likely the gamekeeper’s rabbit catcher or the village mole-trapper.

Ms Yeager claims German heritage yet her appearance is hardly such stereotype. The blogger repeatedly focuses on the Irish (dual British / Irish) nationality of Michael Walsh.

The author and international journalist can trace his Celtic roots back 2,000 years from Donegal situated in the north-west of Ireland. Perhaps Yeager thinks Germans are superior to the Irish. Yet, the Irish nation race provided the U.S. with a number of presidents, was pivotal in shaping the good bits of America, is the second wealthiest ethnic group in the U.S., and enriched the world’s libraries of great literature.

Michael’s father Patrick was an American citizen and a member of the U.S. National Guard.  An international journalist and former political leader, Michael Walsh is author of 43 book titles and thousands of newspaper columns.

“From 1968, I was befriended and respected, supported and allied with the most formidable ethno-nationalist and anti-Communist Americans.”

The publisher, who unlike Ms. Yeager suffered imprisonment, fines and survived numerous street fighting incidents, reels off the great Americans with whom he shares abiding friendship.

These include David Duke, James K. Warner, Dr. Ed Fields, J. B Stoner, Rose Ebert, Ernst and Ingrid Zundel, J. B. Stoner, Willis Carto, The Barnes Review, Deana Spingola, Dr David Duke, Pastor Thomas Robb and many of similar standing. Interestingly, the only American to attack the veteran is blogger Carolyn Yeager.

Michael Walsh wryly observes: “Some should follow the advice of the venerable Abraham Lincoln: “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”


Jez Turner Sentenced to 12 Months for Making Factual Statements About Jews

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