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Jez Turner, a British Army veteran gaoled not for dishonesty but for stating what a score of American presidents have openly said when expressing disquiet over Jewish influence in domestic government, has sent his first letter from his prison cell.

The dissident writes,

“All is well. My letters are censored so I have to be careful what I say, however, I can say that Public School and the British Army were good preparation for my current adventure.”

The gaoled activist received a 12-month prison sentence for repeating what Islamists scream every time they parade their hate-filled posters and placards at violent demonstrations. Whilst the police look on and even protect them, Islamists openly express their hostility to Jewish power. When one Englishman expresses the same sentiment the police arrest him, the kangaroo-courts judge and he is imprisoned.

Jez continues:

“Please thank everyone who came to show support at the court. The court and prison staff was most impressed by the numbers present and by the cheering and clapping as I waved to the public gallery. The guards could not stop grinning and they said, “it was like a football crowd’. It is a compliment I assure you.

Word gets around and news travels fast and the welcoming committee here at Her Majesty’s Prison Wandsworth were extremely respectful. I cannot say how long I will stay in this prison but my prison number will stay the same (A5544EE) wherever I go and mail will be forwarded.

Wandsworth prison is of course where William Joyce and John Amery were kept and executed, R.I.P.) It has a very nice Chapel which is packed for the Sunday 2 pm Roman Catholic mass, and the Priest is a good man. The library is excellent too.

You would not recognise me at the present for I am growing a beard, through no choice of my own, I assure you, but for lack of a mirror. Apparently the first week in prison is always chaotic, so hopefully next week, I’ll shed the Royal Navy look.

It’s a small world, I’ve met one of the chaps here whose father knew John Tyndall and another chap whom I knew from outside, a street vagrant, whom I used to pass a bit of cash to, and both have been helpful. There’s not much else that I can report except to say that my spirits are high and to ask you to pass on my kindest regards to all our comrades whether I know them personally or not. Best wishes, Jez.”

Jez Turner’s prison address is, Jez Bedford-Turner, A5544EE, Prison Wing E3-02, HMP Wandsworth, PO Box 757, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 3HU, United Kingdom.


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