The debate this week centres on the latest breaking stories published by The Ethnic-European. As always, the latest story first, which is reflected in a number of story shares.

Europeans and the Enemy Within (56) Tory Regime as Crooked as the Mafia (11) Singapore and Saving Private Stalin (32).Considering that the latter story is an exclusive it deserves more than a paltry 32 shares. I sometimes wonder if a UK government D-Notice (censorship) has been distributed amongst our readers.

Satire at its Best was the best slap across EU faces I have seen for some time. It harvested just 19 votes, which explains why the beleaguered world of ethnic-Europeans starves.

Anti-Abortion Herod Strikes Twice received 9 shares so it is unlikely our readers saved the life of a single unborn child. The AfD Party will use the Courts to Screw Merkel received 243 votes (shares) so there’s ‘life in the old dog yet’.Ransacking the Reich (40) Ethnic-Europeans Victims of YouTube Pogrom collected 26 shares. Media Promotes Marriages Doomed to Fail (281) You Too Can be a Casualty (34) Can’t Figure Out Why You’re Always Broke (85).

Does Putin Endorse National Socialism (102) hit it much bigger in Russian media where it received 3,057 views, 278 shares, and 207 comments. Perhaps I am writing for the wrong audience?

Finally, Keep out of Gaol highlighted the Jewish massacres of the Palestinian peoples (40).

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (667) Michael Walsh – The Ethnic-European With Mike And Andy #29

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