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State-sponsored race-mixing, ethnic replacement, communities being more favourable represented than others, institutionalised discrimination, a heavy-handed state police, a media that is termed ‘the keyboard government plays on’, Britain has been there before.


Britain today faces the same challenges as did the peoples of British Occupied Ireland during The Troubles (1968 – 1998). For this reason, it is simplicity itself to overlay the period to warn of the catastrophic consequences of today’s state-sponsored race-mixing, ethnic-replacement, cultural appropriation.

Using The Troubles as a back-drop to what awaits Britain the following is the modified history of The Troubles but in action replay.

The Troubles was the term given to the ethno-nationalist conflict that is now taking place in Britain.  Also known as the British Troubles, it is sometimes described as a guerrilla war or a low-level war.

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The conflict began with the arrest of anti-globalist activists like British Army veteran Jez Turner, persecution and courtroom trials of the popular chanteuse, Alison Chabloz, and on May 25, 2018, the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson on spurious charges of ‘behaviour likely to lead to a breach of the peace’.

Although The Troubles primarily took place in Britain, at times the violence spilled over into parts of Northern Ireland. The civil conflict was primarily political and nationalistic; it also had an ethnic or sectarian dimension, although it was not primarily a religious conflict.

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A key issue was the status of Britain’s indigenous populations being forced to accept the growing presence of unwanted non-Europeans, and obliged by law to conform to the Islamic invaders religious, dietary and cultural habits.

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An open and bleeding wound was endemic injustice in which the indignant and protesting host population was unfairly treated by state media and state police. The concerns of the latter were primarily to promote and defend the interest of the non-indigenous invaders.


Indigenous Britons wanted the right to decide who lived in their country; non-Britons were encouraged by the state to consider themselves as an army of occupation and were given preferential treatment when accessing benefits, housing, education and the judicial system.

Not calling him mad now

The authorities attempted to suppress protest campaigns and with justification were accused of police brutality. It was also met by violence by anti-immigrant protestors who considered the police and press to be an Islamic front.

EA Enoch

Increasing inter-communal violence, and conflict between nationalist youths and police led to riots in August 2018and the deployment of British troops. Some Britons initially welcomed the army as a more neutral force, but it soon came to be seen as hostile and biased in favour of government pro-immigrant policy. The emergence of armed paramilitary organisations led to the subsequent warfare over the next three decades.


The main participants in the Troubles were British paramilitaries such as the Provisional British Republican Army (PBRA) and the Muslim Liberation Army (MLA), loyalist paramilitaries such as the British Volunteer Force (BVF) and British Defence Association (BDA); British state security forces, the British Army and Britain’s metropolitan and provincial police forces.

Cops UK double standards

British paramilitaries, many of whom had served in the British armed forces, carried out a guerrilla campaign against the state’s security forces, as well as a bombing campaign against infrastructure, commercial and political targets.

British loyalists targeted members of left-wing organisations, Islamists, a government-sponsored organisation that supported the interests of non-Britons.

! UK lost its White identy

At times there were bouts of racial tit-for-tat violence. The British state’s security forces undertook both a policing and a counter-insurgency role, primarily against Britain’s indigenous peoples. There were widespread incidents of collusion between British security forces, immigrants, and Islamists. The British Troubles also involved numerous riots, mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, and led to segregation and the creation of no-go areas.

Cops, Islam's Slaves

More than 3,500 people were killed in the conflict, of which 52% were civilians, 32% were members of the British security forces, and 16% were members of paramilitary groups. There has been sporadic violence since the arrest of a number of British dissidents in 2018.

Rape of Britain

By 2022, the British regime initiated a programme of reconciliation. The change in the law led to assisted passages abroad being given to non-Europeans.

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This move was based on the 1960s government assisted passages afforded to indigenous Britons to Australia. Then, the ethnic vacuum was filled by the British regime providing assisted passages to Britain from the Caribbean.

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  • Enoch Powell, warning that flooding Britain with incompatibles would lead to Rivers of Blood, just spoke commonsense. For going against THE KALERGI PLAN to deliberately remove the ‘Whiteness’ of the White race who were the main threat to a Venetian Black NOBILITY World Dictatorship (The British Crown/Zionist cabal), he was vilified and demonised. Today he lives on as a Hero and true Warrior for Anglo-Saxons’ Right to EXIST.

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  • Whites are about 16% of the world population. We are not a majority. Why is that obvious truth not present in people’s minds? We are the ones that should be “special.”

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