When a White person is slaughtered by a Black for being ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ as media puts it, the tragedy merits only one column small print; local government and police response is lethargic. On the other hand, if the murder is racially reversed all shrieking hell lets loose.

belfast 2

The many who claim this is institutionalised racism, press duplicity, and police spinelessness are on the right tracks. There could be an additional explanation.

When a coloured is slain by a White, regardless of circumstance it is immediately perceived by media, police, government and the coloured community as ‘White racism’ or White supremacism’.

Injustice 2

The fired-up coloured community reacts badly; there are street riots, protests, demonstrations, mayhem is widespread. Demands are made for better and more focused protection, hand-outs and grants being inked.  Demands are made of police and local government. Such a murder is often followed by looting, threats, and an excuse to carry out ‘reprisals’.

Injustice 3

There is an outpouring of grief and solidarity with the victim whose story is embellished and shared on social media. Like bushfires in tinder wood conditions, the story becomes headline news in the ‘if it bleeds it leads’ tabloid anti-White media.


On the other hand, whenever an ethnic-European is in dire straits, such as a court case pending, fellow Europeans appear to be indifferent, defeatists shrug their shoulders and lament anti-White racism.

! Failure of multiculuralism

If our people are indifferent to attacks on their blood brothers and sisters then don’t be surprised if government, police, and press share their indifference. As a journalist, I can tell you, that the world runs on reaction, not lethargy.


Perhaps ethnic-Europeans could learn from non-Europeans including Jews. Many might be forgiven for thinking, what’s good for the black goose is good for the white gander. Some will conclude that this would improve the chances of a level playing field.


If you’re concerned about two-tier justice and anti-European apartheid, remember this is not the first time Britons have been kaffirs in their own country.

! Fight for Europa

Northern Ireland’s Catholic community faced similar injustices up until 1999.  Two-tier justice and anti-Catholic apartheid would have still been prevalent had the Catholic community simply shrugged and accepted their miserable fate as second-class citizens. Instead, realising that government disregards petitions, protests, and demos; they took the streets and fought for equal rights. Will dispossessed Britons learn that lesson too?

Prison is a state of mind

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