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Corporate media, palace publishers and movie producers never miss opportunity to denigrate Reich racism but they offer little evidence to support their absurd propaganda. Brainwashed by victors’ media perception is that World War II was a struggle between liberalism and racism; self-deception on an epic scale.

Celebrate diversity

The Reich was guilty only of changing the laws of citizenship in ways that Britons, American, and Europeans crave for their own countries. Hitler’s Germany First policy simply gave German nationals priority in jobs, education and suchlike.

Didn’t the duped Britons give their lives to ‘defend their way of life’; a promise cruelly broken by the anti-German war clique before the bomb damage was repaired?

It was Churchill who by waging war and spurning numerous peace offers destroyed Britain and its Empire, became indebted to Wall Street and Washington; these crimes are Churchill’s, not Hitler’s. 

Long before the 1936 Berlin Olympics England’s deceitful Westminster regime and Fleet Street’s gutter press were playing the racist card against National Socialist Germany.

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This international sporting event gave England an opportunity to use achievements, not of English athletes but a coloured American sportsman, in cheap shot attempts to insult Germany. Germany, unlike the Westminster and London’s Square Mile clique never warred to create an empire.

Long before the outbreak of World War II the US Army and Navy had every opportunity to set an example in non-discrimination against coloureds.

In fact, coloureds in the US and UK were discriminated against much worse than they were in National Socialist Germany. There is an irony that only in the Workers Socialist Reich, including the armed forces; all coloureds were treated in law as equals. This was not so in the United States and certainly not in Britain.

Until the 1960s it was commonplace in Britain to see signs on boarding house windows: “No Irish or West Indians.”  Across the British dominions there was rampant institutionalised racism, especially in apartheid South Africa and Britain’s African and Asian coolie colonies.

Throughout the Allied armed forces institutionalised racism was rampant. In the United States, military services coloured were not allowed to sleep in the same room with white men. Coloureds were not allowed to share a table with Whites. However, throughout the Reich non-Europeans could and did mix free and easy with Germans and were recruited into the Reich’s armed forces.

Coloureds in the United States attended coloured only churches whilst the Whites enjoyed white race exclusive churches and schools, public facilities. This was especially true in Southern camps. There, the armed forces supported the local programs to ‘keep niggers in their place’ in restaurants, hospitals, schools, libraries, places of entertainment, toilets, theatres, buses, and railroad stations.

When coloured men like legendary boxer Joe Louis raised objections, they were immediately transferred overseas or ‘up North.’  Except for a few ‘show units’ of all-Negro personnel, the coloured servicemen throughout the self-styled democracies were restricted to the most menial tasks such as stevedoring, waiting upon and cleaning the barracks of their white superiors.”

Posterity therefore records that of World War II protagonists the Workers Reich was a far better place for non-Europeans than the so-called democracies. But, journalist can’t allow a good story to be spoiled by the truth.

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  • I follow you on all points… except on “Apartheid” South Africa… basically a very infamous label created by the Boers – not the British – when they finally came to power in the sixties. “Infamous” because it was stupid to put a label on something which had always existed in Africa: tribes are reluctant to mix (even the White one, of course) rightly so. As my former White South African wife (second SA generation of Scottish stock) put it to me in the mid eighties: there were black universities in SA and it has never been forbidden to a Black man (or woman) in “apartheid” SA to be successful. Some of my clients in the financial world were extremely wealthy… with racing horses in GB… The silly thing was the “apartheid” label… At Thread reflect At the rodents were quick to figure out that it was a superb excuse to boycott the White chiefs of industry… put Mandela in power and bribe the newcomers (a much better solution than to discuss on equal terms with shrewd and experienced successful White heads of finance and industry).

    Apparently the same is now going to happen to England… I wonder if ‘their’ god is going to save the Queen… after all…

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  • Correction for “At Tread reflect At the rodents” (!?!) please read “At Threadneedle St, the rodents (…)”

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