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An essential component of propaganda is to spread false rumours about one’s opponents for the purpose of destroying their credibility after which their support base crumbles.

This is known as Black Propaganda; it leads to massive distraction, especially by wavering or disenchanted followers. “The effects of black propaganda are devastatingly effective,” says Mike Walsh, founder and leader of the British National Socialist Movement.


He says, “My opponents tried every trick in the book including imprisonment to crush me and the British Movement. But, in the end, only subversion, infiltration and black propaganda triumphed.”

The journalist receives conflicting accounts of dissidents tormented by the Westminster regime, the corporate media and police, such as Tommy Robinson, Alison Chabloz, Jez Turner, Julian Assange, Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, Sylvia Stolz and Ursula Haverbeck. All are victims of black propaganda; they include Russian President Vladimir Putin, Hungarian Premier Victor Orban, and Geert Wilders, the Dutch nationalist.

Picking out Tommy Robinson as a case in point, Mike Walsh who this year marks 50 years struggle is hypothetical.

“I can only speculate as to whether or not the gaoled dissident is a Zionist shill. I don’t like speculation, especially when it comes from the same people who spend more time spreading rumours than they do exposing proven enemies such as the globalists.

I base my reason on the irrationality of Robinson supposedly supporting the most terrible injustices and bloodletting in Occupied Palestine whilst simultaneously being prepared to give his life, certainly his freedom, to oppose that same happening in Britain. This just doesn’t make sense.”

I do know Robinson is reviled and feared by Westminster, censored by corporate media, and tormented by the police who prostitute themselves to the Islamists. I take the pragmatic view that their enemy is my friend.

Most importantly, we fight not so much for individuals as the right to free expression ~ whoever fights for such a basic human right.

Mike Walsh says, “If you cannot embrace the imprisoned then embrace the struggle to be free. Then you can be hated by the same people who hate Robinson, Adolf Hitler, Putin, Geert Wilders, Marine le Pen, Victor Orban ~ and me.”

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