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Anyone born after 1980 will recall Eastern Europeans tuning into Western radio stations to hear what was happening as the suppressed peoples of the Soviet Bloc took to the streets to voice their frustration at the Soviet regime that stifled freedom of expression. Then, Soviet media derided, ignored or played down news of anti-government protests.


In 2018, the peoples of Britain and the European Union go to to Russian media like Russian Insider, Sputnik International and Russia Today to discover what is really happening in Europe and the United States behind corporate media’s censorship and pro-regime spin.

In Washington Occupied Germany (WOG), France and Britain, dissidents are persecuted, fined and gaoled for expressing opinions considered by state courts to be politically incorrect, unfashionable is the keyword.

In Britain, Mr Jez Turner received a 12-month prison sentence for repeating what most French people think; that Zionism is a controlling feature of the British government. No one disagrees and Zionists boast of their omnipotence and prove it by their actions.

Monika Schaefer, a Canadian visitor to Germany, is arrested and imprisoned merely for saying that Holocaust-related fraud is widespread; a matter upon which many academic Jews agree.  German prisons are stuffed with political dissidents like Ursula Haverbeck (89) and solicitor Sylvia Stolz whose research suggests that holocaust related fraud is used to extract fraudulent reparations. In effect, those fighting crimes are being imprisoned by regimes that ring fence organised crime.

When British citizen and entertainer Alison Chabloz used her song-writing skills to parody holocaust related fraud she is charged by the state police, pursued through Britain’s state courts, and vilified by the state press.

On Saturday, June 9, tens of thousands of Britons gathered in London to protest at the summary 13-month imprisonment of anti-Islamist Tommy Robinson. Corporate media was muted; media ignored, spun or played down the protests just as did Soviet media during the Eastern Bloc uprisings.

Photographs showed thousands of people stretched across the capital’s panorama. The Jewish owned American newspaper Daily Mail claimed there were only 1,000 protesters, a number that can be accommodated in a city bar any Saturday night.

When social media and other sources revealed the number of protesters to be in the region of 35,000 the Daily Mail and other media changed tack and described the turnout as ‘in thousands’.  If you want to know today’s date pick up a newspaper but for all else corporate media is as useless as a walking stick with a wheel on it.

Several years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev, the outgoing President of the collapsing USSR spoke eloquently, “Why is the EU trying to recreate the USSR?”

His words were echoed by Komsomol Pravda journalist Zahar Prilepin: “The EU in the worst sense of the word is very much the new USSR.” How right they were.


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