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As alternative media removes media’s spin there is stunned disbelief at the deception of ordinary men and women who suffer as a consequence of the elite’s wars. A case in point is the story of the disastrous Allied wartime raid on Dieppe that was spun by propagandists as a victory.

The Dieppe Raid on August 19, 1942 was an epic disaster described as akin to those at the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade.

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The Allied invasion of Dieppe involved 6,000 troops that included 5,000 young Canadian servicemen. The rest were made up of British commandos, a token force of Frenchmen, and a small force from the U.S. Ranger battalion.

The outcome was annihilation and humiliation for the Allied forces.  Yet, British archive papers, released and published in 1972, show that Lord Louis Mountbatten, Chief of Combined Operations, informed the UK War Cabinet that the raid had gone ‘very satisfactorily.’

The bellicose American Press went even further by giving the impression that the Americans had spearheaded the raid and opened up Europe for the Allies.  ‘We Land in France’ screamed the New York Times whilst the New York World-Telegram boomed, ‘Tanks and U.S. Troops Smash to the French Coast.’

The most accurate summary of Dieppe was actually written by a German Propaganda Kompanie (PK) journalist who, after visiting a nearby Luftwaffe station, wrote: ‘As executed the venture mocked all the rules of military logic and strategy.’

Catastrophically, 907 Allied troops were killed during the raid, 2,460 wounded, and 1,874 servicemen were taken prisoner.  Of the 2,210 who did make it back to England, only 36 were unhurt despite the fact that 200 men had not even made it to the French shore.

During the raid, allied air power suffered its biggest single-day loss of the war when 106 aircraft were brought down. Every Allied tank crew member became a casualty.  Overall 60% of the invading force was marked as casualties. The plan had been for just 10% casualties.

In his report, Lord Louis Mountbatten wrote that the planning had been excellent, air support faultless and naval losses extremely light. The luckless commander added that of the 6,000 men involved two-thirds had returned to Britain.  German losses were 500 dead and very few prisoners of war.

That so few German troops had been taken prisoner might have had something to do with an Allied predisposition to casually shooting prisoners.  Ross Munro witnessed one such incident when Canadian troops shot eight German captives.

Blue pencilled from the palace publishers’ account of the raid is that the local French population assisted Germans troops in resisting the Allied forces.  French townsfolk braved the fighting to bring desperate German troops water, food, and in some cases, ammunition.

Such was the German appreciation of the town people’s bravery that Adolf Hitler later approved the repatriation of French prisoners-of-war to the region soon afterwards. This was an act of generosity he had never felt previously obliged to offer.

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  • Its not surprising we dont hear anything at all about the landing at Dieppe in 1942 ,which was a disaster for the Allies. In plain words, the Germans wiped the invading forces out.

    It was only the huge losses the Germans suffered on the eastern front that allowed the Americans and British to be able to land successfully in Italy in 1943 and “France in 1944. There were simply too many gaps to fill and not enough forces to fill them..

    What our media will never explain is the enormous odds that Germany faced during the latter part of the war.You are talking about the combined population of the U.S ,the Soviet Union , and the UK and its colonies against a country of 70 million.

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    • This article touched us deeply. Thank you Mike. – We would send you financial help and haven’t since last year. We simply don’t have the $. We are on less pension than what new arrivals get who come from the 3rd world. We have no other income and take care of grand and an infant great grand child who live with us. – You deserve to be among the wealthy with all you do for humanity and we know that!

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    • Those German solders were the only ones fighting for our freedom. Seig Heil. My undying respect.

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  • Thank you, dearest Jan. Those who can ~ do. Those who can’t help in other ways and you are one of my hardest working supporters; you are so much appreciated, Jan.

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