There was last week a ‘break in transmissions’; no, not another Facebook block but a pause to catch up on unfinished business. So leapfrogging a week we couldn’t cover all the stories published in the Epic-European ~ okay, Ethnic-European. But, it was a great show and thank you for your support, story shares and donations; all of which are blessings.

Ethnic-European stories are of international interest. In fact, they are so good that corporate media is afraid of mentioning our powerful news platform. It doesn’t matter, as others have proved, what used to be mainstream is now insignificant in terms of influence. The best strategy is to boycott media and its advertisers.

As usual, latest stories first which is reflected in low share number displayed in (brackets). Boris Johnson Rushed to Hospital with Head up Arse (43)  Russian Reich Rejects Debt (87) Hitler Honours the French Resistance (52) EU is the New Soviet Bloc (132) Their Enemy is my Friend (48) Hitler’s War Against Allied Racists (113) Vampire Soros Profits From Dead Babies (104) White Fight or Flight (165) Picasso Behind the Masque (24) Follow the Blood Trail (217) When Women Lead the Way (Alison Chabloz) (69) A Prophet’s Sister Passed this Way (33) Eva Peron the Soul of the People (31) Britain Never Learns (13).

It is worth remembering that many more shares are copy-links so the aforementioned is simply a guide to a story’s popularity ~ or lack of it. 

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (687) Michael Walsh – The Ethnic-European With Mike And Andy #31

Financial Investment.


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