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Whilst Russian President Vladimir Putin is ambivalent towards the self-chosen ones there is no uncertainty about the Jewish hatred of Putin expressed by the world’s most influential Jews.

CNN Putin may have ties with Russia

Newsweek is one of most shameful spreaders of vitriolic Putin hatred. It is a magazine which has gone from ownership by Katherine Graham’s (Jewish) Washington Post Group, where it went bust, losing out to its long-time rival TIME. The ghastly periodical has since been passed around by a string of shady owners. A Jewish electronics billionaire bought Newsweek from The Washington Post for $1.

Meanwhile, the grotesque periodical’s anti-Russian rhetoric has steadily ratcheted up, to the point where it really does seem like it has just become a mouthpiece for US government agencies and Neocons zealots who enjoy working themselves into frenzy over how evil Putin and Russia are.

Putin Titanic

This Jewish owned periodical is the worst kind of trash journalism, epitomised by truly psychotic Putin haters Anna Nemtsova and Owen Matthews, both Jewish. Nemtsova is married to NY Times correspondent Andrew Higgins, another great spreader of deception about Russia. Its main reason for existence seems to be to churn out a relentless series of shit pieces against the Russian president. It is closely connected with the Daily Beast.

The Economist is said to be the vilest of the Jewish owned anti-Putin haters. It is especially dangerous as it has an out of date reputation for excellent business coverage, inspiring a lot of trust from people in a business that don’t follow politics too closely and pretty much believe what they hear from trusted sources.

Western Media

It is definitely Jewish-owned, controlled by the Rothschild family. Its editors and writers are also largely Jewish. Their completely irresponsible and relentless demonization of the popular Russian president has been off the charts over the past 15 years.

Hungarian Jew George Soros’ investment firm, Soros Fund Management LLC, has purchased over $3 million worth of shares in the New York Times, according to recent filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

If we, as a civilised society, want to unpack this rampant lying about Russia, we have to be able to discuss who is behind it, and why. This is not a complaint against Jews in general, just the small group of them who dominate our media and mislead us so outrageously about Russia, and a lot of other things. When you see them all in one go, you realize something extraordinary is going on. One thing for sure, if Jewish pressure leads to war with Russia and its Allies the uniforms of those doing the dying won’t include yarmulkes.


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