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THE POWER OF THE PEN is mightier than the sword. Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is second only to The Holy Bible in terms of universal readership appeal. The Programme of the N.S.D.A.P. by Gottfried Feder turned the Workers Reich into a world-class economy and unbeatable lifestyle in just 36-months.

The topic of book burning evokes images of National Socialists destroying books. What we are not told is that the book burning initiative was not National Socialist but Leipzig University students’ rejection of Communist, decadent and pornographic books. The elected National Socialist government did however approve of the student’s enterprise.

Hitler’s elected National Socialist government was indeed responsible for banning 1,475 book titles that fell into the above categories.

However, the Allied Armies of Occupation in 1945 cremated millions of books that in their book burning holocaust destroyed 34,645 book titles. Also incinerated was every single school, college and university library book published in Germany 1933 – 1945.

As in all repressive regimes, history is spun by the victors whilst the truth is written by the fearless. True history is censored and starved of cash investment and media publicity but publicity real history books do punch above their weight.

After the Allies greatest book burning fest in world history, there is still an insatiable public appetite for books about Hitler’s Reich. A book title’s sales can be doubled if a Swastika or picture of Hitler is displayed on its cover.

Exposed and conditioned by politically correct palace publishers books, most people have no idea of who was really responsible for the overthrow of Imperial Russia in 1917 – 1922. People know nothing about the real Hitler’s Reich, World War II or its terrifying aftermath. Most are unaware of Western-sponsored Soviet carnage 1917 – 1990 that claimed the lives of 70 – 100 million European Christians.

The libraries of most people are as worthless as were the libraries of those in the USSR or Mao Tse Tung’s Chinese Peoples Republic.

People in the West know as little about Adolf Hitler as did the peoples of the USSR. People know only what they have been told by the victors’ propagandists. There is a world of difference between truth and victors spin on events.

You want to test the system? Randomly choose any Mike Walsh history book title. With his blessing suggest publication to any conventional British book publishers.

If your invitation is accepted and the book title appears on general retail sale and listed in the publisher’s online catalogue then you are entitled to half the book’s royalties. You either earn a fortune or the point has been made.

The fastest selling Mike Walsh books during 2018: Life in the Reich, Trotsky’s White Negroes, Reich and WrongRansacking the (defeated) Reich, The Red BrigandsWitness to History, Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph, Death of a City, Slaughter of a Dynasty, Programme of the NSDAP, Megacaust, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler, Heroes of the Reich, Europe Arise, The All Lies Invasion, Odyssey Adolf Hitler, Uncensored Adolf Hitler.

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  • Ordered 3 of your books on amazon, pricey. I take it you are not seeing the money from the sales?

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    • Thanks… you’re a gem. Yes, I do get royalties but Amazon (greedily) take 55% of the cover price; authors get about 10%. If I was self-publishing, ordering say 500 copies at a time from a conventional publisher, a little more outlay / hassle, but I would be making the 55%. Amazon has the monopoly ~ and true Jew they abuse it; parasite off real achievers.

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