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Allied troops and vehicles are seen on Omaha Beach after it was secured after D-Day

Irish-American film director John Ford, famous for movies such as Stagecoach and The Grapes of Wrath, filmed the D-Day landing at Omaha Beach from both ship and land, being wounded himself in the process. But very little of his filming has been released to the public. The Eisenhower Centre reported in the 1990s that they were “unable to find the film”.

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This is because of what the film contained, we only ever see what’s approved, whether the invasion of Normandy or anywhere else in the war.

The late historian Stephen Ambrose, who was both Eisenhower and Richard Nixon’s official biographer, conceded that one third of all the American combat GIs he’d ever interviewed (he’d interviewed well over 1000) said they had witnessed unarmed, surrendering German soldiers with their hands up being shot (Bradley A. Thayer, Darwin, and international relations p.190). And that’s just the ones prepared to confess it; let the enormity of it sink in for a moment.

This indicates war crimes on a gigantic scale having been committed, all while we’ve been brainwashed and deceived into thinking the Allies were ‘the good guys’. Many of the Allied troops were openly encouraged not to take prisoners and no charges were ever brought against those who shot prisoners. 

d-day-landings-normandy-1944 (4)

American infantrymen wade towards a beach during the D-Day Landings

Ernest Hemingway was also one of those implicated in the murder of captives. Was this karma for this might be the dark secret behind the war correspondent’s suicide in 1961, by which he took his own life with a shot in the head.

The three-empire allies were determined to win World War II by any means necessary and to obliterate the German nation as a competitor once and for all.

d-day-landings-normandy-1944 (1)

German prisoners-of-war are marched along Juno Beach landing area to a ship taking them to England, after they were captured by Canadian troops

The words of an old German soldier come to mind: “We would have fought a lot harder in the West if we had known they were going to be like the Russians.”

d-day-landings-normandy-1944 (3)

21 August 1944: German prisoners of war captured after the D-Day landings in Normandy are guarded by US troops at a camp in Nonant-le-Pin, France

US General Dwight D. Eisenhower, a war criminal of epic proportions boasted at the time of D-Day, “Once and for all, the stage is being set for the beginning of the United Nations.” What he really meant is it was being set for the New World Order.

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D-Day landings: Powerful photos of Allied troops storming Normandy beaches in June 1944

On 6 June 1944, British, US and Canadian soldiers descended on Normandy, turning the tide of the Second World War against the German Army.

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  • “This indicates war crimes on a gigantic scale having been committed, all while we’ve been brainwashed and deceived into thinking the Allies were ‘the good guys”. Well said Mike and thank you once again for revealing the truth.


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  • The more that comes out about what really did happen in Europe during the war, the Allies look worse and worse. It truly was a case of the bad guys winning. Thanks for posting this, Mike.

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