NOTE: For much of the content of this vital information we are indebted to the outstanding and meticulous research conducted by Richard Houck’s The War Against Whites in Advertising first published Counter Currents Publishing whose news platform is highly recommended. 

Ethnic-Europeans, who make up 95% of the smallest continent, are baffled by the sinister anti-White propaganda displayed in commercial advertising. Propaganda promoting mixed-race relationships, particularly white women with black men, has become so general, even the least observant have begun to notice.


Based on small glimpses of marketing sub-culture, one might assume half or more of all relationships involve some sort of race-mixing. The combination of white women with black men is the most common mixed-race couple depicted in race-hate advertising.


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If race diversity advertising was truly about appealing to the greatest number of customers or potential customers, it seems an odd strategy to focus so much on one combination, while ignoring so many others. This suggests a sinister and subliminal purpose behind the race mixing trend.


Research reveals that ethnic-Europeans are the least likely to marry outside of their race. Mixed race relationships are provably flawed. In terms of combined average incomes of interracial marriages, black husbands with white wives earned the lowest amount of any other combination. The black husband and white wife combination were also the least educated.


Of the interracial combinations, marriages between whites and blacks were found to be the least stable, and the most likely to result in divorce. The divorce rate is higher in all interracial marriages for white women relative to a white marriage.


A study of over two million online dating interactions revealed distinct racial preferences between groups. White women are strongly against race-mixing, they respond most frequently to white men and least frequently to black men.  In light of this data, it is all the more bizarre that the combination of a white woman with a black man is seen so frequently in advertising.


Sexually transmitted disease rates per the 2016 Centre for Disease Control speak for themselves. A 2015 study examined the outcomes of women that have children with black men, the results were staggering. Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock; however, when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%. 98% of white mothers studied reported the father does not support their children financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to help support themselves and their children. Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying. The vast majority of white women that have children with black men live far below the poverty line.


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A 2013 study of intimate partner violence in relationships, surveyed nearly ten-thousand people, the authors hypothesised that interracial couples experience higher levels of violence compared to same race relationships. They found that compared to white relationships, both black couples and interracial couples experience statistically significant higher levels of relationship violence.


Partner violence is classified as threats, physical, or emotional violence between two people in a committed relationship. The National Centre for Injury Prevention and Control estimates that relationship violence costs around $4.1 billion a year in medical and mental health care costs.


Idealistic youth lacks discernment; the younger the cohort, the more likely they were to say the increase of interracial marriage is for the better. Liberals were more likely than conservatives to say interracial marriages are for the better. College graduates were also more likely to support the same fanciful nonsense.


A noted researcher says that after a considerable amount of spent time in academia he concludes that the longer one spends in academia, the more apt one is to be indoctrinated by critical theory.  There is likely also a self-selection bias at work as well. Those who are more likely to buy into the narrative of critical theory are more likely to thrive in an environment that echoes their sentiments.


Pew Research 2010 found that 69% of people surveyed said that single women having children is a bad thing, 43% say unmarried couples raising children is a bad thing, yet hypocritically only 14% say interracial marriage is a bad thing. There is something particularly dumb about being in favour of interracial relationships, while at the same time conceding the self-destructive outcomes of those relationships.

four jewish owned 1

Research reveals that whites are the least likely to marry outside of their race. When white women marry outside of their race they are more likely to be abused, to become single-mothers, live in poverty, and that whites dating outside of their race exposes us to a higher chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


We know that despite fashionable acceptance, white people continue to show a natural disgust response to interracial relationships. We also know that despite the tsunami of diversity propaganda in films, television, and in advertisements, same-race couples are still the most common relationships, by far.


Few believe that interracial advertising under the guise of “diversity” is about selling clothes or laundry detergent or cereal. The real purpose of mixed race advertising is to present a distorted worldview, to humiliate, to mock whites, and to make complacent.


White men are the last vanguard against the intrigues of an ethnic group who historically hate Europeans. White women are displayed with non-white men not to sell items but as a tactic of psychological warfare against European culture and civilisation.


White men are rarely portrayed in a favourable light; they are often the overweight, goofy, clumsy, half-wit that relies on women and non-whites to save the day.


From films to television to advertisements, this is an increasingly common anti-white falsehood. The outcomes are socially and individually undesirable, little if any good comes from promoting white women to date and marry outside of their race. What we are seeing is a systemic attack on white identity.

Boycott Benetton

The psychological effects of advertising are well-documented. Advertising has the ability to make people chose an inferior product simply by manipulating the affective conditioning.


Studies suggest the average American is exposed to as many as 5,000 advertisements in a day. The power of advertising has the power to condition us to be more accepting of social change. The prevalence of mixed-race couples and an increase of LGBT representation have in no small way changed social attitudes. Although intuitive reactions of disgust remain, outward social attitudes have become accepting of all forms of degeneracy and social decay.


These images have an effect on black men as well. Blacks are constantly being told by the film industry, TV, and advertising, that dating white women is natural and are falsely led to believe that white women prefer black men to white partners. Faced by reality, the distaste towards blacks by white women, causes resentment which leads to rape, violence and the racist humiliation of white women. 

SS_1991_Kiss-1143x800 (1)

Nearly 100% of interracial rapes are white women being raped by non-white men (National Crime Victimization Survey2008, Table 42). These advertising images, which have no small part in warping mentality, not only promote a dysgenic society, they place Whites in a grave danger.


The most belligerent example of anti-white propaganda came from Netflix via a set of three commercials for the company. The series of the three Netflix commercials is titled The Couple, which features a white woman and a black man.


The Netflix commercial “Open Relationship” depicts two couples, an interracial couple, and a white couple. The white man is depicted as small, weak, insecure, “non-progressive,” and closed-minded.  His white girlfriend quickly decides to cast him aside to spend the evening with the interracial couple, as the black man quite literally steals the man’s girlfriend in front of him, humiliating him.

maxresdefault (1)

HLG Studios out of Los Angeles was behind the production of the three creepy commercials. The advertising company has worked on campaigns for a myriad of national brands, from fast food chains to banks, technology companies, and clothing retailers. HLG Studios was founded by Yuri Baranovsky, the same carpetbagger who directed Netflix’s race-mixing, anti-white propaganda pieces. Yuri Baranovsky is Jewish, an ethnic group that is vehemently opposed to Jews forming relationships outside their own ethnic group. 


Just four Jewish owned mega-corporations control the vast majority of all advertising agencies. The Omnicom Group of New York, WPP of London, Publicis of Paris, and Interpublic of New York are the key corporations in the West. 

Benetton 1

The New York Times states that these companies are so powerful “they can indirectly set network television schedules and starve magazines to death or help them to flourish,” by deciding how and when to spend advertising dollars. Each company owns dozens if not hundreds of smaller agencies; Omnicom has bought over 150 firms alone.


Globalist CEO John Wren currently heads Omnicom Group. Omnicom was founded by Allen Rosenshine, Keith Reinhard, and John Bernbach, all three are Jewish and promote the exclusivity of Jews ~ but work hard to destroy ethnic-European ethnicity.


Long-standing CEO of Publicis (1987–2017) has been Maurice Lévy, who cited his rabbi grandfather as his greatest inspiration. Lévy has been honoured by the Anti-Defamation League, for his work fighting anti-Semitism, and his relentless promotion of “diversity”.


WPP of London was founded and is currently run by Martin Sorrell, who is a Jew. Chairman and CEO of the Interpublic Group (IPG), is Michael Isor Roth. Roth condemned the “white supremacist ideology” at Charlottesville as he wrote in an internal creepy-weepy memo to 50,000 IPG employees.

White Replacement

There is clearly a disproportionate number of Jews and those with Jewish sympathies involved in mass media advertising. From small start-up firms to multi-billion-dollar corporations, all of which are promoting hostile anti-white falsehoods, while praising “diversity” and “inclusion.”


If you wanted to destroy a civilization, how would you go about it? If you wanted to create a dysfunctional and impotent society, what would be your weapon? What better way to destroy the white family than to encourage white people, especially white women, to mate with foreign men unlikely to support them or raise their children.


If you wanted to create a chaotic society that is easy to lord over, you would ensure that the children are raised by and are dependent upon the state whilst the menfolk are marginalised and seen as social pariahs by their own people. What better way to destroy a people than to promote a relationship that can never produce white children and that is by nature race destructive? It is carefully calculated ethnic-European genocide fuelled by Jewish hatred for Christian Europeans. 


The media, the press, and advertisers – and businesses that use these race-destroyers have created a culture of anti-white hatred. These companies are not merely promoting racial bastardisation and trying to appeal to a wider range of consumers, they are promoting the increased abuse and sexual degradation of white women.

Anti White media

These iniquitous advertising corporations are not selling products, which they anyway fail to move from the store shelves. Great department stores like House of Fraser, Debenhams and similar, who used these Jewish controlled products, are falling like flies. These once great companies simply do not have non-Jewish marketing agencies; they are victims of Jewish monopoly too. 


The race-destroyers purpose is to recreate a nation without ethnic-Europeans. Race mixing propaganda says bluntly that white children are not wanted in the New Order and White men have no place in the globalists’ nightmarish world.


How can ethnic-Europeans challenge the Jewish War against ethnic-Europeans? An expert writes, “Every single time I come across an advertisement that highlights “diversity” in an absurd way or promotes miscegenation, I make a point to share it online and with my friends and family.


I personally take note of companies that insist on promoting miscegenation and do not spend my money with them. If they want the “diverse” consumer, they can have them.


The future of civilization, the future for our people, is only being offered by one group of people, and that is us. We are in many ways the last vanguard against a system that would greatly prefer our extinction. Every film that has a hostile anti-white message should be reviewed, critiqued, and dissected by those writing articles and creating podcasts.


Ethnic-Europeans have the intellectual ability to develop their own critiques, to be warriors against this cultural insurrection, and to let anti-white Jewish racists know a worldwide Christian boycott against mix race advertising will destroy their malicious miscegenation strategy. The message is, refuse to purchase goods from any company that uses racist advertising to promote race bastardisation. 


“One needed only to look at the posters announcing the hideous productions of the cinema and theatre, and study the names of the authors highly lauded in order to become permanently adamant on Jewish questions. Here was a pestilence, a moral pestilence from which the public was being infected.

It was worse than the Black Plague of long ago.  And in what mighty doses this poison was manufactured and distributed.  Naturally, the lower the moral and intellectual level of such an author of artistic products the more inexhaustible his fecundity.

Sometimes it went so far that one of these fellows, acting like a sewage pump, would shoot his filth directly in the face of other members of the human race.  It was a terrible thought, and yet it could not be avoided, that the greater number of Jews seemed specially designed by Nature to play this shameful part.”  ~ Adolf Hitler. Mein Kampf. ibid. 42.


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  • Yes, vomit-inducing isn’t it. However, there is one series of adverts that have only ever featured indigenous white normal people. And what I hear you ask, are they? They’re the Pay Day loan ads. As you all know these ads try to lure we people into uncontrollable debt. Funny that eh?

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    • efore becoming Chancellor, MERKILL was dead against this alien invasion of Germany! She KNEW it would never work for ethnic-European Germans and said so
      Voice of Europe did some research into Angela Merkel’s past and it is shocking. Merkel was never pro-migration but she has betrayed her own people now as a chancellor.
      Merkel used her later pro-migration stance to gain power in a leftist controlled German regime. She is a career politician who had completely different views in the past.
      In the year 2000 Merkel said: “The multicultural society is not a viable form of living and I believe that as well” Later, in 2002 she criticises the then government for not having a migration limit, something that she herself has not had for a long time.
      She says: “Before we have any new migration we have to first improve the integration of foreign children living in with us.” Read more:

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      • Little puppet germany (small g) of today is technically still without a constitution (the „Grundgesetzt” – NOT a „Verfaßung” – was imposed on her by the “liberators” of Neurope and never decided upon by its own people) and still technically at war with Sam (nobody’s “Uncle”); his pal (and agent of influence) John (Bull); the Russian bear and this cocky fourth lad whose name I just never can recall – but I remember that the three others had to canibalise a Serbian flag to improvise its flag in this sordid room in which the German forces [Wehrmacht-Heer (and Waffen-SS); -Luftwaffe; -Marine] had to unconditionally surrender to the invading forces of the enemy. A peace treaty was never ever signed with Germany’s only legal government: the Third Reich and the Reichspräsident of it; a certain Karl Dönitz unfortunately arrested as a common law criminal a few days after the signing of this military capitulation. In other words, Germany is still an occupied country. Incidentally: the same problem will one day come to the surface for the Republic of Irak whose last legally aknowledged President was murd… – sorry! – hanged after yet another of these funny “trials” which became in fashion after the Nuremberg mockeries.

        This is mostly why poor „Stasi” Merkel HAS NO OTHER OPTION but
        to smile meekly; swallow her pride (as she is indeed intelligent and far from the sorry image which she is forced to convey) and to comply with any order discreetly issued to her by the little guys set to destroy Europe (this time, spelled with a E as I am not talking about that jellyfish in Brussels… but of a geopolitical concept.)

        „So, Männer… Alles klaar?!”…

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      • It’s the old case of hypocrisy & greed & the desire to stay in power for as lengthy a period as possible !

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      • I am afraid that you are falling a bit short… as far as “unconditionally surrendered” defeated germany (small g here) without a proper constitution and still under an armistice situation (no peace treaty ever signed with any would-be government, let alone the last legal government of Jan 30th, 1933) thus legally non existing poor Frau Kaczmierczka has no other option but to obey to the orders issued to her from beyond the Atlantic… Come to think of it she is more to pity than anything else.

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    • Its ok to be white

      I have noticed Netflix promoting race mixing every damn movie a black with a white woman and the black guys always the smart one who saves the day. It’s so obvious I cancelled my 5 year long Netflix account yesterday

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      • I know mate, the leftists have been doing it for years. Every television soap, drama, commercial it’s in our faces. There has always been race mixing but not on the threatening scale it’s at now.

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      • Its constant conditioning of our people every day! white men shown as weak and beta and evil and black men as cool, strong, attractive. Our women become attracted to blacks and breed with them and us white men are psychologically broken and emasculated seeing our women being taken by black men! This is all intentional!

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      • You aren’t alone. The reason Netflix does this is because they put the Obama family, Barry & Mike-chelle, specifically, on the Board of Directors. We cancelled our subscription too.

        No thanks, Netflix.

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    • Until a system of government is created to prevent Jew bankers and elite leftists from redistributing wealth to pay for these adverts, it will continue. Voting won’t work as they control the purse strings and always wiggle in. Either war or proper system of government is the only shot.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Agreed. Control of our societies money creation should be the grass root’s goal of all who wish to steer their own destiny. All else is folly when they control the flow of goods and services. Look back, when “they” took control of the lending houses, the cracks began to appear. JRR Tolkien knew his business. Via fiat money creation, the money lenders and their tentacles have become like the evil, all seeing eye of Sauron.

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    • It’s appalling to the least but I really don’t have faith in our people. They just seem to role over and accept anything the talking heads tell them.

      I’m guilty of these sins myself and live as a foreign resident in Japan. I don’t regret marrying my Japanese wife or producing two nice and beautiful children.

      But living in an ethno state and seeing the benefits of it once again, has reignited a realization that our people deserve homelands also.


      • Ben, pleased for you that you have a happy family and a good life but you aren’t able to have your cake and eat it. To have an homogenous country by definition excludes race mixing.

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      • I wonder how your kids are going to feel since they will be rejected all their life as half breeds by the Japanese.

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    • They’re not the only ones who show ONLY White “customers.” Pay attention to the commercials pushing pharmaceuticals. They also want us to take their pills that cause fertility problems and cancer!

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  • ayrian terminator

    looks like the rat faced kikes that are the engineers of white genocide are trying to breed a race that are as horrifically ugly as they are….. God help us to put an end to this nightmare and save our culture and race.

    On Wed, Jun 27, 2018, 1:50 PM THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN wrote:

    > Mike Walsh posted: “HONESTY BOX Our news isn’t free for those who work to > bring it to you; we depend on donations (click TeamWork). Please share our > stories and purchase from our bookstore. Ethnic-Europeans, who still make > up 95% of the smallest continent, are baffled by the” >

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  • À bullseye! In Greater South Africa (the SA from Verwoerd to “PW” – subsequently delivered to the ANC at a bargain price by “Kerensky” De Klerk) such mixed (mixed up?) mating couples (and their byproducts) were dubbed “etchings” (studies in black and white). In the late eighties when discreetly referring to Blacks; we would talk about “Swedes”… a form of warning perhaps?…

    I wonder if we shall not see – some day soon – racial traitors dangling from oak trees? That is… if they don’t beat us to it…

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  • I boycotted BEnnetton years ago because I found their biased ad campaigns disgusting. Kikes are trying to ruin a beautiful, intelligent, white race by forced interracial breeding. White people are and always will be the superior race, which is more desirable a white or black sheep???

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    • The problem with us, appropriately dubbed “Goyim” but also labelled the “Gentiles” (from the French
      « Les gentils »: the kind ones) isn’t just that we are very much « les gentils » to the rodents (our major predators)…

      It is also that we are so [expletive deleted – we wouldn’t like to shock… wouldn’t we?] NAÏVE!

      To the point – all around Neurope (Switzerland having yet to “join the club” – but they’re always soo sloow… NOT brighter) – of willingly surrendering our arms to the authorities – “for our ‘protection’ ” that is…

      Enjoy war… multicultural Neurope will be hell.

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      • Seeker of Truth

        Actually, most of the “Jews” today are not Of Jacob (Israel) or Judah. Most are Edomite / Canaanite or Khazar (Goyim). If you want to know where the true Israel is, just study it out starting with Genesi 28:14. The “Lost 10 tribes” are not lost at all. Ezra says after the Assyrian captivity, they chose to go into the “Lands of the North”. Ezekiel prophesied that they were overrun and pass through the descendants of Japheth, Gomer, etc who were in the North. DNA studies show the original Europeans had different Y-DNA then the later migrations of Celts and Scythians. (The Jewish gene is “J” is actually from the Edomites, not Israel.) Study all civlizations who tell of being descendants of Israel or whose roots can trace back to Israel Captive in Assyria, and you’ll find one common Haplogroup in their midst, “R”. Study the “myths” and “Legends” of Europe and you’ll very quickly find where they come from. The White Race is truly the most blessed race for a reason. (They are not the Goyim.)

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  • Excellent article, this insidious propaganda has permeated into every aspect of advertising. I recently received the magazine of the Woodland Trust, the cover showed a single person a negro, there was no explanation why this was the case.

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  • Fifty years ago, an elderly friend of mine who had his own succesful advertising company probably give me the key to resolve most of our perplexity on the advertisement topic: he mentioned to me that ALL advertising campaigns in France were targeted at the average IQ of the adult potential consumer (at that time “consumerism” started more or less around 21… the age of civic majority – they didn’t need immature voters then): TWELVE YEARS OF MENTAL AGE.

    That was France… then a country the subjects of which could still read or write… sometimes do both… and still had a vocabulary averaging five hundred odd words.

    After having travelled extensively in lesser cultured places… I have a feeling that – nowadays – one could safely divide this figure by two FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET that is (thanks to the “globalists”).

    Be kind to the human species… shoot an advertiser.

    Message to Mike… when you think about PUBLICIS and their malevolent, perverted ‘brains’, please include Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet…

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  • Cartier McCloud

    Excellent article. However, many of your photos, especially the ones in your slideshow section, are of ALBINO blacks. See here:

    That is where you got most of your photos from. Black genes are dominant & White genes are recessive, that’s why racially mixed children have predominately black features like kinky hair & coffee & cream skin. White skin & red or blonde hair in an African is a sign of being an albino. Not racially mixed.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I beg to differ. Most children of black and white mix take on caucasoid features. My grandson is 1/4 black and looks white.


      • Cartier McCloud

        Your grandson is only 1/4 black. Half black takes on more Negroid characteristics, it’s in the genes. Anyway, my point was, which you didn’t get, is that some of the articles photographs are of ALBINO BLACKS. I CHECKED their sources. Did you even bother to read the links?? Albinos have NO pigment in their skin. It’s a genetic condition.

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      • Thank God!


  • ADOLF HITLER “One needed only to look at the posters announcing the hideous productions of the cinema and theatre, and study the names of the authors highly lauded in order to become permanently adamant on Jewish questions. Here was a pestilence, a moral pestilence from which the public was being infected.
    It was worse than the Black Plague of long ago. And in what mighty doses this poison was manufactured and distributed. Naturally, the lower the moral and intellectual level of such an author of artistic products the more inexhaustible his fecundity.
    Sometimes it went so far that one of these fellows, acting like a sewage pump, would shoot his filth directly in the face of other members of the human race. It was a terrible thought, and yet it could not be avoided, that the greater number of Jews seemed specially designed by Nature to play this shameful part.” Adolf Hitler. Mein Kampf. ibid. 42.

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  • Yyyessss! And… Another bullseye!

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    • Same thing going on in US. every fking commerical almost. pathetic!

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      • Exactly. I just watched one and I get so mad my head starts hurting! Oh how I wish the confederacy had won!

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      • Problem is all we do is notice the cabal, then we go fund it by paying taxes, buying products and letting central banks redistribute our wealth. Fact is “they” beat us by systematically picking us apart. Power now transferred and plantation built for the elites yet again on the world stage

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  • The ad agency makes these for other companies, so I assume these other companies are just as guilty ?

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  • I get that Jews/elites manipulate, I get that the goal of ads is propaganda, etc. But just like the likely outcome contradiction in the polls you cited, what is driving the ability to place ads that dont support financial survival is free money printed by central bankers. In other words a never ending stream of money created by earners (white people) and then transferred to Jews/elites. So you have to go after the source…the F’ing jew bankers and the elite combos. Yes, the French were right in the revolution, and so it needs to occur again. This time a constitution of constitutional controls needs to be implemented to curtail the Jewry and elites desire to create an underclass.

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  • Unless understands that all this effort on their behalf, coupled with the periodic warring of the “White” race upon itself over the last 200 years, especially, is a component of the war and enmity declared by Jehovah to be between the “seed of the woman” [the commonly-labeled “White” race] and the “seed of the Serpent” [includes the deceptively-named “jews”, “Arabs” (a Hebrew word, “arab”, that means “to be darkened or to be made dusky through weaving, braiding, mixing”), the artificially-named, “Hispanics” (actually “Mestizos”), etc.

    The “synagogue of Satan” is stepping up the attack knowing full well that their time is limited and their end is sure, as described well in Obadiah and multitudes of other places.

    The “generation of vipers” is eaten up with vitriol at the possibility that true Israel will awaken to her peril and repent of her whoredoms so as to fulfill her place as the wife of Jehovah Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and He her Husband.

    “And so all Israel shall be saved”

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  • My first sentence is incomplete. Unless one understands all that, then one can be easily funneled off down purposeless rabbit trails, even to thinking that political processes will produce a favorable result.

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  • I’m surprised to read in this article that Jewish people are allegedly behind the onslaught of advertising and casting depicting black men with white women. But one thing I am certain of is that the purpose is not “diversity,” but miscegeny in a very limited way (i.e., black male/white woman and not other interracial combinations) and that advertising is not being utilized to reflect society, but as an instrument of social change. This article illustrates that quite well.

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    • Scary thing is its working and white men need to wake up and stop our continued cuckolding, emasculation and humiliation we are being conquered right in front of our eyes!!

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  • who speaks for the white race?

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  • the days of nations bombing each other is over. now you can reduce a nation culturally, socially, racially or morally, through other means. It takes longer ,but it is effective. in the end i think the nation that is more homogenous and intelligent will be the victor or the master race.

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  • I don’t know if my answer went through… so here’s a second shot:

    How right you are!
    What you are hinting at is one of the most important basic laws of Nature, namely the survival of the fittest.
    The good side of it is that the rodents generally believing that they have been “chosen” by someone above and therefore that they may happily emancipate themselves from these natural laws are taking a risk.
    If they are wrong, they shall soon find out to their chagrin that Nature doesn’t elect… it selects.

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  • Our enemies, predominantly the jews have been putting this poison on our screens for decades. And it’s not just in advertising, 70 percent of couples on UK television commercials are black and white couples. Also why do you think Europe was flooded with coloured 3rd world immigration? To cause genocide that’s why. Virtually all porn sites are predominantly black man white women. I’m afraid the perpetrators of this evil against our race has to stop and rounded up and fucking shot.

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  • Harry with me again ?

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  • Good article. I’ve been saying this for a long time, people who used to think I was making this stuff up, are noticing now.

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  • Reach Reachport

    So, who is behind this insidious campaign? Blacks are inferior in mental capacity and have no loyalty in mating. This results in weak offspring who are susceptible to ills and weaknesses. It dilutes the gene pool resulting in weaker humans. The physical strength of blacks does not compensate. Physical strength is a less desirable trait than mental acuity in this age.

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  • “PLEASE HELP Lacking sponsors, barred from advertising and denied ‘the oxygen of publicity’ by media we survive on a famine diet of donations and book sale royalties”.

    That right there says everything. No one takes any of this nonsense seriously. It is so absurd that one must laugh to oneself when considering the fact a very small minority of people even believe this garbage.

    The world is changing for the better. So than, espouse as much ridiculous nonsense that you will, but the bottom line is this: there is absolutely nothing you (or anyone else who align themselves with this crap) can do to stop it. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


    • Steve Bell is a a great example of an indoctrinated useful idiot, or just a low grade agitator. He is so dumb he thinks the clear race mixing agenda, Marxist central banks redistributing wealth, illegal immigrants being transported and paid for by elites (which gets there money from the tax payer) in order to unnaturally change the composition of the population isn’t serious. So Steve is clearly a great example of how the elite Left have easily manipulated the dumbest among us. Clearly things are worse. Lower grade humans are being born, every nation is on the brink of a debt-based collapse, currencies have been devalued thereby destroying wealth and financially enslaving citizens to pay for globalist agenda and on and on. I say Steve can enjoy as we take our lands, cultural, wealth back from the parasites who stole it. So sit back and enjoy that ride you idiot. So we Are STOPPING IT. Doesn’t matter anyway, Steve is probably a goofy “halfer” that receives welfare whilst thinking he earned the resources in his temporary possession. Now Steve, don’t go away mad, just go away.

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      • A comprehensive rebuttal of ‘Steve’, well done Casey. Steve is perhaps not entirely white and maybe carries that chip on his shoulder, a resentment of his mutant status, and as such would have us normies destroyed to leave him and his kind the last men standing as it were, and therefore ‘normal’ and unchallenged in a cohesive conflict free world. Oh Stevey baby, if I’m on the dollar, what a shock you’re in for. Another scenario; when our aspirations are eventually realised, maybe a white Stevey, will all of a sudden become a late convert after the heavy lifting has been done, to the truth of reality, and being a poacher turned gamekeeper, will embrace the new order with a zealousness that may well be reminiscent of the middle ages.

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  • the human species is devolving, because of subhuman advocates. In the 19th century it was called “nigger worship”. Notice what has happened? Class has disappeared from society. The upside? The collective is easily beguiled and manipulated. They buy worthless crap and intangible b.s. apps and pay for virtual games, etc. Now that the cognitive intellect is lowered, people are corruptible for less. Much less compensation for trespasses against them is required and folks are desensitized to every tragedy and horror. Humanity is overwhelmed with subhuman, degenerate, inept, unsuccessful shitspawn. In nature, birds of a feather flock together. So much for the tower of babel story. So much for homogenous societies of peace. So much for the Constitution of the USA, that knew negroes were not completely human. So much for civilization.

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    • Nigger worship great short name for whats happened to our modern women and cuckolded white sissy beta males. People need to speak out against this humiliation and desecration of our race!!

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  • EXCELLENT again Mike: And so many good comments. WE, everyone that commented or read your article must, MUST unite and stop the jew. There were many comments about the elite jew banker, yes but it trickles down to the below poverty level jew still supports i$rael and the chosenite philosophy. How about an article on “how to unite” against the one common enemy. The enemy is not the Black, Yellow, Brown, Muslim, Christian Zionist, it is THE jew. Yes, there is the rare jew on our side, and we must recognize this JEW in a positive way.

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  • I have a pretty gray pair of united color of benetton, i had no clue they advertise race-mixing this much, i didn’t seen any of this. i was happy they fir perfect.


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