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Washington’s deep state sect is in a panic as White ethno-nationalist parties spread their influence into Europe’s corridors of power. A bone of contention is that there are now potential divisions among Western intelligence agencies.

Nationalists entrenched in the European Union’s coalition governments, especially in Austria and Italy, have now taken ministerial positions.

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Those whom globalist media describe as ‘far right’ are now in positions in charge of security and law enforcement. Globalists and pro-Zionists are concerned that there will now be less pressure and surveillance on what globalists call ‘right wing extremists’.

Europe’s nationalists are now in charge of the interior ministries in both Vienna and Rome. In Austria, there have even been police raids on the homes and offices of top intelligence service staffers.

Already, at least some intelligence sharing between Germany and Austria appears to have been curtailed, and the relationship between Italy’s ethno-patriotic interior minister Matteo Salvini and other major European countries are increasingly strained. French President Emmanuel Macron last week likened the rise of ethno-nationalists as “leprosy all across Europe.”

Washington’s Russophobic deep state is also ventilating over imagined Russian influence in European elections. Washington DC’s Israeli lobby is increasingly concerned at what they say, without providing evidence, is right-wing mutual friendship with President Putin’s Russia.

“The rise of far-right parties across Europe and their control of intelligence agencies is a real cause for concern,” says Mike Carpenter, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense and now the senior director of the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania.

It also has implications for the U.S. government. “On the intelligence side, it raises alarms because of the nature of the sensitive information we share with our allies and partners,” said Carpenter. “That’s something that could potentially compromise sources and methods.

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