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The official story of Adolf Hitler’s death, recycled as historical fact, is in actuality as far removed from reality as a Grimm’s fairy tale.


The victors’ propaganda never mentions the source of the Hitler took his own life fable. Few are aware that the account they have been led to believe is the factually based has its origins in the 1950s in a courtroom of dubious credibility situated on the soil of Allied Occupied Germany. Indeed, the evidence presented as fact was consequential of satanic torture endured by captives propagandists claim were final witnesses of the twice-elected constitutional head of defeated Germany. (Neither Churchill or Stalin were elected) 

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For example: “High-ranking officers held at Bad Nenndorf, among them Nicolaus von Below, Hitler’s Luftwaffe adjutant. Von Below had remained at the Führer bunker until the end. After being captured in February 1946, he had been sent to Bad Nenndorf. The former captive recorded in his memoirs: ‘Bad Nenndorf was the most wicked and nasty thing I experienced whilst a prisoner of the British.’

Von Below was subjected to the standard sleep deprivation and isolation regime. ‘At night I often heard the screams of my fellow inmates.’

Eventually, the adjutant was interrogated, being forced to stand to attention for hours while questions about Hitler’s final, secret orders were screamed at him. When he insisted there were no such orders, his food ration was reduced still further.

‘Since I never received or heard of any such orders, I had to make them up, to get myself out of the bad situation I was in. Now that I was ready to talk, the commander summoned me to his office, where he and two of his officers were waiting for me.

“The commander was in ridiculously formal uniform, complete with belt and hat, I assume to underline the importance of his mission. A couple of days later the conditions of my detention went back to normal.”

Von Below’s fabrication based on torture was to be incorporated into The Last Days of Hitler. Trevor-Roper recounted how Hitler had appointed Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor, having lost faith in both Himmler and Goering, and, shortly before his ‘suicide’, had heaped praise on the navy and Luftwaffe while condemning the Army General Staff.

The historian also immortalised Hitler’s ‘last message to the world’, with its pan-German dream: ‘The efforts and sacrifices of the German people in this war have been so great that I cannot believe that they have been in vain. The aim must still be to win territory in the east.’ It was all fantasy fiction, von Below insisted later, adding, however: ‘It has given me much pleasure to read it in Trevor-Roper’s book.’”

Disturbing stuff, and an insight into just how history is written. At the time, German radio announced the Führer went down fighting, which is far more believable.

It would be difficult if not impossible to find anyone who had faced certain death more than did Adolf Hitler. His courage displayed in a score of front-line trenches scattered along the Western Front in the Great War (1914 – 1918) earned Hitler the highest awards and commendations. Remember, Hitler was never a conscript, he was a volunteer soldier.


Throughout his 15 years of struggle to liberate the German workers from the scourge of international banksters, Hitler faced and thwarted death on a daily basis. Are we really expected to believe that a man of such courage, honour and integrity, would desert his fighting armed forces and flee to a safe haven? In 1940 Winston Churchill with the royal family and elite had prepared to flee Britain; others had already done so. Stalin was out of Moscow and beyond the Urals after the Reich reached the gates of Moscow.


Hitler, never had fled from the battlefield, never had he feared death, and never had he dishonoured German or Western Civilisation. Hitler died in the ruins of the Reich, a Germany that was afterwards divided up between the combined demonic forces of British, Soviet and American Empires, then plundered a once great nation during which time 13 million Germans perished. Tell me again Tommy Atkins, Ivan and Hank, what exactly did you fight and die for?  Run it past me ~ one more time.  


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  • Randall Tillotson

    Just when you think there might be at least one part of history that is accurate…then we find out THIS. Black is white; war is peace; everything is double-plus good. Looking at my few history books now with a wary eye, I can see that several are scheduled for a ride on the train to the burn barrel.

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    • It is a good thing to choose your books wisely. Lies are generally easy to expose by the use of sheer logics and doing away wit emotions and feelings (“It’s the smallest fiddle in the world… and it’s playing juuust for youuu!”) thereby keeping a straight mind. Much worse than lies are half-truths…

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  • If I agree with what has been reported on how the German… (sorry!) ‘Nazi’ POWs were treated in Bad Nenndorf. It was a mockery of justice and procedure and the same was true of places like Schwäbisch Hall, Dachau, Lüneburg (where Himmler met his death under the strangest circumstances) to name but a few in surrendered Greater-Germany.

    I very much doubt, however, that the Führer, would have taken the risk of being caught alive in a rather frivolous pretense to fire a last cartridge to stop the Red onslaught. Not in the undisputable weakened physical condition he was in (a condition partly due to his uncommon working schedule and rythm; partly to Dr Morell’s “treatment” – a treatment which deeply concerned all of the skilled physicians genuinely worried about „der Chefs”’ increasing state of exhaustion – partly simply from the immense stress and the wear and tear generated by the exercise of power at its highest level under total war conditions… not to mention the side-effects from the bomb of the July 20th high-treason act).

    That a man as lucid as the Führer would have taken the risk of falling into ghoulish hands does not stand to analysis. Hitler was never prepared to be “exposed in a panopticum” (his reported words); a situation only too plausible considering how the most prominent members of the National-socialist hierarchy were treated from day one at Flensburg to the final hangings in Nuremberg and the scattering of their ashes in the Isaar river.

    These men had been deprived of all rights and dignity only to be treated as common criminals as soon as they fell in the hands of the enemies of their fatherland – a fact which shall go down in history as one of the multiple marks of infamy to be ‘credited’ to the “liberators” side; an unshakable blemish on the self-appointed defenders of “democracy” and “civilisation”.

    That Hitler was bound to find in the capital of the “basted” Reich a common way out with his faithful wife Eva (Eva HITLER; not “Braun” – by the way – for she has dearly paid the right of wearing that name) makes perfect sense.

    All sensible people with a sense of honour would call it “drawing the consequences” (many men and women of the defeated country did precisely that at the end of the war, starting with the Gœbbelses).

    It was – and possibly still is – very Germanic way of looking at things.

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    • Agreed. I have never doubted that Adolf Hitler took his own life at the very end of a heroic struggle. It is, what his honour would have demanded of him. He was a true Germanic leader, one who is at the front of his people, elected to be their leader and taking on this responsibility.
      It was announced on the radio that he fell fighting heroically. I have always taken this statement as him staying with his people to the very end. Only when he saw that there was no more hope of winning this struggle now and in the future that was allotted him by nature did he make the decision.
      Indicative of this decision of being at the end of his earthly path was his marriage of Eva Braun. As the Führer of Germany, he wanted to be there only for Germany and his people. At the end of his life, when circumstances freed him of this decision, he became the private individual Adolf Hitler who could take a wife. He fulfilled with that the long desire of Eva Braun to become his lawful wife. He said so in his private testament.
      He left without a trace, thus confounding his enemies the last and final time.
      Even now, they hang on to his name, without him, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin would be only dwellers of obscure regions of half-memory.

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      • Our analysis meet in full.

        Adolf Hitler’s drive to wake up and reconstruct his people and country was DEDICATION…

        A noble word which has now totally deserted the vocabularies and the ‘values’ of the treacherous lackeys composing the political ilk presently busy destroying the European people’s through the levelling of their cultures, traditions and true abilities.

        These lackeys’ drive is the ancillary wish to better serve their true masters’ desires and commands in exchange for money – as well sung and stated in the film “Cabaret”; a ‘commodity’ which “makes the world go round”.

        Thanks to the constant undermining and down-to-nought-levelling work of zealots such as the Soroses; the the Barbara Lerner Spectres (a name which ideally fits the part) of this world and to their many little clones; and thanks to the “holy stupidity” and greed of many little traitors to their own people, one might now safely assume that this word (dedication) has deserted most politician’s brains and that it is beyond the grasp of the vast majority of voters-consumers – especially in our Western world.

        It is interesting to note that the progressive – yet spectacular – lowering of the European moral, social and cultural standards towards the unheard of since the age of stone level of vulgarity which we are presently experiencing very much seems to coincide with the release, in the mid Sixties, of the much-acclaimed US soapie titled “Dallas”… and WHERE did this TV series came from?…


  • ivernazza:
    Thank you for this reply. Adolf Hitler offered as the last individual life and a future to the common people. Due to the defeat of Germany, this offer stands no more. Instead, the Western parliamentary democracies offer death and annihilation to the common man, he is to be eliminated in the course of evermore fantastic and brain dead ideological projects. Hence the words of Walter Ulbricht come to mind (in the former Soviet occupation zone of Germany): If the people do not our bidding, then we must exchange them. (A loose translation of his words from memory). That’s what they do, in England no less than in Germany or France, and in America.
    I believe in the awakening of a revolutionary spirit to undo all the crimes and their effects, but this also means the end of most of what we know and hold dear.
    The degeneration we have to witness and bear is quite something. Everything destroyed, everything denigrated, everything degraded, everything soiled, everything trampled on, and they even take our money to turn their crime plots into reality.
    In Germany, in May of 1945 the meanest elements were put in power by the conquering armies. They thought that they really had accomplished something. In Germany, the cancer of evil, incompetence, hatred, contempt spread so that now someone like “Merkel” can pull all the strings. But would those same victors have thought that they, too, would be infected by the evil germ they through into Germany?
    Evil begets evil!

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  • Ben Klassen expressed a similar theory in his book, Natures’ Eternal Religion, that Hitler died fighting in the fiery ruins of Berlin.

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  • „Lächerlich!”

    Hitler was a very intelligent man, as well as a man of taste and sound common sense.

    He would never have allowed himself to fall prey to a grotesque situation.

    Can you decently accept the idea of the Supreme leader of Greater Germany acting boyscoutish with a „Stahlhelm” and a „Panzerfaust” in an urban trench? Add a genuine Swiss army knife to the picture and it will qualify for any B-rated ‚Spielbergerlich’ films.



  • Excelent comments. I agree with the point of view of the commentators. Pity they did not desenvolve a bit more about Hitler’s extraordinary personality not only as the great militar that he truly was but also as the loyal person to his staff and his closest friends that he also was.

    Congratulations to the owner of this excellent site.

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  • Hitler was a brave man, but also proud. He wrote in his Final Political Testament he would end his own life, and would not give the allies any pleasure of parading and putting him on trial. “… Further, I shall not fall into the hands of the enemy who requires a new spectacle, presented by the Jews, for the diversion of the hysterical masses.”

    See here: http://hitler.org/writings/last_testament/

    See here: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/6883511

    Witnesses to the writing of the testament

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels
    Wilhelm Burgdorf
    Martin Bormann
    Hans Krebs

    Witnesses to the taking the life.

    Dr. and Mrs. Josef Goebbels (Minister of Propaganda & Public Enlightenment)
    Traudl Junge (Hitler’s secretary who typed out Hitler’s Testament)
    Johann Rattenhuber (Head of Hitler’s personal bodyguards)
    Constanze Manziarly (Hitler’s cook)
    Ernst-Günther Schenck (SS Colonel & Doctor)
    Rochus Misch (Hitler’s bodyguard)
    Martin Bormann (Deputy Fuhrer)
    Erich Kempka (Hitler’s chauffer, helped to burn the bodies, witnessed the death of Bormann)
    Otto Gunsche (Hitler’s personal adjutant, stood guard as Hitler comitted suicide)

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  • The following, which is part of Adolf Hitler’s last will and testament was published in the Melbourne ‘Sun’ in Australia on December 31,1945:

    ” It is untrue that I or anybody else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was designed and provoked entirely by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish origin or who worked in Jewish interests. I made too many offers for reduction or limitation of armaments which posterity cannot explain away for all eternity. Therefore the reason for the outbreak of war cannot rest on me.
    Furthermore, I never desired that, after the first terrible world war, Germany should arise against England or even America. Three days before the outbreak of war I proposed to the British Ambassador a solution of the Polish problem by a plebiscite under international control. It was rejected. It was rejected only because responsible circles in English politics wanted war, partly because of expected business and partly because they were driven on by propaganda by international Jewry. But I left no doubt about the fact that the real culprits in this murderous struggle—Jewry— would also have to pay for it if the people of Europe should again be treated as bundles of shares by these international money conspirators….”

    Another statement attributed to Adolf Hitler in 1939 is as follows:

    “On numerous occasions I have offered the friendship of the German people to England and the English people. My entire policy was built upon the idea of this understanding. I was always rebuffed…..We know that the British people as a whole cannot be made responsible. It is that Jewish plutocratic and democratic ruling class which hates our Reich.”…….

    There is little room for doubt that we have been intentionally misled about Germany’s war responsibility and general conduct, just as important happenings within our own nation have been suppressed. Much, much more will be surfacing that will come as shock waves for the world to see and witness. There is a much bigger agenda they don’t want the citizens of this world to know.

    Better get ready, be ready, and on guard. The satanic elite only plays their own game. We are only pawns to be used and screwed in every way. It is because of this they are working feverishly to get the 5G, robots and technotronic war machines in positions. Most of it already is in place around the earth atmosphere via satellite. Small Killer drones already being mass produced to target individuals that stand in their way. These scheisters need to be hit were it hurts them the most.
    Blessings, Insight, Strength, Endurance to all of you who listen no matter were you are.

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    • Great text and superb revelations. Hilter was a patriot, a great warrior, a proud german and a loyal adversary. The problem was that he thought he was going to fight his war the way he should in order to defend properly his country-citizens and his Germany with adverseries owing the same loyal caracter, instead he encountered a band of untruful demoniac cowards, governors traitors to their own countries and to the peoples of the world. These were a band of criminals – and this is thickly and finally proven after so many decades – that were themselves and not Hitler or the nazis as a whole who murdered millions of innocent people.

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      • Spot on all the way, Maria. The true value of the alleged “fair play” is that for the people who pledge themselves at the practice of it it is only to be applied to the adversary when you are certain that he no longer has a way out of total defeat and anihilation.

        Welcome to the club of the disappointed few.

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  • Ahah! Another “Frei-Frau” coming up… and giving credit to the Great One?! Bliss!


    • Freifrau Gabriele

      Yes, dear ivernazza, whatever your real name is. It is Freifrau Gabriele, the Lady who proudly carries within her the DNA and memory of her Germanic ancestors, whose family members fought heroically the many battles foisted upon her Vor-Ahnen throughout many centuries. It is the bloodline that passes on the distinct characters and knowledge of the ancient Germanic lineage. To understand this one must but familiarize him/herself with the esoteric world. As within so without. As above so below. Adolf Hitler knew much more about the origin of mankind as well as the true history and construction of the earth in this part of the galaxy. He knew of his assignment, and prepared well ahead in case the mission would fail. Since the end of WWII Germany does not have a peace treaty and is still at war with the satanic enemy of mankind.

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      • „Freifrau” is the nickname which I have found for „Frau” Ursula Haverbeck – not having the power to make her a „Baronin” – but „Frei” she has been all the same. All her life, I believe, and even in the gaols were ventriloquist’s puppet* Ill-named „Engela” – or is it as a tribute to Engels (Mordechai Kissel ‘s pally)? – has her subservient ilk keeping her for daring to speak out the truth which we have known for ages and which multitudes are carefully kept in total ignorance (by means of the magical formula: “sex, games, fodder, petrol and ilotism”).

        Their message is clear and has long been “written on the wall” for us to take good notice and submit. It is the same message as for Monika and Alfred. It reads: “Don’t you dare challenge our moronic dream of world domination: we have the means to do away with you (Haider, Zündel, Honsik… And so many others) or keep you locked up forever and a day”… So they think – and reassure themselves in their sick delusion – and they have no idea of the power of the (fast) coming saturation! Remember Frau Mathilde von Ludendorff’s message to all of us: “Shake off the yoke which has been forced on your shoulders”.

        High Pawlow!

        * Noticed the two vertical slits on both sides of where her words ooze from?

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  • Spot on all the way, Maria. The true value of the alleged “fair play” is that for the people who pledge themselves at the practice of it it is only to be applied to the adversary when you are certain that he no longer has a way out of total defeat and anihilation.

    Welcome to the club of the disappointed few.

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  • Reblogged this on rittervonrost.

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