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BREAKING NEWS indicates that the world’s most hated Chief-Executive-Office (CEO), Fakebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is about to be blocked.

Shareholders have expressed a strong willingness to abolish Facebook’s dual-class share structure. This, according to them, gives too much power to Israeli passport holder Zuckerberg and his team of executives.

Major Facebook investors, who together hold $3 billion in company shares, are set to dismiss the platform’s founder Mark Zuckerberg from the post of chairman of the board and deprive him of power in the company, according to Business Insider reports.

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The growing discontent among Facebook shareholders concerns the way the social media giant’s founder manages the social network. In their opinion, the reaction to all the problems that the company has faced recently has not happened because the company’s corporate structure makes Zuckerberg inviolable in the role of executive director and chairman of the board.

According to them, they have not been in such an uproar since 2012, when the company made an IPO.

“We have concerns about the structure of the board that the company doesn’t seem ready to address, which can lead to risks, reputational, regulatory, and otherwise,” New York City’s comptroller, Scott Stringer, who manages about $895 million worth of Facebook shares through city pension funds, said.

They want to replace Mark Zuckerberg with an independent executive director.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently been asked to provide information concerning his company’s handling of private user information in the wake of media reports on the practice.

In March, Facebook faced public outrage as personal data of about 50 million of its users were harvested by the Cambridge Analytica consultancy firm without their permission through a special app.  The information was supposedly used to help target political advertising.

In early April, Facebook calculated the number of users affected to be at around 87 million. Recent reports suggest that Facebook has lost 40% of its disenchanted subscribers.

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  • Haha! FANTASTIC article!! Mike has a gift of saying a lot with just a few words. Thats what I love. Not to forget a picture says a thousand words.

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  • Behind-the-scenes: CA is owned by billionaire Robert Mercer (RM) controlling holder of BND. He also gave 10 million to Rafael Jr’s SPAC Keep the Promise, along with the cash full use of CA. That was intil RM dropped Rafael Jr for DJT. Funny thing Rebecca Mercer (daughter of RM) lives in Trump Plaza NYC. During the general election DJT’s campaign had full use of CA. I will let you make the assumption from here.

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