In the 3000 years since the end of the Stone Age, the native people of Africa could not manage to create an infrastructure, could not mine or produce export, could, in fact not succeed in building anything higher than one storey and could not write down anything as reference for future generations, because they could not manage to master the art of writing.

When the first Europeans arrived on April 6, 1652, it was 1,974 years after Ptolemy I built the magnificent library of Alexandria,  and in Southern Africa, the indigenous people still could do no more than a few rock paintings and a clay pot with patterns on it. Today, this development, this contribution of the descendants of Europe has become a threat to the Black South African. He cannot compare. He has no contribution that can remotely compare to what the white man created and therefore he has to fall back on what primal instinct tells him to do: Destroy that which is a threat to you!

It is against this background that the white South African is demonised as a ‘slaver and murderer who stole land’. Let us put this in perspective:


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In the first place: The Europeans who came with Van Riebeeck had no intention to stay at the Cape. We can clearly determine this from the repeated application for transfer to Batavia or Amsterdam made by almost every Company servant. The few men, who decided to make this their homeland, did so because they came to love the land. They wanted to develop and grow here. And in the written evidence, left us by the men who did not intend to stay and therefore had no reason to lie; it is written down over and over again that the Europeans settled on the uninhabited land.

They exchanged land for cattle and money and traded with the nomadic indigenous people. The Company decided to import slaves. I emphasize import because no indigenous person in this country was ever put into slavery.

The slaves who were brought in from Madagascar and Batavia and Ceylon and East Africa were the ancestors of an entirely new group of people: the Coloured nation of South Africa who adopted the customs and culture of the European. Ever wondered why they did not adopt the custom of Africa? Because they were not exposed to it, that is why! Nobody at the Cape ever set eyes on a black person for 130 years before the first Trekboere met the Xhosa in the Valleys of the Amatola around 1770!

These slaves also added to the bloodline of the European settlers, as did the French Huguenots of 1688 and the British Settlers of 1820. The White South African was a new nation, born in Africa. This nation called its language, Afrikaans, after Africa. This nation called itself after Africa, Afrikaners.

On the first of December 1834, slavery was abolished in the Cape Colony. This is two years before the start of the Great Trek. The white man in South Africa knew nothing of the existence of the Zulu, the Tswana, the Sotho, the Venda…and he was at war with the Xhosa.  It is chronologically impossible that indigenous people could be held in slavery if the so-called slave masters did not even know of their existence before the abolition of slavery.


Let us look at the ‘great’ Shaka Zulu and the Zulu nation. Remember that the Europeans landed in South Africa in 1652. Shaka Senzaghakohona was born around 1787. He managed to unite, through force and murder and rampage a number of small tribes into the Zulu nation around 1819. Before that year, there were no Zulu people.

A question of mathematics: The Zulu nation came into existence only 167 years after the arrival of Van Riebeeck. What logic can possibly argue that the Europeans took anything away from the Zulu-people? So when did the black man establish himself in South Africa and how? The answer lies in the Mfecane: Mfecane (Zulu: [m̩fɛˈkǀaːne],[note 1] crushing), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane (scattering, forced dispersal or forced migration[1]) or Lifaqane, was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in southern Africa during the period between 1815 and about 1840.


As King Shaka created the militaristic Zulu Kingdom in the territory between the Tugela River and Pongola River, his forces caused a wave of warfare and disruption to sweep to other peoples. This was the prelude of the Mfecane, which spread from there. The movement of peoples caused many tribes to try to dominate those in new territories, leading to widespread warfare; consolidation of other groups, such as the Matebele, the Mfengu and the Makololo; and the creation of states such as the modern Lesotho. Mfecane is used primarily to refer to the period when Mzilikazi, a king of the Matebele, dominated the Transvaal. During his reign, roughly from 1826 to 1836, he ordered widespread killings and devastation to remove all opposition.

He reorganised the territory to establish the new Ndebele order. The death toll has never been satisfactorily determined, but the whole region became nearly depopulated. Normal estimates for the death toll range from 1 million to 2 million.

The black man established himself in this barren land now known as South Africa a full 174 years after the white man. How dare you then call me a settler when you are nothing more? If I don’t belong here then neither do you.

The land was stolen from the black man? No. The land occupied by the Boer-people was land that nobody lived on, for the pure and simple reason that the original people of South Africa were massacred and wiped out in a racist genocide by the ancestors of the current black population of South Africa.

It is the very same thing that is now happening to Europeans. The European has a full and legal and historical claim to his part of this country, including land. And the black man who disputes that is welcome to bring evidence of the contrary.

Remember, popular liberal myth, propagandistic expressions and loud shouting and burning and looting to hide your own incapability is not evidence. It is barbarism.

The popular myth of “the end of colonialism” is a lie also. Colonialism in South Africa ended on 31 May 1961 when the country became a Republic. White minority rule was not colonialism, because the white South African belongs here, you cannot colonise your own country. The entire uproar about white oppression and white guilt and white debt is based, exactly like the concept of the rainbow nation and its Africa-democracy, on one big lie.

In Afrikaans, a language of Africa, we say: However swiftly the lie might travel, the truth will catch up one day. Black South Africa might as well realise that the time of the lie is running out. Stereotyping of the white man and apartheid as the cause of everything, cannot hold much longer. You cannot hide rotting meat under gift wrap for eternity.


Sometime in the very near future you will have to own up and explain how you could hold a small minority of oppressed people responsible for the disaster that you have made of a country which has the potential of being a place of safety, a welcome and hospitable home, to all its children whether they be black, white, coloured on Indian.


The black man holds the key to the final destruction of what is left, or the final realisation that we have no other choice but to peacefully co-exist. The black South African can no longer avoid admitting that the destruction of the white South African necessarily means the destruction of everything and everyone left on the southern tip of Africa. ~ D Lötter. 

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  • The blacks would not be a factor at all if it was not for the powerful financial and political forces behind what has happened in Africa over the last fifty years. This, coupled with the naïve assumption of the whites that they could come to equitable terms with their mortal enemies, is what has led to the catastrophe that is present South Africa. Blacks are savages and will steal and destroy everything until there is nothing left to destroy. They are incapable of doing anything else. It is the international manipulators behind the scenes who are responsible to a large degree. However, it does not excuse the incredible stupidity of the whites who allowed themselves to be disarmed and disenfranchised. Whites lacked a philosophy of survival of the fittest. They should have not only maintained Apartheid but dramatically enhanced it so that there was virtually no connection at all between whites and blacks, so that whites had a whole country completely to themselves. That is the only way they could have survived. Demographics would have destroyed them in the end anyway if they had remained comingled with the blacks. With their own country they could have encouraged large families and immigration of other white people to take up whatever slack was needed in the labour market. With a well developed military they would have been more than a match for anything Africa could have thrown at them, and even from threats by the mercenary military of the US and Britain. Now, unfortunately, there is little to be optimistic about. The three hundred year settlement by whites is coming to a close. Hopefully, some of the survivors will make it to new lands such as Australia, Argentina and Russia where they can thrive again in safer conditions. Perhaps they can also pass on any lessons learned about the nature of blacks and the way the world really works.

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    • I believe some have moved to PARAGUAY as well, a country which has scattered German populations including the Mennonites, and to which many Germans are moving as they are now fearful of their safety in Germany due to the behaviours of the invaders there and Merkels’ lack of protections against it. Paraguay has a low cost of living and a lot of freedoms from petty rules & regulations found in the cultural marxist First World.

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    • I agree mate. Do you think staying and fighting is an option?

      History will repeat itself l believe if we serve God again and Commandments.

      They will be no match in full blown war and that is why they are killing the weak and defenseless.
      Make no mistake, they will be well advised on this from their evil pupetmasters in other ountries.

      They know ALL about the warring capabilities of the whites.
      But, l believe they are getting impatient and their greed is getting the better of them.

      Don’t even try to tell me there is no plan from the whites and nobody is moving behind the scenes i.e. weapon caches, veterans, emergency plan of action etc.

      They bloody well came here after we did and if anybody should leave and are intruders, it’s them.
      Malema admits it as much and they keep on lying with dumb on purpose fools lying with them.

      All l know is the tiny Afrikaner nation has reached a point of no return and it’s gonna be bad either way.
      Killings there will be but we can fucking decide whether to die like cowards or fight this evil fuckers and stand a chance.

      I know what l am gonna do…..

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      • If there is any sensible White resistance and survival efforts, we’re not hearing about it over her in the Dysfunctional States of America — feel free to send any news to We’ve said straight out, South Africa needs its own Ku Klux Klan — a real one, like the original.

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      • Marilyn Anne vd Westhuizen nee Chamberlainn

        It is time that civilised people admit the savages are the problem a d we have mothi g to apogise for

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      • Mariaan Pretorius

        Julius Malema if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.
        Because of your hatred for whites and you are an instigator you will pay a hell of a price one day.
        Since you and your cronies sing that song “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” thousands of white farmers get killed daily.
        God will get hold of you because the blood of the innocent call out to God!

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    • Absolutely true, indeed Fanie Botha. Dr Verwoerd came and changed all for the good off every one. It is a pitty he could not complete the task he wanted to. That is why the powers that be had to get rid of him.

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  • very wise, very sad…

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  • By Anand Chetty : I SPEAK ON BEHALF of a sizeable portion of South Africa who would once and for all like to know exactly which whites stole which pieces of land and from which blacks. The message that goes out from the presumptious EFF and thus indirectly from the ANC is that all land was stolen from all blacks by all whites… Not only does Juliass malema makes such false statements, but many others too who support him, so this is a serious issue which requires serious clarity. Let’s look at one small example. In 1834 the king of the Pondos, King Faku, gave the land between the Mbashe and Mkomazi rivers to the Dutch settlers on the condition that they go and live there. He wanted them as a buffer between him and Dingane who constantly stole his cattle and tried to chase him off his land. Another agreement was in February 1838, when Dingane himself signed a treaty allowing Piet Retief and his group of approximately 100 Voortrekkers to occupy the land between the Tegula River and Port St. John’s.. (a copy of this agreement can still be found today). In 1825, when Shaka met the British for the first time, he allowed the British to take control of what was then called Port Natal, and, in return for this gesture, 2 British commanders, known as Fynn and Farewell, presented Shaka with beads, brass, blankets made of cloth, and other small inventions that could have very easily been brought over by ship. These are just a few examples of some land that whites legally, or by mutual agreement, acquired from blacks. These stretches of land, and the farms on this land today, certainly cannot be defined as stolen… Our history is littered with such barters and gifts, where land was traded for cattle or in many cases given as a reward for returning lost or stolen cattle from a neighbouring tribe to its original tribe. As for King Faku, the question is whether the land was Faku’s to give in the first place. He, or his predecessor, undoubtedly took it by force from another hapless black tribe… Stealing, you may call it. Of course Dingaan also tried to get his hands on it. He, and particularly Shaka before him, “stole” massive pieces of land; in fact they chased the Matabele people off their land, all the way to Zimbabwe where they still live. The Matabele may argue that a large part of South Africa rightfully belongs to them and that the current black inhabitants should depart. Needless to say that, even before the black tribes started “stealing” land from each other, the San people lived here. They have the strongest claim of all. To add a twist, by studying old documents and reading old diaries, you discover that vast areas of land were uninhabited when the Dutch arrived, basically no-man’s land. These areas got occupied and vacated almost at random, as a result of regional wars (or exterminations by other tribes) that took place from time to time. The only difference between the Dutch who settled there and the previous occupants, who were gone, was that the Dutch were able to defend their positions and were not driven away. I’m not sure how to bring this letter to the attention of juliass mal malema and those who think like him. It is a very serious issue, since the disregard of treaties, no matter how old, tends to de-stabilize whole regions. We need clarity about the grounds on which juju mal malema’s own claims are based… If he is not interested in historic fact or the historic treaties that his forefathers entered into (not to mention those made by the ANC with the NP in 1994), and if he simply wants to seize land belonging to whites, then he is of course, planning to cause unrest, #RaceagainstRace ….To My Critic’s it’s Not a White Thing, It’s The Right Thing…

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    • Lauren Southern’s long awaited up-to-date documentary called

      “FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary” is now released FREE: (just over an hour long).

      She states:
      “Thank you so much for watching everyone… this documentary was created thanks to your wonderful support and donations. I’ve uploaded it totally free to watch, so if you can do one favor for all the effort everyone put into creating this – please please share it with at least one person. Spread the word so these stories are not forgotten.”

      So please everyone, share it out worldwide and post it everywhere.
      Thank you for this forum on which to share it, Mike.

      There is a wonderful Christian Black American on youtube, JESSE LEE PETERSON, from whom I got the above link and info. He is a true fighter for White people everywhere! He is against the lies told about White people everywhere and he is against the hatred being sewn into the hearts of non-Whites against Whites everywhere.

      Here he has a short interview with Lauren Southern about her visit to South Africa (13 mins):

      Lauren Southern on South Africa: FARMLANDS (Are Whites History?)

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    • Be aware that all these Black South African leaders from Mandela on….are controlled by the international Money Power. This 2016 piece reveals how its done. Note they are about protecting the independence IN PARTICULAR of the mining and the banks from nationalisation (in the clip within the article):


      2) The role of Cyril Ramaphosa, a former mineworkers’ union leader and leading figure in the ANC, he was on Lonmin’s executive board at the time. He urged government ministers to come down hard on the “criminal” workers.

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      • Bella van Rensburg

        SPOT -ON My friend this is a fact as (((they🔯))) are behind the demise of SA because of the minerals and sea route…

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    • You’re missing the point Angus. What’s ‘right’ is irrelevant in Africa. Might makes right is the law there. The blacks have the power now and they are going to use it to take what they want. They want the white man’s land and wealth and they are going to take it because they think that he can’t prevent them. That is what it comes down to. Some blacks may realise that they are bringing about their own destruction by destroying farming and the infrastructure of the country but they have little influence. It’s how things work in Africa and how they have always worked. How did the South African whites imagine that it could ever be otherwise? They had countless demonstrations which showed them what was going to happen, yet they still handed over power. I remember talking to several whites about the looming hand over in 1993 during my last visit there and was amazed by their naïve outlook. Unless whites develop a ruthless philosophy of always putting their own people first they will lose everything everywhere. To paraphrase a line from a well known film, ‘we have been targeted for termination’.

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      • Well put Bryan. We do need to stick together. I live in South Africa. I cannot leave as I cannot afford to take my whole family abroad (my wife and two kids yes, parents and siblings no), I cannot live with the potential death sentence of my family. If/When Sh!t hits the fan, I will send my family and whoever else I can over. I will stay and fight. I love this country and although things seem dark now there is always light to those who look for it. You need to understand that although we are horribly outnumbered on the black to white scale we are also joined. Yes, you get the extreme anti white as well as the extreme anti black. My thinking is that the people in the middle that actually want to build this country add up to a good percentage of the country. If the EFF/ANC succeed in the genocide of us whites, who do you think their next target will be? Muslims, Somalians, Nigerians and so on (all living in south africa). There has already been a lot of Xenophobic attacks in recent years. We can join forces and make a positive difference.(We can also discredit the likes of Julius Malema by large scale media releases showing his starving supporters how many luxury homes and cars he has.) What we need to do is create a non political shadow government though crowdfunding initiatives. we could buy into private security companies and assist our useless police force. we could setup non manned equipment (monitoring drones) to protect our farmers through proactive surveillance. We could build up infrastructure and create jobs by the hundreds of thousands and by the time our government has wiped the sh!t from their eyes we can have a non political hold on the country. A ‘Lead by example’ initiative. I dont want anything to do with politics, dont trust the buggers. I want human rights with no colour, protection for all and an environment where anyone can succeed regardless of their race or religion. I am a 36 year old white south african that had nothing to do with apartheid but is being persecuted in the exact same way. I refuse to let this happen. I dont want a fight but if I have to to protect what i have had to work twice as hard for then I will. Nothing was given to me. I have multiple businesses and business ideas that can change this country in such a positive way. I believe that if we lead by example we can clearly define what a democracy actually is. My 2c

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      • What I am seeing is a white population in South Africa, angry at the corruption, hate and ignorance of it’s government. The uselessness and corruption at many levels in law enforcement, the inability of anyone to stop it.

        People lashing out at those in power for the hatred shown by some leaders in government, yet refusing to accept that it is all a result of the policies and moral corruption of the racist apartheid era government. Racist groups attacking the government purely because of skin color, lying about the real history of this end of the continent with the argument about who was here first

        Well it is all pretty simply, and there is no real solution in sight. Time alone (and we are talking about generations) will heal the rifts. Time and education. Bryan is wrong about being ruthless about being racially selfish to survive. That is simply being blind to reality and pushing a hopeless isolationist agenda. To start the process, you need to build relationships with people of all races in groups that are opposed to the current corrupt government. Baby steps. One step at a time. It may not happen in your lifetime but it will happen

        So where did it all start?? 50 years of racist domination and oppression and suppression of the black majority, based on the premise that the white man is superior, and blacks are only good for basic labor anfd menial tasks. Look up the Pass laws of 1952, and the Bantu Education law of 1953 where Verwoerdt stated in a speech:

        “There is no place for [the Bantu] in the European community above the level of certain forms of labour … What is the use of teaching the Bantu child mathematics when it cannot use it in practice?” Racism. Fear of people they didn’t understand, and ling held bigotry. Blacks were treated like dirt, persecuted for the most minor infringements, like daring to look at a white women. Beatings and government murders of political dissident (Hendrik Kruger’s death squads verified by agents in TRC hearings)

        The systematic beating down and controlling of an entire majority of the country. And you still wonder why there is still so much hate?? Hate does not die with a handing over of power, it festers for generations and is passed down to children.

        So the short story is the racist apartheid regime of the past is responsible for the predicament whites find themselves in today. Had they not treated blacks like second class citizens with little or no value and allowed them a decent and equivalent education, the climate today would have been totally different. Just as it is here in the USA

        And Kevin, while you may not have been a part of that racist era, you are still a result of it, and seen by most as “the enemy”. And while it isn’t your fault or fair, it is a fact of life. You have found success because of your privilege and education.

        And there is only one way you will change anything. Work together with all races opposed to this regime and it’s hate and corruption. Standing together as whites and “fighting” only isolates you ant the minority, and empowers haters to go after you even more. This group is doing nothing to fix the problem, it is only exacerbating it

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    • And for those, who laugh at the thought that land was traded for beads and cattle, must laugh at their own ignorance. Today still the blacks trade in cattle, as fathers sell their daughters to future husband’s as a trade agreement. A Man can not marry his wife to be until his Lebolla (Lifestock and some cash) is fully paid.
      This is tradition they still maintain and defend to the bone!

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  • Problem is, blacks are way behind on the evolution ladder. It is just not PC to admit it.

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  • We need international backup

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    • this is really good reading and opens ones eyes and mind .how do we stop this destruction ,how do the democratic whites ,blacks, indians ,coloureds and other good citizens and tribes stop the onslaught by the bigger countries that need our demise to control their puppets in power ,cant the nation so blinded by proganda see that they will have nothing left ,that they will ,through their own stupidity be enslaved by their own current leaders for the benifit of a few masters .we should fight for this country to become the united states of south africa- ussa ,we have what the world wants and they dont want to pay for it ,so they reap havoc and destruction .they have done this through africa thereby forcing millions to flee to our country creating a biiger burden on the country .a seccession of land(provinces, must be granted to all tribes ,races who are southafricans and who in fact built what was not here before ,who were made here through no fault of their own ,each province can then develop there own infrastructure and mechinisms to grow and benifit from their thinking .laws and governance .all province will be in a position then to trade with one another and build a better economy that suits them ..

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  • william anderton

    This was originally posted by Lauren Southern who is a far right activist living in Canada. She visited SA a while ago and made videos about white people living in squatter camps. She is a hero for many white South Africans. A few weeks ago a petition was signed
    to keep her out of Australia (God knows what she wanted to do there – maybe talk to white South Africans who left SA?).

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    • Think critically for yourself instead of sucking in all the propaganda terms fed to you by fakestream media.

      Could you please define ‘far right’ as you understand it and also as you consider it refers to Lauren Southern.
      Since when is someone who cares about the ongoing genocide of the Boers (farming families including babies) being tortured and murdered by Black gangs, an ‘extremist’. That is just Jewish communist led demonization propaganda to attempt to stupefy and to stifle the White Race from resisting the genocide being perpetrated against it (by Jews in particular). Communism is a Jewish creation for those unaware. Since they control all the mainstream media don’t expect to find it out there.

      ‘Far right’ is a derogatory false description of any ethnic-European who uses their God-given right to protect their Homeland’s national sovereignty and their ethnic peoples traditional cultural values and history from the coup d’etat by the satanic Zionist/British-Crown World Dictatorship.

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    • You said: “A few weeks ago a petition was signed to keep her out of Australia (God knows what she wanted to do there – maybe talk to white South Africans who left SA?).”

      How tyrannical of communist marxist Australia!!!
      The ABC = Australian Bolshevik Corporation

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  • The Afrikaners, the decedents of the Cape Dutch only started to identify as a nation and started calling themselves Afrikaner in the last part of the 1800s. The Trekboer decedents, the Boers were the first to look for independence and founded their own republics while the Cape Dutch were still loyal to the colonial movement.

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  • This articale is a litle ignorant of some things, the white setterlers here were not angels. There is a cave in polokwane (historic cave) where 5000 plus black people were driven into a cave for no strategic reason and trapped to dehydrate to death, women and children were shot when trying to get water, we still dig up mummified remains. Yes we should not be blamed for the actions of our ancestors, but we should not be ignorant of them either. Africans did not need our advancments, they were living in peace, we forced that onto them. People advance at their own pace, there was no need for advancement because people were surviving just fine. The land actually belongs to the Khoi San, whom had some of their land taken away as various African cultures moved southwards due to popluation increase. There was actually a large civilization in southern Africa known as Mapangubwe and a great city where the great wall in Zimbabwe stands, they traded wih the middle east and egypt and had some advancements and knowldege was also exhanged. These are the kind of things most South africans don’t ever hear about because white history is taught in our schooling system from a white perspective where we are portrayed as the heroes. Like how the Spanish invaded the Incas to introduce them to God, how noble of them, they wiped out the incas and took all their gold. If we are ever to live in peace in this country we need to learn each others histories and not just a narrow perspective put together by someone with their own agenda.

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    • NICCI sorry but im from Africa and there was never peace in Africa before the white man arrived dear, there were wars and death, whole tribes slaughtered each other and still do to this day. The peace in Africa came about when white settlers arrived , before then there was only death and destruction with one tribe murdering another.

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    • Regards the nonsense that for no reason at all Whites starved Blacks in a cave – I recall reading about an incident in which Blacks belonging to one Kraal SKINNED A WHITE MAN ALIVE (I recall he was there and mad at them for stealing his livelihood, his cattle and there was a skirmish in which an accidental discharge occured killing a youth and for this they tortured him slowly by skinning him alive). I recall reading that when the Boer people found his skinless body they attacked the perpetrators who ran and hid in a cave but the Boers made sure none came out alive.
      So it is not ‘for no reason at all’ as is always the lie if referring to Whites (never the Black atrocities) and tit-for-tat was the background. I don’t condone it nor do I condone the skinning alive of a human being, a particularly cruel sadistic method of torture as the nerves end within the skin itself.

      Of course the figure of 5,000 would be nonsense as you could not even fit such a number into a cave and I recall the number was NOTHING like that! These situations are greatly exaggerated for maximum effect – like the so-called nonsense of ‘six million’ (do your homework on that nonsense!). I do recall the deaths by the small group of Whites of the small number of kraal members fleeing into a cave were not condoned by the White population who judged it harshly.

      No one is saying ‘all Whites were saints’ especially in these harsh conditions in which self-survival was up to the individual, but take a look at Shaka and then his brother Dingane’s treatment of their own people! As for their women, Shaka said they were just DOGS so why help them. Mr Fynn had provided medicine and aid to a sick Zulu woman. No feminism nor democracy. If any person standing within sight of Shaka irritated him just by his presence (especially anyone with greying hair which he hated) he would simply POINT and all those around the hapless individual would set upon him and beat him to death with their knobkerries. Shaka had a personal aversion to the ageing process as it reminded him of his own mortality.

      Moreover, the fact is, over the last few decades and even more so today the world media relentless focusses on anti-White propaganda (most historical distortions, disinformation and lies) in order to stir hatred against the White race – never a word about the vicious hours/days long torture murders of farming families ongoing every week right now which is proven to be government sponsored and never a word of the bringing to barbaric (non-democratic!) lands the modern infrastructure and fair law and order. The latter ended the vicious tribal warfare that kept the Black populations low and thanks to hospitals, sewerage systems, agricultural prosperity in semi-desert land, the Black population – who are all foreigners except KoiSan – numerically exploded to the detriment of the nation as a whole.

      The fact is there is a War Against the White Race globally, a Jewish initiative (they say so themselves is how I know) to genocide all ethnic-Europeans as we are the main threat to the talmudists’ achievement of a Zionist Communist Global Dictatorship over every nation and every race. To achieve this, Whites are being victimised relentlessly just for being born White. In Australia today White nurses/doctors are being ordered to apologize to Blacks for their Whiteness, their ‘White privilege’ before they treat non-White Aboriginals.

      Feminazis, your time is OVER. You have been used by the globalist dictatorship to divide & conquer your own White race – race traitors and ‘useful idiots’, the latter is what the globalists call you. Ditto libtards.

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      • I’m a Boer with ancestral links to the Boers who drove those “poor black people” into those caves.

        Our first Boer prsident, Paul Kruger, was one of the youngsters keeping them in there.

        This is the REAL story behind that incident;

        After the skinning of said farmer tracking his stolen livestock to the kraal (town) of Mokopane, he – with a war band hastily assembled, attacked the farmer’s friends and family (mainly women and children present as most of the men were out hunting for food) who were camping at a river nearby.

        These Boer families were surprised by the attack and, although defending themselved bravely, were soon overpowered.

        The savages then proceeded to rape the women while others took the children and babies by their feet and crushed their skulls against the wheels of their ox-wagons.

        They then strung barbed-wire between two thorn trees and hanged the bodies of the murdered women and children from it (where the returning menfolk found them).

        Afterwards this was known as Moorddrift (Murders Drift) and the monument is still to be found just to the south of the town Mokopane (Yes, the new goverment renamed the town after this savage!) in Limpopo province.
        The last of the two original thorn trees were cut down just after the ANC took power, and one was replanted a few years before.
        The original trees still had the barbed wire embedded into the trees when I visited for the first time around 30 years ago as a child.

        The men then sent for assistance from nearby Boer Treks and a commando was organised to find Mokopane and his band of killers.

        Mokopane’s spies saw them coming and he fled with his whole kraal into the sandstone caves of the nearby mountains. This is where the Boer commando found them and pinned them down.

        When the people of Mokopane refused to give him and his fellow-killers up the commando laid siege to the cave-openings to starve them out in order to capture Mokopane.

        After an extended siege the remaining people gave themselves up after Mokopane deserted his people, escaping with only his most strusted warriors deeper into the cave system.

        Mokopane was never captured and as he didn’t resurface again it was assumed by the Boers that he and his band lost their way in the extended cave system.

        The surviving members of Mokopane’s kraal was soon incorporated into neighbouring tribes.

        This is the part of the story the Liberals won’t tell as it doesn’t conform to their “alternative history”.

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      • Johan, that is very interesting information with such detail. Thank you for that. Isn’t it interesting how the indoctrinated self-hating White libtards always believe the worst of their own people without even researching the WHY of actions or the TRUTH of information. At the same time they have been programmed to believe the ‘noble savage’ fantasy. This is one story I will file and keep for future reference.

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      • Wakey Wakey – I can’t begin to describe the sheer joy and relief I have taken in having read your comments posted here at this article. I realize it’s been just over a year but that only serves to make your comments all the more relevant and critical. I would like to think in the year that’s passed since you expressed these things, that perhaps several thousand or more white people have removed their terminal blinders and are now even remotely aware of some of the very REAL truths you so perfectly spoke of.
        In the past several years since I myself have been made aware of the complete & utter subversion and deception I was born into and ‘educated’ in, I continue seeing the awareness growing so do have some hope, though not much, really. Speaking with people online can be difficult and things so easily lost in communication. I used to assume it was an age difference/generation thing, but not so much anymore. I’ve spoken to 19-20 year olds who are well aware of the sick evil commanding the posts of all of our subverted nations, while my own 78 year old mother becomes almost angry with me when I try to make her aware of the lies. I wonder sometimes if the cognitive dissonance and denial might simply be too strong to penetrate.
        I agreed with everything you said and you were clearly ahead of many in so openly talking about the reality of a planned white genocide that others have only more recently become aware of.
        I wasn’t aware of the things you mentioned about Australia and hospital workers having to apologize??? Really sickening to hear such a thing. I read Ms. Nicci Sherwood’s comment and quite easily spotted one of these indoctrinated, self-hating white libtards you spoke of – we have wayyyyy too many of them in the United States. I don’t tend to find all that many who are my age, I am generation X (48) and I’ve found a lot my age who seem to be aware of things, especially as it relates to the true evil behind it all, Zionist Bolshevik Jewry. I say this with impunity, living in the Zionist occupied United States. The more I learn, the more ashamed I become of saying I’m an American. White women are starting to get as bad of a rap as the men. It must have something to do with upbringing because I honestly for the life of me can’t fathom how any self-respecting white person can be self-hating and feel the need to do the Jews bidding in all of this apologizing NONSENSE. We are now up to about our 10th false flag/HOAX/exercise drill “mass shooting” by the “lone wolf white male gunman”. Meanwhile, at least 100 white people are murdered a month by black people and you will never hear about this on Jew owned & operated mainstream media. There are exceptions but not many and the bulk of our large African American population consider Jews “the white man” and this is incorrect and the Jews love hiding behind this.
        It’s getting really bad here, especially since even a year ago at this time. I stopped watching television almost 15 years ago and upon recently watching TV a couple years ago during the 2016 election campaign, I was blown away by the changes in every aspect of programming, the shows, the news, the commercials. Blacks are dominating all of these and most commercials have white women with black men. They are depicting things that simply do not exist and go out of their way to make white men look like sloppy, unappealing jackasses and it disturbs me – I love our white men – this is programmed into me, hard-wired, and they will never convince me of anything else. They are trying to replace white with black in every single category across the board. If it’s not with black people, then it is with a homosexual or his new kissing cousin, the transgendered abomination freak.
        I’ve been learning about South Africa the last few years as being an American, we are taught NOTHING about South Africa other then LIES, just like both of the World Wars and the “Russian Revolution” which was NOTHING at all Russian, more like Bolshevik/Jewry.
        I don’t mean to sound pessimistic or negative but after all that has transpired this year and continues to go on as we speak, I am fearful for what’s to come in the next year or 2. I pray more can shake loose of the brainwashing on get on board with others and help sound the alarm to other sleeping whites just exactly what is going on here…the Kalergi plan is alive and well. We know they’ve had this planned for likely centuries, but I believe they consider themselves to be behind schedule and are now making up for lost time.

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    • Yes you just forgot to mention that they were trapped in the cave because they murdered innocent woman and children. You sound like a typical liberal to me and by the way when these savages go on a murderous rampage you also will not be spared.

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  • Thank you very much, unfortunately the black South African will not read this and unfortunately will not understand it!

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  • I have just heard from a South African that Blacks are STILL right now today Necklacing to death other Blacks who do not follow the communist agenda – 4 just happened.

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  • “The White South African was a new nation,”
    = Not true, the Boers were a new white nation. Most whites were still lojal colonial subjects. Some Cape Dutch only later on decided to be a nation and called themselves Afrikaners.

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  • Oh no, black tribes never lived in peace! They were and still are to this day the worst genocidal slaughterers of each other and other race groups in Africa. There barbaric DNA stills shows today in many examples of the ANC black majority incompetent, corrupt, criminal and treasonous misgovernance of South Africa.

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  • Thank you for posting this. This is an article which I wrote and posted on the Facebook page of Front National SA in 2016, as part of the verbatim transcript of a speech I delivered in Cape Town. We would appreciate recognition for the source of our intellectual property

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    • Daniel, a great article, thank you for writing it. You will see that you are given credit at the END of the article. The ending is more difficult to spot as it is sandwiches between 2 relevant videos.

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  • Granted…… with pleasure; thank you. Mike Walsh

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  • I’m so 😡 angry about this that if not for my cousins the Afrikaans love of THEIR country and home THEY built, I would say give it all to the black beasts and let them starve to death!

    America should be ashamed for allowing our cousins to be slaughtered and removed from their homes while we do nothing to help! These people ARE literally our Dutch cousins who instead sailed to the tip of Afrika instead of the New World. I’m of Dutch/Swedish/German decent and it kills me to see what’s happening to all our lands! When will we stand?

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  • all south african history is being denied and claimed as false by the racist and radical elements in south africa .we know the history very well ,but as a reader mentioned the others will not read this ,this history is no longer taught in schools ,a method used to keep the nation in the dark .there are millions in south africa who know that the birth of this country caused many pains on both sides of the divide ,but what they forget that their were no borders and no single tribe can claim this land as their own ,thje country was settled by the white migrants who came here and built what it is today(1994) now we have a problem like the rest of africa in that what was solid foundations at one stage are now being eroded by violence ,murders and destabilization of the economy ,WE MUST ASKED THE WORLD TO ACCEPT THAT THIS COUNTRY MUST BE DIVIDED UP ,SECCESSION OF LAND WHERE THE VARIOUS PEOPLE GOVERN THEMSELVES .THE WORLD MUST CONCERN ITSELF WITH THE MASS MURDER OF OUR FARMERS .and if neccessary must allow whites who want to immigrate the opportunity to enter the european states \countries with ease and be assisted . all countries of european origin must be prepared to take action legal and armed to protect the total destruction of our nation and its white citizens , the entire african continent has been destabilized for gain by the bigger world powers without consideration of the suffering they have caused to their own people living onn the continent .england must pay for the genocide of the boer women and children they murdered in the camps in south africa .an apology is not enough ,

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    • I can associate myself with someone like you. There is a place in this county for everyone who wants to be part of this lovely country


      • there is a place for everyone in this country on condition the murders and racism stop,there is also an opportunity for each tribe to associate itsef with those that they have things in common with ,please read this mornings paper and you will see that 2 major political parties are extreme racist and them being the reason why our country is in its worst economical position in 9 years . i still would request that the euro countries make it easier to enter their countries ,those who would want to leave can then do so ,others will choose to stay -everyone has that selective right .i also believe in the united states of south africa USOSA, i believe this will strenghten the country if run correctly .every tribe will have legal ownership over their own determination as a nation within a collective .

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  • Carry on praise God seek the Lord Jesus and pass the ammunition shoot strait stand tall !


  • Does the country belongs to the Khoi San or. .


  • I am a “coloured” South African with little schooling. But even stupid old me can see the writing on the wall…We all(coloureds, whites and Indians) are so complacent and weak. All we do is comment on this post and others like it. We are outraged for a few minutes and then we go back to our lives, pretending that every thing is okay.
    When will we stand up and say “No More”; when will we rally against this black tide that is smothering us? Are we really that spineless? This is a wake up call to all concerned South Africans: time is running out. The future of our country is in our hands; what will we choose to do? Are we just going to keep posting and commenting while our country burns? What will we do? What can we do? We could start a movement; or chose a province and fight for it’s independence…Either way, we have to do something now. Its either that or face the inevitable; walk calmly and silently to the slaughter house…
    Call me stupid, but I rather choose to fight; so sign me up.

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    • Yes, Silver. You are right. But ‘push back’ using the brain – like AFRIFORUM – not with wild emotion like the emotionally manipulated Bantu hordes. Perhaps the Coloured (Griqua) peoples could consider getting in contact with Afriforum and working with them?

      Also there is the Griqua leader (King Cornelius) who has laid ancestral claim for the Griqua people to the Cape region via the U.N. in a legal manner (with the aid and advice of an American lawyer who is expert in the procedure). Here is an audio interview with King Khoebaha Cornelius III, Karin Smith who is a US resident assisting him, and host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock:

      I have just learnt via the excellent video below of the unique roots and culture of the distinct race called ‘Coloureds’ in South Africa, that they originate from the earliest Dutch in the 17th and 18th century taking KoiSan wives and also from Dutch marrying Malay slaves (imported by the Dutch East India Co – NO African Blacks were ever enslaved in SA) – and are NOT a Black Bantu/Dutch intermix as incorrectly taught lately.

      As such they are, like King Cornelius, part of the original South African peoples PRE-ceding the Bantu (violent) invasions from the Congo then Malawi Lakes area from Central Africa ie if to anyone, it must be said the land originally belonged and belongs largely to the Coloured race as well as to their largely extinct ancestors the KoiSan.

      Like the Voortrekkers, the Coloureds too voortrekked from the Cape northwards and founded their own ‘nations’ – such as Griqueland West, Phillopolis and Griqueland East (see map in video), with their own systems of governance, currencies and legal systems, either under a monarchical system, the norm, with one functioning under an elective system of government – like the original Boer Republics. (These nations were later ‘Annexed’ by the British when diamonds and other minerals were discovered).

      This is a fascinating educative video on the unique roots, history and culture of the Coloured Griqua race in South Africa – who are being MARGINALISED by the racist ANC government that give preference to the Bantu race and are teaching fake history about them. It reveals the good part of separate development (apartheid) which enabled their culture and self-dependence to thrive but removed after Black rule:


      And here is a video interview in which host Willem Petzer interviews 3 ‘fed up’ Coloured peoples:


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  • I am delighted to approve this comment! Well said!


  • Great piece of truth and facts. Thanks for putting the real truth out there. The real truth gets watered down, twisted and changed to suit the agenda of the conspirers.

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  • Well Reminded of Bishop Desmond quote – when the white first came to Africa we had the lands and they had the bible . Now we have the bible and they have the lands ! Europe had far less population density than Africa ! So why then did Europe covet African lands continue to do so ? Include the Americans as well !


    • Its called civilization.


    • Blacks seem to not understand that ‘AFRICA’ is not a Black ‘nation’. It is a massive continent with many states including Egypt,
      Libya etc Blacks also don’t seem to understand that parts of the massive continent of AFRICA are inhabited traditionally by peoples that are not Blacks, such as the Egyptians and Arabs – Moroccans etc.

      Blacks who parrot the mindless meme “Africa for the Africans” are talking rubbish. There are White Africans, Brown Africans, Black Africans and the non-Black KoiSan Africans (first the non-Black ‘ bushman’/San, then Hottentots/KoiKoi then mixed KoiSan) as well as the non-Bantu pygmy tribes.

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  • Pingback: AFRICAN THEFT OF THE WHITE MAN’S LAND – Radio Free South Africa

  • Thank you Mike for a very true reflection.

    The unfortunate problem is the the world currently driven and by liberal propaganda and the truth is made out to be lies.
    The funding of the farm attacks and anti-white propaganda comes manly from “some” Brits who is mostly responsible for all this hatred for which the Afrikaner is accused for today.

    The uninformed and refused to accept blacks have only one thing in mind. So called freedom. Freedom to take, freedom to litter, freedom to burn, freedom to steal, the list just goes on and on. I do have well informed black friends that feel just as we do, are sick and tired of the masses, the only difference is when it comes to standing up for what is right, they don’t have the guts and fear for their lives.

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    • Understandably the sensible, moderate Blacks prefer not to be ‘necklaced’!

      Their silence, though, will have direct consequences for themselves at a later date.

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  • In most debate there are truths on both sides. In the mid 1800s there were many parts of Africa which appeared to have been abandoned, including thousands of small gold workings. (My personal belief is that the Bubonic plague or likes) The Mkalanga living near Zimbabwe Ruins could not even recall who had built the temple and why they had left etc. When land clearing began in earnest in northern Zimbabwe there were many ancient copper crosses ploughed up. These were used by the Arabs and Egpytians and Indians as currency several centuries before.(Why had these fields and the highveld been deserted?)
    The oldest record of steel manufacture is in the Sudan and yet to this day there are wells just south of Ethiopia which allegedly date back to the Queen Of Sheba. These wells are still man handled by blacks throwing hide buckets up stairs whilst just across the border the Arabs have wells which have been operating on a simple donkey engine for the same period.
    The problem of black progression is in my simple mind one of culture. I once worked alongside a fantastic young black man who was a devout Christian, wonderful father and excellent worker. He had his whole life before him and was paying off a small house before his extended family discovered his location and descended on him like locusts. They took everything he had, borrowed against his good reference and even on sold his bicycle. He was truely broken and never recovered but he said to me “There is no point in progressing in my custom, the family will burden you to death” Only a Maoist type revolution may change this!

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