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The threat to Europe by Russia is a Washington DC fantasy designed to funnel taxpayers’ money into U.S. arms manufacturing conglomerates. The real threat to Europe is not Russia, it is betrayal and corruption by the traitors within. It is the EU sponsored invasion of the world’s small continent by freeloading jihadists.


It is not the Russians who plunder the European Union’s resources. The Russians are not invading Europe. It is the Islamists, not the Russians, who parade their threats and drive their hijacked wagons into crowds of innocent shoppers. It is arrogant self-confident local authority sponsored Islamic invaders who are treated as more equal than others in Europe today


The irony is that it was NATO wars that lit the fuse under North Africa and the Middle East, it was not Russia’s doing.  Today, North Africa is in ruins.  Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and even Libya as recently as 2010 challenged the Spanish, Italian and Greek tourist markets. Then NATO arrived with The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and these once stable prosperous countries with an enviable lifestyle suffered war, terror and tribalism ~ thanks to NATO.


Finally, an Italian government minister is ringing the church bells of Europe. Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi believes that foreign fighters coming to Europe from Libyan ports pose a security threat to the continent requiring alliance support.

EU Unqualified

“We will strongly ask the NATO summit for a rebalancing of the Atlantic Alliance’s commitment toward the Mediterranean. We should have an equal commitment toward the east and south,” Milanesi said, speaking to lawmakers on Tuesday ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels which starts Wednesday.

! Save them from racism

The foreign minister warned that Rome has evidence of a terror threat posed by the migrant flow, with the danger of jihadist fighters sneaking into Southern Europe on migrant boats requiring NATO assistance, according to the official.

This is not the first time Italy’s new government has appealed to the alliance to help deal with the migrant crisis since it came to power in June. Speaking to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg last month, Milanesi stressed that he would affirm in Brussels the need for a 360-degree security policy without neglecting the southern flank from where serious challenges emerge for the alliance, starting with terrorism.


Earlier, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that Italy was under attack by the migrant crisis and appealed to the alliance for protection.

! Destruction of Europe One Image

“Italy is under attack from the south and not from the east,” he said. The new government has taken a hard line on dealing with migration, proposing the creation of settlement camps in North Africa.


Rome has also called on its allies to soften its policy toward Russia, suggesting a new approach on sanctions policy, and praising Moscow’s role as a mediator in the Syrian, Libyan and Yemeni crises. In June, Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta said Italy could become a bridge in relations between East and West.


NATO expanded its presence in Eastern Europe significantly in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian crisis and Crimea’s reunification with Russia, deploying rotating battalion battle groups in Poland and the Baltic states, dramatically increasing military exercises and building a US missile defence shield in Poland and Romania. Moscow has responded to this perceived threat on its doorstep by upping its own military readiness.

Visiting an EU city

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    “The UN migration package in its current form looks like an “African migration package” and fails to represent Europe’s interests, a foreign ministry official said on Friday.”

    Past time to EXIT the communist UN led by Luciferians which is being marketed as a ‘toothless bulldog’ whilst on the contrary it is the evil international bankers/royalty cabal’s Tool to genocide the ethnic-European race worldwide and to micro-control every human on the planet through UN AGENDA 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century), and UN AGENDA 2030. Quick summary of what that means within the first 2 mins:

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    Its about:

    “Further to my June 2018 article about the social decline and decay of England, the situation is much worse.

    The following activities are now covertly taking place:

    Arms shipments are coming into Europe to covertly arm Muslims ready for the signal to rampage and create genocide.

    The latest and best mobile phones have been freely distributed by secret intelligence services to UK Muslim migrants. They have been issued under the names of real UK and EU citizens but with false addresses with the full co-operation of the major EU/UK phone companies. Such phone companies are all owned and controlled by the same entities that have conspired in the planned chaos.

    Naturally, good communication is a major aspect of any activity these days.

    Detailed instructions have been distributed to Muslim migrants upon arrival with telephone numbers and details about support networks, and organizations to contact and where to go. All these instructions have been written in Arabic and with phrases translated as in guidebooks.

    Many “destitute” migrants have been secretly carrying unbelievably large sums of cash. Who is financing them?

    Many destitute migrants have been carrying a large and diverse number of false passports and other documents to fake and forge. This can only be due to the involvement of security and intelligence services sponsoring the Muslim invasion of Europe…..”

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