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report handed over by the French Senate last week warns that security forces in the country are on the brink of collapse. The report found France’s security services to be near a breaking point and called on the presidency to act quickly.


The report was ordered after a series of suicides among police officers in the autumn of 2017. The background is an escalating violence spiral combined with under funding.

Two French senators are sounding the alarm, warning of a crisis, a general malaise and a loss of meaning in the report submitted to the Senate on July 3.

“We are on the verge of implosion. The police and the gendarmerie have never been in such a dire state. First of all, there is a terrible lack of investment in equipment. Police buildings are old and often substandard,” French senator François Grosdidier says.

He continues: “We are running the risk of seeing the security services becoming inoperable. Many of them are at the breaking point. The police are being forced to operate with fewer resources in the face of ever more violent threats.”


As the numbers of suicide cases among the French policemen have hit record levels (last year 66 officers committed suicide), the mass media and politicians were quick to provide various explanations which include work-related stress, too large a workload, too small a number of psychologists during police training and in police stations, family problems, too small an amount of time that can be devoted to private life and the like. 

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French police officers reporting for duty do so in a similar frame of mind to troops preparing to enter a zone of hostilities.  Ordinary officers desperately move between what is allowed in self-defence and what is not while being exposed to brutal unexpected assaults daily. They are pushed to the limits of their psychological stamina. If the limit is crossed, some of them decide to put an end to their lives.

In Europe, the police have become figures of ridicule and mocked by immigrants, the far left and far-right forces of reaction against globalism. Frustration is bred by a prolonged inability to achieve desired goals. It also springs out of the prolonged feeling of having the whole system biased against oneself. For weaker characters the only way out is to put an end to their misery.

The French elites educated at such prestigious institutes as the École Nationale d’administration cannot grasp what is happening around them. They send their security forces to Mali in an attempt to restore law and order in a far larger country than their own while their security forces at home increasingly lose ground.

The downfall of the French nation set in a long time ago and there is no chance that President Macron and his ministers at the Élysée Palace will be able to reverse the trend. As the French gendarmes will dissolve so will the French state dissolve into oblivion?

Macron Don't worry, all is under control

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