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Austria’s message to its non-European benefit bandits is klaxon-clear; get on your bike and don’t slam the door on your way out. The new government of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is getting tough on migrants. Corporate owned media and the Soros legions are outraged; enemedia smears Austria popular government as ‘extreme right-wing’.

Statistics show that 6,096 foreigners were taken out of the country in the first half of the year. 2,106 were forcibly deported, that is a year-on-year increase of 38%. No less than 2,582 voluntarily left, which is an increase of 4 percent. All in all, 4,688 people had to leave, 17% more than in 2017.

The no-nonsense deportations are a result of the new asylum policy of Interior Minister Herbert Kickl of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), since his announcement that he wanted to create a “completely new asylum policy”.

Kickl is satisfied: “The significantly increased numbers of deportations show that unfortunately in too many cases, the rejected asylum seekers are not cooperative.”

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Meanwhile, the malign regime discovered squatting under a chancellery rock in Berlin digs its heels in. Recent reports indicate that France and Germany are bracing themselves for open street warfare. Frustrated disenfranchised Germans and the French people are outraged by their regime’s dictatorial methods of imposing their will on their disillusioned electorate.

Malevolent Merkel this week nodded through funding for social welfare services for holocaust fraudster survivors by $88 million, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany said in an announcement on Tuesday. This brings the global allocations by Germany for 2019 to $564 million.

The three empires war on the workers Reich ended 72-years ago; it seems that those who claim to have survived the fabled holocaust have been compensated by their being granted eternal life with their fat lips stuck firmly on Germany’s nipples.

To make sure Israel’s whores were on message, German officials were taken on a tour of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC and were forced to listen to survivors (sic) about their personal experiences.

“The significant increase for social welfare services secured by our negotiating team will lead to more home care, food support, medicine, and transportation services for Jewish Holocaust survivors around the world,” said Claims Conference President Julius Berman.

Also as a result of the negotiations, 55,000 eternal Holocaust survivors in Central and Eastern Europe will see an increase in pensions and more child survivors who were living in hiding or under a false identity will be eligible to receive payments. That’ll bring them out of the woodwork, their eyes glinting in the daylight. 

Germany is now joining France in the enormous build-up to Civil War as right-wing radicalisation takes hold as a result of the migrant crisis and the recent terrorist attacks. Street fighting has now erupted in Germany with citizens clashing with police across several German cities. reports: In a build-up to what might end in a regular civil war, Germany now warns of a massive right-wing radicalization due to the migrant crisis as street fighting and clashes erupt between left-wing and right-wing demonstrators in several German cities. The migrant and refugee crisis has led to that right-wing extremists are mobilizing in Germany, warns the German security services BfV.

What we see in connection with the refugee crisis is that right-wing extremists are mobilizing in the streets, but also that the radical left mobilizes against them, says Hans-Georg Maassen, chief of Bundesamts für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), to German radio on Sunday.

The extreme groups show a greater willingness to use violence, he informs. This applies to right-wing radicals, anti-racists (fascists) on the left, and Islamists.

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