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In terms of influence, social media has already overtaken corporate media. Dubbed enemedia because of pro-state bias mainstream media (MSM) is in a spin of its own as its controlling mechanism rusts.

Newspaper sales and television viewing is in free-fall as people pivot to the more democratic internet, which better echoes their take on world affairs.

Firebrand president of Costa Rica (2010 – 2014) whose government turned the tables on the smug political elite came straight to the point.

“The Internet is the hope of an integrated world without frontiers, a common world without controlling owners, a world of opportunities and equality. This is a utopia that we have been dreaming about and is a world in which each and every one of us is protagonists of a destiny that we have in our hands.

Petri Krone, Finnish political analyst says even Facebook, which can be described as corporate controlled enemedia, is fast losing its influence. Run by Jewish autocrat Mark Zuckerberg, the notorious news platform has lost an eye-watering 40 per cent of its fleeing subscribers.

Krone says that Facebook is under enormous pressure by globalist governments who are desperate to curb their subscribers growing influence. Caving into the pressure has flopped as Facebook subscribers take their free speech to rival platforms like VK, MIND, Steemit, and Gab.

Petri Krohn adds “One of the central issues is the limitations on what kind of speech can be used online and I’ve seen very many users abandoning Facebook and moving to other social media platforms because they think that Facebook is nowadays too restrictive on their speech.

“Social media is overtaking the mainstream media as the main source of information for most people. The European system is panicking because their mainstream media no longer has control over people’s opinions. So Facebook is facing huge pressures from the US Senate, from the traditional political parties.

Actually, I don’t know how they will survive the pressure, I think they should stand on their own and not be taken across by this pressure. I think they should be protecting free speech and doing their own stuff.

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