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In a two day meeting in Innsbruck, Austria, comprised of Home Affairs ministers from across the political elites of the European Union, Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic asserted that “Croatia will continue to protect its borders”.

While remaining consistent with values of “humanity and solidarity”, Mr. Bozinovic made clear that Croatia “will not allow illegal migration”.

The migrant crisis has been the most pressing issue within the European Union recently, with many European leaders under political pressure to tighten their national borders.

Mr. Bozinovic noted that a large sponsor of the migrant crisis were the human trafficking gangs who have made huge profits from people smuggling into Europe, assuring however that due to Croatia’s tough stance such business “will not pay off for them in the future”

In such diplomatic circles, the Croatian government minister is obliged to choose his words carefully. However, the highly illegal funding of human trafficking self-styled charities will have noted the minister’s words with dismay.

Hungarian Jewish speculator George Soros has made no secret of his desire to eradicate through immigration the ethnic European peoples of the world’s smallest continent.

Today, the White race at just 8% of the world 7.6 billion population has become an endangered species. Europe, its history, and traditions are respected and looked up to by the vast majority of peoples of all races ethnicities and religions.

Why then is a toxic elite so hell-bent on finishing off last remaining Europeans by family planning, which is state sponsored family reduction, institutionalised bastardisation of the races, promotion of non-child producing degenerate lifestyles, and state supported euthanasia coupled with sterilisation and abortion. Russia and Hungary, Poland and the Visegrad nations, aware of this race treachery are now reviving their threatened white populations.

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  • What a great example Croatia sets for the rest of the countries in Europe. They basically want to preserve their racial culture and history against the oncoming third world hordes pouring into Europe . What is wrong with that??

    By contrast, Germany has a communist jewess in charge who is a traitor. Merkel has opened the gates to any parasite from the third world that wants to enter the country to suck off welfare and commit crime. By enabling mass third world immigration, she has passed a death sentence on her own people.

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