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In a sickening example of indiscriminate carnage and a reminder of the Zionists Modus operandi to impose their will on even the most formidable empires, Jewish terrorists dynamited the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946. The outrage was a prophetic forewarning of 9 / 11, which dynamiting has never been satisfactorily explained.

FILE-PHOTO-Damage-is-seen-at-the-King-David-Hotel-in-Jerusalem-which-has-served-as-the-British-head (1)

This week, Prince William is staying at the King David Hotel but in 1946 it was the scene of a devastating bomb which killed 91 innocent people. It was an atrocity which shocked the world.


Jewish firebrands were furious with the British authorities, who at that stage controlled Palestine, because of limits to numbers of refugees allowed into the area after World War Two. The bombers were Irgun, a Zionist paramilitary organisation that operated in Palestine between 1931 and 1948.

The militia viewed the King David Hotel as a strategic target because it housed the British administrative headquarters and symbolised the British Mandate in Palestine, which the Irgun was fighting as part of the Jewish Resistance Movement.

Israel-Terrorism-The-King-David-Hotel-Bombing (2)

Disguised as Arabs, the terrorists loaded a van with seven milk-churns, each containing 50kg of explosives and special detonators. They drove to the hotel and slipped in via a service entrance for the restaurant. Once inside, they placed the bombs next to pillars supporting the side of the hotel which held most of the British contingent. Then they set their 30 minute timers.

As they left the hotel, the terrorists were spotted by a group of soldiers who shot at them.

The entire southern wing of the hotel, all seven floors, was totally destroyed. The British Engineering Corps spent 10 days clearing the wreckage, and on July 31, it was officially announced that 91 people had been killed in the explosion: 28 Britons, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews and five others.

Israel-Terrorism-The-King-David-Hotel-Bombing (1)

The success of the Jewish underground in striking at the heart of the British government in Palestine, and the high toll of victims, sent shock waves through England and the rest of the world.

Two years later the British had left and the state of Israel was proclaimed. Some of the militants involved in the planning of the bombing went on to become influential figures, including a future Israeli prime minister then and since much celebrated by Jewish controlled media based in Britain.


Daily Mirror reporter Barbara Broad was walking in through the hotel entrance when the bomb exploded.

She writes, “As the thunderous boom roared out and the five-storey building collapsed like a pack of cards with 200 British, Arabs and Jews inside, one military policeman on guard at the entrance threw me on to the ground and shielded me with his body.


he black mushroom of smoke and dust rolled away over our heads and, tumbling out of the building came a macabre, ghostly procession of British officers’ wives and waiters, streaming with blood, their hair and clothes covered in white dust.

As I stood up, shaken with the blast, the cries and screams of the wounded and dying rent the bright sunlit air which only one second before had been as peaceful as is usual in this city, which is called the City of Peace.

I went to the top floor of the building and I saw Sir John Shaw, officer administering the Palestine Government, covered in blast and dust, and General Officer, Commanding Lieutenant General Sir Evelyn Barker together breaking down a doorway in an effort to rescue trapped people.


From shattered windows I watched a grim procession of stretchers borne by military police, carrying the dead and wounded out of the building.

Brigadier Roe, of Military Headquarters, said to me: “We’re expecting another bomb any minute.”


A general view of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem

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