MIKE WALSH WEEKLY RADIO SHOW with co-host Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock.  Actually, for once, it is my co-host, Pastor Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, who is making the headline news this week. With the help of money gifts, the internationally popular radio presenter has invested in a cutting-edge and very presentable website.

The 14 scoop stories covered this week show that there is no let-up in activity despite the torrid weather.  Spain, which for months has sweltered in 30 C degrees plus is promising to hit 44 C degrees in the coming weeks. If you wonder why our ETHNIC EUROPEAN stories are so hot you now know one of the reasons for it.

White Woman Fight Back, Jewrassic Park, The Dynamiting of the King David Hotel which claimed 92 Lives, The Dam Busters Epic Fail, White Women Fight Back, Breaking News You Won’t Like, Knob Heads to Door Knobs, Britain’s Cops Lose Control, Iranian Knife Rampage in Merkel’s Germany, Libya Says NO to EU Terrorists, Howls of Laughter Humiliate Facebook, This is a Long Story, Italy Slams Ukraine’s Phony Revolution, Dying Lying Mainstream Media.

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (729) Michael Walsh – The Ethnic-European With Mike And Andy #38

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show

Financial Investment.


One comment

  • Excellent show!!! Yes, “Wakey-Wakey” focusses with a flair on the correct targets.
    Mike; Lucas Cranach’s Eva is simply delicious and so is Boticelli’s Venus it is no wonder that they are barred by Sugarmontain’s algorithms. The rodents abhor beauty… a simple look at them says more than long sentences.

    High Pawlow! (Pawlow – Pavlov – is a German Schäfer’s Hund – in reality a delightful Jack-Russel – that, according to Alfred, jumps “this high” – thus triggering pavlovian reflexes within the rodents’ ranks and with many „Gutmenschen” in sorry, puppet germany).

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