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History is the propaganda of the victors but their spin on yesterday’s heroes has since crashed on the internet highway. Had World War II ended in a peace deal, the German Workers Reich, before and after Adolf Hitler, would have been far more omnipotent and yet much more peaceful than the United States.


By 1945 Bolshevism would have run its disastrous course rather than allowed to continue harvesting tens of millions of Christian martyrs for a further 45 years. Britain and European would still today be influential and bringing mutual prosperity to Far East Asia and Africa. South Africa and Rhodesia would be as prosperous and benign as they were before Negro despotism.

Predictably, character assassination follows military defeat and many great men of the period are since vilified. But had peace been negotiated London’s Hyde Park would be Lawrence of Arabia Park?

Norway’s monuments would celebrate Vidkun Quisling and Knut Hamsun. Romania would honour Cornelius Codreanu. In Ireland, UK and U.S. the name William Joyce is affixed to great public buildings and boulevards in the United States, Britain, and Ireland.

Few who now hate these men actually know them. What they do hate are the caricatures that allied propagandists turned these brave men into. These caricatures created by the allies are as mythical as mermaids.

Collage Heroes Hang with captions-6

Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph by Mike Walsh gives a different perspective of former much-vilified foes. Here are the spin-free true stories of men who set examples of great courage and fortitude yet since had their reputations defiled by victors’ horseshit.


T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) -2

New evidence strongly suggests that one of Britain’s greatest war adventurers was assassinated by the British Secret Service. The legendary desert warrior, friend of outstanding writer Henry Williamson and admirer of Adolf Hitler, previous to his murder, had stated his intention to join the British Union of Fascists. If T. E. Lawrence and Henry Williamson were to oppose the war then the Churchill led war clique’s intention to force war on Germany via Poland’s provocations might have been derailed. 


William Joyce -3

The academically brilliant William Joyce was falsely dubbed ‘Lord Haw-Haw’.  During the war, it was said the Irish-American had betrayed Britain. American LIFE magazine calculated that 50% of the English people listened to William Joyce’s opinions broadcast from Hamburg.  The manager of East Riding Radio Relay Service complained; “We are inundated with requests for Lord Haw-Haw broadcasts, which we are not allowed to give.”  

Statesman David Lloyd George; “The Government ought to take notice of every word this man says.” 

The true account of William Joyce, family background, his tireless struggle against the Reds, his decision to seek sanctuary in Germany when hunted by the Special Branch, and his tragic fate, will bring a lump to many throats. 


Vidkun Quisling -5

Unconvinced about the power of victors’ propaganda? Sir Vidkun Quisling thoroughly earned his British knighthood. An adventurer and close friend of polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen, the great statesman worked with the International Red Cross in famine-struck Ukraine. 

With others, Quisling is credited with saving the lives of millions of Eastern Europeans.  Throughout his life, especially during the failed Bolshevik attempt to subvert Norway, Vidkun Quisling showed rare courage.  This and much more and yet his name has become synonymous with cowardice and treachery.  His story will inspire you.  It will also teach you to respect the power of propaganda.


Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - 2

It was student protests that helped to extinguish the flames of Bolshevism in Eastern Europe.  During the rise of the Reich, it was Leipzig students, not the NSDAP that inspired and initiated the mass burning of Marxist ideology, pornography and anti-German subversive literature. 

Elsewhere in post-war Europe student power helped topple governments.  One such was Romania’s Corneliu Codreanu, the fiery leader of the revolutionary Romanian Iron Guard.  Had his aims been achieved then Codreanu’s name in Romania today would be as revered as Kemal Ataturk’s is in Turkey.  His is an inspiring account of a little-known saga of Central European revolution. 


Knut Hamsun -7

In 1920 Knut Hamsun was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature but was it undeserved?  Not according to Ernest Hemingway: “Hamsun taught me to write.” 

The roll-call of iconic giants of literature, who revered Knut Hamsun, includes Isaac Bashevis Singer who said, “The whole modern school of fiction in the twentieth century stems from Hamsun.”

Franz Kafka, Leo Tolstoy, Stefan Zweig, Henry Miller, Hermann Hesse and many others of similar renown. Thomas Mann described Knut Hamsun as, “A descendant of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Friedrich Nietzsche.”  

How then was it possible for palace historians and corrupted politicians to turn such an international giants into a pariah?  Read the inspiring story of Norway’s greatest son of literature.

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  • FROM RANDALL IN THE U.S. : I received you bulletin today on the book, “HEROES HANG WHEN TRAITORS TRIUMPH,” which I bought some time ago. If it wasn’t for this book, I would still associate Quisling with traitor. Even my Norwegian aunt and her sister didn’t know a thing about the guy and why he rather unwillingly assumed the temporary leadership of the country when the country was occupied. My aunt told me once that, during the occupation, her sister dropped a package and a young German soldier offered to pick it up for her. She was proud of her sister’s response, “Don’t touch it! I’ll do it myself!” Even then, they didn’t have a clue of what was going on, and they were right in the middle of the whole salami. I wonder what she would have said if the British had invaded and occupied first, and it was a Tommy offering to do the gentlemanly thing? It reminds me of living among the willingly unknowing here in the U.S. Most will go to their graves with the lie instilled deep in their souls. My older friends still have hatred for Germans and German things, but I chip away at their walls when the opportunity presents itself. I’m the water, and they’re the stone.

    I’ve got a work that has Quisling as a traveling companion called “THROUGH THE CAUCASUS TO THE VOLGA.” I look forward to reading it. And anyone who claims that they can’t afford to buy these important books hasn’t looked into e-books. I find most of the older and important books here: https://archive.org/details/texts And, rather than use the likely spying tool Kindle, I use an open source reader called Calibre. It’s so much better and likely less likely to be as monitored. Your books won’t work with that program, so I have to use Kindle, but I’ve got quite a collection in my Calibre.

    As for Hamsun, once I read “Mystery,” I was hooked. The world disappeared when I read that book. I’ve learned that is the sign of a great writer. I bought and read everything the guy wrote after that. He never failed me.

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  • Here’s another anthology text/post. Although the quality of all have been absolutely unlosable, each new one always surpasses the one before.

    I loved to read about the lives of the personalities cited (some of them I already knew) and, each in his own way, their iniludible contribution for a better world. After so many years of being oztracised it’s about time their real value be brought to light and being accepted at last by practically all the world – its righteous and patriotic people, naturally (with the exception of sionists and leftists, which idiologies pretending cinically not to be are exactly the same as we all know) now they can finally and undoubtedly be qualified true heroes.

    One more time congratulations Mike Walsh for the important themes/topics you keep publishing and I keep gratefully receiving. The same will happen I’m sure with your remaining loyal readers.

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  • Some years back, I read Quisling’s book, Russia and Ourselves (I believe the title was). The man was a Norwegian patriot and anti-Communist. He is vilified in part, no doubt, because he knew of, and opposed, the power grabs of the Jewish interests.

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