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Contrary to perception modern Russia is not as anti-Fascist as it appears to be. Those who take interest in its domestic policies, parades, and resurgent nationalist pride often remark on similarities between Russia and the Reich. The question arises; do the Russians pick the bits of the Reich they admire?


In Russia today there are in excess of 53 nationalist bodies upping arms. Ironically, Washington DC’s ‘good Ukrainian Nazis’ are furious at being called fascists by the Russians.  Andrew Bulgaru, a specialist on Ukrainian nationalism, stresses that Ukraine ‘does not have any Nazi or neo-Fascist organisation’.

“They (the Russians) collected a total of four: Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, UNA-UNSO, VO Svoboda and Right Sector. The leadership of the latter two is Jewish; the organisations are Jewish financed. None of these organisations officially approve of Nazism and Fascism and, of course, in contrast to the Russian radicals do not use Nazi symbols.”


He may have a point. Ukraine’s President Pytor Poroshenko (Pytor Waltsman) and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman are as Jewish as a Hanukah.  Poroshenko’s commercial empire is named Roshen; he is listed as being worth €700 billion. Roshen translates in Hebrew as ‘king of kings’.

The Ukrainian expert reminds Russians that it was the Russian tri-colour that flew over the Russian armies of General Andrey Vlasov that partnered the Reich. Ukraine’s Banderistas (UPA) never collaborated with the Reich; The Bandera brothers and their followers were gaoled during the Reich occupation.


The 53 Russian organisations said by the liberal-left to be Fascist or Nazi are state registered organisations. Each is categorised by the Russian judicial system as being ‘moderate’, ‘radical’ and ‘prohibited’. Apart from the eight prohibited parties these organisations activities are perfectly legal.

Only the activities of the ‘prohibited’ eight associations are forbidden. These consist of the Movement against Illegal Immigration (DPN), National-Socialist Society (HCO), Slavic Union (SS), Front National-Revolutionary Action (FNRD), Russian National Union (RANU), National Bolshevik Party (NBP), Moscow Defence League, and Format 18.


However, Bulgaru claims that Russian law enforcement agencies do not interfere with the activities of these ‘prohibited’ groups. Those classified as ‘moderate’ consist of 23 organisations. A glance through these organisations titles raises eyebrows as well as arms.

Great Russia, National Socialist Initiative, Old Dawn, Freedom Nation, Russian Imperial Movement, Russian National Liberation Movement, Russian National Patriots, Discover the Power, etc. The 22 associations classified as ‘radical’ include the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers which arranges demonstrations in the centre of Moscow.

Would any citizen of the European Union, especially France, Austria or Germany, dare consider setting up a similarly named organisation. Nationalist protest and activity perfectly legal in Russia is punishable in the European Union by swingeing fines and lengthy stretches in gaol.

Mein Plan

Russian statute has outlawed Holocaust denial but is merely lip-service as the law is applied only in the most extreme cases. Holocaust fraud investigators like Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Alfred and Monika Schaefer, would never find themselves in a Russian court. Germany and France viciously apply holocaust denial law that Portugal, Spain, and Italy appear to turn a blind eye to.

Russian ‘Fascist’ organisations classified as ‘moderate’ and ‘radical’ operate freely and without interference from the police. Andrew Bulgaru adds that much the same can be said of the eight categorised as forbidden. Dmitri Demushkin, 36, ex-leader of the Slavic Union says, “Nationalism has a bright future in Russia. We will either win or the Russian people will die.”

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