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When Tanya Savelieva applied for a visitor’s visa to see her British family it was refused. Tanya is a Ukrainian teacher of music and is of impeccable background. As a translator, she is much in demand by the world’s great theatre houses and is well-connected. There is no possibility of the university-trained teacher being dependent upon the UK; she has throughout her life paid her taxes.


The lady has been five years married to a British ex-serviceman and she has family in the UK. She is ethnic-European and Orthodox Christian.

image002-723783 (1)

Tanya’s visitor’s visa was refused on the grounds that the body that provides a UK visa was not convinced that Tanya would return to her home in Portugal, where she is a long-term resident.


Sadly, Tanya Savelieva is not alone. There were 1,112 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK in the first three months of the year. The Home Office now admits that there was not a single Christian among them, Premier Christian Radio reports.

Britisharia rule

The information, including the rejection of Christian applicants, came to light following a freedom of information request by the Barnabas Fund, a charity that supports persecuted Christians. Only Muslim refugee applicants from the war-torn country have been accepted and resettled.

Your Visa

The statement by the charity said: “As Barnabas Fund recently reported, of the 7,060 Syrian refugees the UNHCR recommended to the UK in 2017 only 25 were Christians (0.35 per cent). However, the Home Office only accepted eleven of these, meaning that Christians made up only 0.23 per cent of Syrian refugees resettled in the UK last year.”

Wots in ur wallet, a Race Card GAB

They further explained they had to “go to considerable lengths to obtain these figures in the face of what appeared to be a sustained attempt by Home Office officials to avoid their release”.


The Home Office only provided the information after the charity took the “extreme step of obtaining an order from the Information Commissioner’s Office threatening the Home Office with contempt of court proceedings in the High Court”.


The statement continued: “It is widely accepted that Christians, who constituted around 10 per cent of Syria’s pre-war population, were specifically targeted by jihadi rebels and continue to be at risk.

Police explained

“As last year’s statistics more than amply demonstrate, this is not a statistical blip. It shows a pattern of under-representation and significant prima facie evidence of discrimination that the government has a legal duty to take concrete steps to address.”

A half million Syrians have been killed and 6.1 million internally displaced since the vicious war began seven years ago.

Muslims on welfare

The Home Office responded to the newly revealed figures: “The vulnerable person resettlement scheme prioritises the most vulnerable refugees who have fled the Syrian conflict, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

“We are working with the UNHCR and other partners to reach groups that might be reluctant to register for the scheme for fear of discrimination and unaware of the options available to them.”


One wonders for just how much longer indigenous Britons will allow the treacherous poligarchs who have sold out to the globalists to destroy their nation. If Britons don’t fight today their children will suffer greatly tomorrow; refugees in their lands of the fathers.


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  • Randall Tillotson

    I find the definition of gangrene very useful in witnessing the Western Dilemma. “GANGRENE: A type of tissue death caused by a lack of blood supply. Symptoms may include a change in skin color to red or black, numbness, swelling, pain, skin breakdown, and coolness. (a change in skin color to red or black – trans. communist, African or Middle Eastern/numbness, pain, skin breakdown, and coolness – Antifa comes to mind, the…[coolness of the grave].)”

    In the U.S., we’re told that brown/yellow-skinned Aleutians transmigrated across the Bering Strait to North America and were the first peoples, but that myth died when a white male skeleton was found on the banks of the Columbia river, which borders the states of Washington and Oregon, predating those trekkers from the west by thousands of years. But wait, there was a race of giants that preceded even these two groups that were here pre-ice age that created monuments equal to the Egyptian pyramids. Just like all over Europe and their megaliths, their Stone Hedges. What’s the point? They’re gone…forever. Why? Gangrene: death caused by a lack of blood supply.

    When I first read this, I thought of the BBC documentary: The Last Whites in the East End (Just try to find it online now. Like the last whites of the East End, the film online is gone, but if you dig deep enough, you might find some virtual bones. YouTube has a one minute clip – equal to a small blood drop, but not good enough for a DNA test.)

    Jean Raspail is famous for his “Camp of the Saints,” but he also painted a portrait of the ancient Kaweskar people, who were relentlessly driven from the high northern latitudes to the very tip of Tierra del Fuego in his lugubrious novel, “Who Will Remember the People?” A fictional account of a historical fact. There might be a dozen or two living in Southern Chile–living museum pieces that might find employment as circus freaks, sitting in chairs next to the bearded lady, simply to be viewed as aliens.

    I don’t know. Just thinking out loud. Are we in the quicksand with no rope or vine or savior to throw it to us? Isn’t that how life REALLY is sometimes? Are we destined to be a modern version of the Kawaskars, or the last of the whites not just in the East End, but in Britain and Europe, or the extinct giants with double-rows of teeth that one time owned North America? Will the words “regret, if only, had I known…” be the murmur of some time in the near or far future? Only those passengers on this train that disembark at the correct terminal will know that answer.

    I just don’t know what to say other than it feels like I’m in a river of time, relentlessly moving onward, forward, downward to some conclusion I may never witness. Besides, this seems to be a journey with no end…ever. Perhaps I’ll expire before the flimsy raft on which I’m riding is scheduled to go over the falls of no return. I want certainty. Yes, certainty! But when has anyone touched that jewel?…

    It’s time for a distraction. I’ve got a good Russian movie with eng. subtitles. Adios y buenos noches.

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  • Sadly most whites are so brainwashed that it feels a waste of breath to point out the OBVIOUS invasion. Instead they look at you with distain and racism, makes one feel they deserve what is coming and perhaps that is what is meant by only the strong will survive.

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  • “Gangrene”; “brainwashed”; one couldn’t sum it up better – which is why I forward as a matter of urgency to all Aryans on this planet of the variety which can still read and who are presently fighting the traitors. These… and others… hoping that the penny might finally drop. It is high time it did!

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  • Alarm bells should be going off and lights flashing red for every native white person in Britain,Unfortunately too few British whites have eyes to see and a brain that can register what is happening.

    The game plan for the ruling jewish elite of the UK is to make white people a minority in the country they founded and died for ,and then scrub them out of history entirely.

    Thats why the steady flow of non Europoean migration into the UK has now become an unstoppable flood of 600,000 migrants per year. Most of these foreign parasites exist on the backs of the white British taxpayer.

    Crunch time is coming , because no economy can withstand this sort of insanity.The UK will collapse and then we will see the rivers of blood that Enoch Powell predicted.

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  • Unfortunately I feel the ‘distraction’ will be an enforced war against Russia. We can see the demonization of Putin already, demonization of a leader and/or nation being the first step in manipulating the minds of the masses who will be required to do the fighting or support it financially and morally – who else was ‘demonized’ prior to war? Hitler and Germany of course – the man who SAVED western Europe from bolshevism. When will ethnic-Europeans wake up and see through these crass tactics to cause war.
    As Martin Armstrong said, the purpose of the distraction of war is that socialism is collapsing and ‘they’ need to blame the war instead of themselves and need to also replace it with a new control system, no doubt a hell realm.

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  • Hello W-W!

    Nice to wake up and read you again. “Demonization”? It is blatant but almost an understatement… I’d go one step further to impress the “Gutmenschen” and talk about “Hitlerisation” (or, for the scholars: “reductio ad Hitlerum”)… the final goal being — of course — a nifty WWIII as “The war”… to solve all ‘delicate’ problems now steaming out from the overloaded pressure cooker.

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