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There is occasional speculation that with Germany’s inevitable defeat in 1945 the unelected Winston Churchill and dying U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt might realise the threat to Europe posed by Stalin’s Bolshevik Russia.

Alice Yalta 2

Such theory reveals naivety about the satanic alliance that existed between Britain’s half-American warlord, the American President, and the dwarfish Josef Stalin, a former bank robber turned insurrectionist.

Yalta Agreement

Yalta Agreement

The three members of the alliance were heavy smokers, notorious alcoholics, and with the exception of Roosevelt, who was controversially elected, were identifiable as dictators.

It is unthinkable that either Roosevelt or Churchill were unaware of Stalin’s Red Terror unleashed on the Christian peoples of Russia and Central Europe from 1917.

! Gulags
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As revealed in many academic well-researched studies, including Trotsky’s White Negroes by Michael Walsh, the Bolsheviks could never have reaped their 30 – 50 million harvest of martyrs by 1945 without the sponsorship and cooperation of the British and American regimes.


It was typical of the twice-elected Adolf Hitler to make one last appeal, not for capitulation, but for the defence of the peoples of Central and Western Europe.


Prince Mihail R. Sturdza, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania

Prince Michel Sturdza was Foreign Minister of Romania at the time of Germany’s collapse. The central European Christian nation had held the front line against Islamic hordes over many centuries.

In his memoirs, The Suicide of Europe, the Romanian royal recounts an incident that had a profound effect on the lives of hundreds of millions of peoples of Europe both east and west.

Prince Michael Sturdza writes, “As the armies of the Third Reich pulled back, they desperately formed a line of resistance to hold all points in the east to keep the Bolsheviks out of Europe.

“As late as February, 1945, Hitler sent a message to his emissary, Mihailovich, the Chetnik leader, to convey to the British his preparedness to hold on to all eastern territories, whatever the German losses, provided that the United States and Britain would fill the vacuum, with the full co-operation of the German armed forces.  Britain and America refused, telling Mihailovich to make the offer to Russia instead.”

As a consequence, Central Europe from 1945 was occupied by Stalin’s Red Armies. Thus the peoples of 21 European nations were sacrificed to Stalin’s merciless Bolshevism by autocrat Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Both men were proven to mix freely with their countries’ criminal underworld; Churchill was openly homosexual and a paedophile whose painting excursions to Somerset Maugham’s villa in the South of France and his trips to Tunisia camouflaged his homosexual and paedophile activities.

Drunk, coward, traitor etc

The Yalta Agreement, upon which are respectively placed the signatures of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and finally that of the Soviet dictator whose tenure had been marked by tens of millions of martyrs, surrendered Europe to Bolshevism.

! Deportations


Soviet trains, cattle cars, and trucks, mostly supplied free of charge under the terms of Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease program, steamed into Soviet-occupied Europe. Millions of surrendered prisoners of war, civilians, men, women, and children, were transported by American supplied transports to be fed into the maws of Stalin’s Gulag; few returned. It is conservatively estimated that between 1917 – 1991 no less than 70 – 100 million Christians were martyred by the Bolsheviks, Churchill and the political, banking and corporate elite of America.

Soviet Major General Vasily Mikhailovich Blokhin Executing Prisoners

Soviet Major-General Vasily Mikhailovich Blokhin Executing Prisoners

Also used was rail rolling stock and road transport plundered from the defeated Reich with the agreement and co-operation of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Hitler’s prediction had come true: “Then things will come to such a pass that we shall be a people working for alien masters.  Germany will be a plantation worked at the will of the alien, the victim of alien cupidity, with a Government which has ceased to be a Government at all since it governs no longer; it is but a bailiff carrying out the orders of foreign powers.”  ~ Adolf Hitler, Munich. April 20, 1923.

AH I have at least opened the world's eyes to the J peril

Why don’t we know more about these appalling tragedies that befell post-war Europe? “Ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

drawing. Hilda Orn, teenager when deported with her family. Her father an engineer died that winter.

Drawing. Hilda Orn, a teenager when deported with her family. Her father an engineer died that winter.

FURTHER READING: Ransacking the Reich and The Red Brigands by Mike Walsh.

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  • Thanks Mike for this article. Yes, this was an alliance forged in Hell. It calls to mind the banned book (on Amazon), The Bad War, by Mike King. The outcome (in 1945) for the world, and especially for ethnic Europeans, was a catastrophe. Truly, the Jews were the only winners or beneficiaries from the terrible and needless war.

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  • Excellent article. This needs to be shared far and wide!

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  • this is exceptionally poignant for me as one of those millions of Europeans sacrificed to these Bolshevik monsters was my great-Uncle. He had been a Blackshirt during the war…he fell into the hands of the kikes and through some hard work of a local historian who was sympathetic and offered his services to me…what was surmised was that he either surrendered (imaging he would get fair treatment) to what he perceived to be “fellow Europeans” or that both fascists and national socialists were gathered together and without a “trial” were executed and buried together in some unmarked grave. I spent my entire life hearing family speculations but what I was told by this historian hit me emotionally hard, it is very difficult for me to talk about this but on occasion when stories like this comes to light, I can’t help but think of a hero I never got to know. Where ever his remains are, he will never be forgotten by me, his great-niece, the national socialist and the spreader of the truth. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO TO SPREAD THE LIGHT..SIEG HEIL AND 88 ALWAYS!

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  • Great article Mike. World War Two was a disaster for the European race . People must understand that the governments of the U.S and Britain meant communism to succeed, and take over all of Europe. They wanted as many dead white Europeans.

    Both Britain and the US gave vital financial aid to the Bolsheviks from the very beginning of the commmunist regime in Russia right through to end of the the war. It didn’t matter how many white christians they slaughtered.

    The so called democracies today are still satanic and under the control of the jews and their freemason lackeys. Adolf Hitler was in fact the last great defender of Europe,Christianity ,and the white race.

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