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The sight of blood-soaked bodies including a middle-aged mother lying face down in a pool of blood on the streets of Harare having been shot in the back by a Zimbabwean soldier provided the sickening signal that hopes were dashed for the millions desperately hoping for relief from 38 years of brutally despotic misrule.

Far from a fresh start it now appears bad may get worse and a potential economic powerhouse will become a fully-fledged failed state. If this lady had been killed by white soldiers the world community would be in an uproar and the UN Security Council would be involved but this was black-on-black so expressions of ‘regret’ and ‘calls for calm’ are the order of the day.


I watched this human tragedy unfold with mixed emotions; anger, sadness and frustration but also quite convinced that the catalyst for this killing was the Mugabe ordered land-invasions that drove roughly 4,000 European farmers off their land and triggered one of the most rapid economic collapses in history. The country has never recovered and now it seems it never will; over 90% of the working class are unemployed and life-expectancy is one of the lowest in the world.

Africa Killing Fields 1

Astonishingly, at the precise moment the gruesome killings were underway in Zimbabwe the headline news in South Africa; greeted with wide-spread jubilation was to the effect that the country’s leadership has elected to follow exactly the same path! President Cyril Ramaphosa has reaffirmed his earlier statements and the country will proceed forthwith to amend the constitution and commence the confiscation of property without compensation in the great Mugabe-inspired tradition.


While some spin the pronouncement to alleviate fears that this is a racially motivated development there is little doubt the targets are and will be the white farmers.

Moletsi Mbeki, author, intellect, respected political pundit and brother of former President Thabo Mbeki says: “This is not about land it’s about the loss of votes by the ANC.  They think they can bring back the voters who are abandoning the ANC by attacking the white population. It’s an attack on the white citizens of South Africa.”


R.W. Johnson, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford Historian, celebrated author and highly respected political commentator has recently penned a piece titled; ‘Is South Africa About To Fall Apart?’


Sensible people cannot afford to ignore what this man says and his prognosis is grim. Citing examples he points out that in the post-colonial era, in most countries, tiny elites have grabbed almost all the wealth and impoverished their people while wrecking the inherited infrastructure and points out that, “.. when the ANC elite came to power (under Nelson Mandela) in South Africa they were taking over the richest country on the African continent.


The result has been a feeding frenzy which no Senegalese, Ghanaian or Congolese could ever have dreamed of. In a nutshell,” he writes, “the South African black elite has been involved in a vast, continuous feast for the last 24 years.”

He paints a frightening picture of the scale of the country-wide corruption and the collapse of governance structures leaving much of the citizenry destitute and dangerous in their desperation to survive and provide for their families.

He states that when Mandela took power promising jobs for all there were 3.7 million unemployed, now there is 9.4 million seeking work. He emphasises that nobody now seriously disputes the fact that health, education, and law-enforcement were in better hands under the previous government run by the Afrikaner Nationalists.


Many ask if South Africa is going the same way as Zimbabwe; the terrible truth is it is almost certainly going to be far worse. Millions of poor people, born and bred in violent, lawless neighbourhoods, exposed on a regular basis to massive wealth disparities they associate with race are straining at the leash, waiting for reckless politicians to unleash them and commence the popular rising that will license them to loot, pillage and destroy a country that will certainly involve a bloodletting of terrifying proportions.

! SA Farming in Rhodesia Zimbabwe

Africa’s greatest economic collapse and racially motivated genocide may soon be at hand. And the destruction of the last, large, functional economy in southern Africa will have a disastrous impact on an entire sub-continent that relies massively on the country’s infrastructure; ports, roads, and manufacturing power.

Africa Looted

Some people; mostly whites, hang on to the ‘too big to fail’ argument; the country is too big, too rich, too developed and too important for the world to allow its destruction.

They are almost certainly wrong. The entire world sat on its hands and fretted when close to a million Rwandan Tutsis were slain in 1994 and there has been little meaningful, Western intervention in any southern African country in the post-colonial era.


Why should South Africa be different? This is largely a result of a pernicious international media campaign that has for decades, vilified the European in Africa and steadfastly refused to tell the world the truth about the real villains that have wrecked the region and delivered little but murder, mayhem and grinding poverty upon their people. Thanks to them the decolonisation process which they championed may go down as the greatest socio-economic catastrophe in history.”

1. SA Today

THE AUTHOR: A 14th generation white African Hannes Wessels was born in 1956 in what was then Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia but grew up in Umtali on the Mozambique border.

After leaving the school he was a combat soldier in the bush- war waged against the forces of Robert Mugabe’s Patriotic Front before acquiring a law degree but practised only fleetingly. Turning to a career in wildlife he operated professionally in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania in a twenty-year career. In 1994 he was severely gored by a wounded buffalo in Maasailand which almost cost him his life.

He has published Strange Tales from Africa. His biography of PK van der Byl (former Rhodesian Defense Minister) includes a revised history of the Rhodesian imbroglio and he has completed a book about the life and times of Colonel Ron Reid-Daly of Selous Scout fame.

Recommended Books: RHODESIA’S DEATH and AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS  by Michael Walsh 

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  • Whites are not gone yet, but in order to survive they will have to change their mindset from saving the blacks to saving the whites. The argument about land expropriation is : How will the black man survive? That unfortunately has been the argument since the White man came to Africa. We are experiencing today centuries by do-gooders and missionaries of feeding, nursing, teaching others and depriving our children of the basic or life so that our enemies can thrive and multiply. How intelligent is that? We have a people forever quoting the Holy Book, never understanding the message: SURVIVE. ! The Lord is just not interested in losers, only in survivors!
    See Deuteronomy 20:17, 7:2, 7;6, 7;16 and Joshua 10;40. If one wants a flower garden, there is no other ways but to pull the weeds….

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  • What about a modern day deliverance , from an impending genocide , upon The Poor Whites , in the south african poverty camps , whom are not allowed , or whom cannot evacuate – ( for whatever reason ) ? If you know real history , then you understand , it is they – ( The White Destitute ) , who are The Real Boers . On the other hand , the metro elite & propertied farmers – are the jew / dutch / english / afrikaners , that have assumed the identity from , and have always oppressed , The True Germanic Boers . Yes Sir , there is also a way out for them – ( The Despised Poor ) , but it’s not the “ rapture “ .

    The White Man is the race of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob . ( The True Hebrews : actual and factual , by evidence and proof . ) They are found in THE HOLY BIBLE . Because of wickedness and rebellion and revolution , GOD broke most of them off and away , from The Ancient Kingdom of The House of Israel . JEHOVAH did this , by allowing them to be conquered and taken as slaves , by pagans and heathen – ( Within their history , The Caucasians also became polytheistic hedonists ) . Later , THE LORD GOD opened several doors of their captivity , and let them escape , and made them move north & west , in many pushes and waves . These Lost Ten Tribes forfeited their identity , by their unbelief & disobedience , through the generations and centuries of ; wars and raids and migrations and wanderings and explorations . These forgotten Clans , became The Gentile ( White ) European Nations , spreading across the geocentric globe earth . As a racial group , they are known as The Anglo / Saxons . And , although they do not know it , the providence of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , has marked them with a special token-sign , pointing to their future minority recovery , and full reinstatement . Anglo / Saxons : ( Anglo = GOD’S Servant , Saint or Angel , GOD’S Son ) / ( Saxons = The Son’s of Isaac , The Isaac’s Sons , The Sac’s Sons = The Saxons ) -> ( The Son’s of Jacob , by being The Grandson’s of Isaac , are The Anglo / Saxons . ) -> ( The English Group + The German Group = The United Birthright and Scepter ) . The day is approaching , when a remnant of The Son’s of Jacob ( The Grandson’s of Isaac = The Anglos & The Saxons ) will return , and be converted and gathered together and joined , by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . Never again brother against brother wars for them . ( The reunion will be – The Grand Union of Jacob , presaged by The Union Jack Ensign ) . This Small Portion ( spread over the sphere earth ) , being The Election , and belonging to JESUS MESSIAH , will be delivered by a mighty & miraculous , intervention & intercession . Their corporeal rescue , is the deliverance from the modern day absolute bondage & captivity , by tyranny of the archfiend anti-christ ascendency , that is now being spearheaded by marauding “ flying monkeys “ , and a prospective white genocide in South Africa . The Authentic Reclamation , will be practically unforeseen and unexpected , by everyone else who does not veritably know , or who are not much interested in , THE REAL JESUS . ( The event will only become widely known , for both the fact and mis-explanation , in the aftermath . ) All of mankind ( both kindred & foreigner / stranger ) , can by faith ( if they will ) repent and reform and separate , to become GOD’S Spiritually Adopted Sons or Daughters ( Pilgrims ) ; those that are Born Again , they who love JESUS , them that are in His Grace – Mercy – Favor – Blessings Full On . Then we are His Eligible and His Qualified and His Chosen , to receive this tremendous beneficial , while living on earth . It will be greater than The Exodus Out of Egypt , that was in the times of old , while under the leadership of Moses . This is the mortal ( while in the flesh ) and only earthly escape , out of The Great Temptation and The Great Tribulation ( test & trial ) , that is coming as GOD’S anger and judgement , upon the whole world . Let the loud – clear – pure – ringing , of The Real and True Christian Liberty Bell , peal throughout all THE LORD’S SANCTUARIES . It is the beginning of GOD’S PARADISIACAL KINGDOM COME TO EARTH ; in His multifold and distinct , provided and guarded , companies and camps – trekking and transiting , to His refuges and retreats . Who will survive and who will demise ? Choose the only genuine and best hope , or decide for the hard way , of soul danger and torment and martyrdom ( by the forced mark of the beast ) . Watch and Pray . There is a sign to be given , for the moment of reckoning and decision , to catch the only once given , small window of opportunity . After being converted , search THE HOLY BIBLE and find the sign , to obey the command of THE SAVIOR AND REDEEMER – JESUS CHRIST . Do not be left behind , to weep in regret . In the meantime , we need to resist lawfully – with all our abilities , the advancements of evil , while awaiting expectant and hopeful – The Days of Refreshment .

    —- Self Defense is an obligation to GOD , ( 1 Timothy 5 : 8 ) , THB , kjv . Beware of imposters & deceivers & secret enemies ( Revelation 3 : 8 – 12 ) . The leading adversaries against THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , know “ much “ about The Great Escape . Their blood vendetta & hatred , prompt them to the “ dark arts “ , and the exhaustive “ expert “ study , of the stolen Sacred Scripture – THE HOLY BIBLE , ( even though it pertains to them – only for their condemnation ) . They are blinded to think , that they can anticipate and thwart , The Archangel Michael ( Daniel 12 : 1 ) and “ The Holy Companions “ – ( Angels , Captains , Disciples ) . Little do they really understand . They are only stumps & rocks in the field , of GOD’S great world drama , wherein He works to save ( plant and husband and harvest ) the souls of men and women , one at a time . The wheat / flour mill of THE LORD , grinds slowly but grinds very fine . No one yet knows , what we shall be made to become , but we trust it will be wonderful . Everyone will receive their fair chance , and just opportunity , even though it may not seem so , at the moment . For The Righteous – during the 1000 year millennium ; all wounds will be healed , and all injustices will be made right , and all babies that were aborted – will have an upbringing by loving parents . Come out of wickedness . Separate from uncleanliness . Look forward to The Marvelous Work and Wonder , of GOD’S Deliverance , and the impending presence of JESUS – THE GOOD SHEPHERD , coming in the sky , at the end of the tribulation , and then is the inauguration , of the new era .


    • The South African Boers are mostly a swiss / germanic peoples – with some admixture from french , dutch and english . They were the Ana – Baptist refugees , from The European Continental Religious and Secular Wars , of the 16th and 17th and 18th centuries . They were caught in between , and maltreated & persecuted , by both the protestant / reform & catholic churches , and also abused , by those associated nation state civil governments . When in Germany and Denmark , they were given the derogatory appellation of “ Boors “ , because they were considered low class , poor and uncouth . ( In America , Benjamin Franklin disparagingly referred to their near kin , [ The Pennsylvania Dutch German “ Christian Brethren “ ] , as “ Palatine Boors “ . It was for the same reasons , that the Scotch-Irish were named : Redneck , Hillbilly , Country Good Old Boy , Hayseed , Rube , Yokel , Bumpkin , Rustic , Rural , Clodhopper & Farmer – and we embrace those names . ) The Boors took the opportunity to escape from , the hostile to them – Europe , by removing to South Africa ( also to North America and other places ) , under the auspices of , The Dutch East India Company ( VOC ) . Their prime motive was , The True Christian Liberty of Conscience , and not economic adventurism . These real religious and political refugees , had a whole different outlook and mindset , from the other opportunistic emigrants , and they became known as , The Pious Border Farmers and Trekking Boers ; Migrants of The Expanding Settlement Frontiers . — See the article : ( The Afrikaner Domination of the Boers : How it was Constructed ) , by David Christie , dated : 11 April 2014 , AFRIKAANSENUUS .

      Through all the vicissitudes and attacks , that they have suffered – from traitors & open & secret enemies , they have lost their identity , and are to a large degree alienated , from the true knowledge of , and right relationship with , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – SAVIOR AND REDEEMER . Although diminished , they are still with dear standing – to GOD , and He will call them back , and will gather them firmly , and bless them abundantly , and rescue them from the advancing evil extermination . Could this explanation and assertion be correct ?


  • Thank you for posting this, Mike. I highly recommend your books here as I have them.
    Rhodesia is gone. It does not exist to go back to. There is a small handful of Whites here and there but the genocide is complete. Now its Black on Black…… South Africa is fast following in Rhodesia’s footsteps.

    Dear Americans, Canadians, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, British, French, Swedes, Danes etc –

    you do not understand what it is to totally lose your nation, your people forever – gone – PUFF – no going back – by annihilation/mass emigration/banker manipulated collapse of everything, the civilization and culture created by your own people. Look at YOUR future by reading Wessel’s article above and then ACT.

    You must OUST ALL the traitorous politicians that betray you for their foreign master, the Rothschild bankers cabal. End the EU and close your borders – you have been had. Throw out of government EVERY ONE of those who are putting in place your White Genocide and backward spiral into hell.

    You must FIGHT for your people’s survival and the survival of their culture. You must STOP being mindcontrolled and conditioned with fake guilt by the alien cultural marxist brigade of bolsheviks infesting your nations via your fakestream media and EDUCATIONAL (no – indoctrination) SYSTEMS. Learn the ‘bigger picture’ – all that is said about you are lies in order to annihilate you and your ethnic-European race as the White Race is the main threat to the enemy achieving their Zionist Communist Global Dictatorship.

    At least surviving ex-Rhodesians can hold their heads up high for they did not lie down and cower, but FOUGHT for their civilization and culture but you ALL TURNED AGAINST THEM by economic sanctions and financially supporting the terrorists (now terrorising YOU), joining in the crass demonization of ‘those racists’. Your indoctrination was complete.

    This has cornered your brains for now if you fight for your survival you are the ‘racists’. And we can’t have that now can we. YES WE CAN! Survival or perish – its up to YOU but get on with it. These are weaponised labels to keep you passive and submissive. And how well these labels rule your minds as well as your (non)actions.

    Why don’t you realize that and fight for your children and grandchildren’s right to their civilized future? After all, ITS YOUR DUTY!

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    • And one last but not least point.

      Why don’t the ethnic-European race pull together and all fight (by protest and publicity and tweets shaming TRUMP and the rest for their silence etc) to STOP also the present on-going right now torture/murder genocide of South Africa’s White farming families (including babies – look at these photos above rather than choose not to believe it!)? It is especially farmers but ALL the White race being targeted too.

      Why don’t you fight for them to stop their land being stolen? Know that this land grab without compensation is against the law both Nationally, and Internationally. No doubt its real purpose of the government puppets’ controllers, the international globalist bankers, is to a) eliminate the White race b) to end mass production so that a Ukraine style depopulation through mass starvation can take place.

      Learn about the HOLODOMOR. And learn about Cognitive Dissonance.

      Learn about the approx 1.2 million German POWs purposely starved to death AFTER WWII.

      The psychopathy riddled International Money Power – including royalty – have utter disdain for the people and this is their normal modus operandi.

      Regards the remaining 8% of the world’s population – the ethnic-Europeans, we, a global tiny minority, need to work together to survive this War Against all Whites.

      In 1910 the ethnic-Euoropean race made up 36% of the world’s population.
      In 2018 the ethnic-European race make up only 8% of the world’s population.

      Add to this the Marakech Declaration (April 2018) between European nations’ Foreign Ministers and those of many Black African nations – including the cannibalistic Congo – to flood third world Blacks into Europe without end, and 8% will soon plummet.


      The South African Black leaders ALL go to Londonistan to get their Orders (and rewards) from the bankers’ front LORD ROBIN RENWICK – from communist terrorist Mandela/Mbeki, through to Ramaphosa and “Kill the Boer” EFF leader Julius Malema.

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      • I have to agree. The hour is indeed late. What will it take for White folks to wake up to the threat, and then act? Can it be that they have all been demoralized by decades of socialism, hedonism and moral relativism (really moral nihilism)?

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  • This is exactly the Africa the Rothschild Family has always wanted, have done back flips to have. If not in our lifetime, in time, Africa will be cleared of its present day populations, claimed as a part of Israel, huge portions of land will be given to the Rothschild’s favorite Jews. African nations, named after them.
    Actually, this could happen in a very short period of time. The Rothschild’s deciding “God” gave them this land too, and, we have yet to experience the wrath of population reduction in full bloom. Who can say, the insanity that has taken over the world today is not limited to any one or two genocides but the whole of life on Earth hangs in the balance.
    I have seen cages full of starved lions, the poor creatures hunkering down, crying, when the black Africans come near to them, black Africans dragging lions by their hind legs into the cages as the ones already there try to hide in the corners. We, do not live on Earth anymore, we and all life live in a Rothschild’s cage, the love of life gone, fear and dread prevails.
    Worship of the cross, has made humanity lovers of murder, lovers of death, discontent with nature and loathing of normalcy. Humanity, just must be destroyed, else, all of Creation is doomed to oblivion.
    Such sadness, oh my dear folk, we were so much better off when we were pagans.

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