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Of the combatant nations drawn into World War II the ethnic-Jewish population alone showed an increase in population. Yes, the Jews are classed as combatants. In March 1933 the Jewish International publicly proclaimed a war of extermination on the Workers Reich.

A soundly based study in demography has been published in RUSSIAN INSIDER. The outcome reveals that had Imperial Russia’s White Armies defeated the Bolshevik Red Army then the population of Russia today would be 400 million rather than 144 million.


One massive study headed by Russian demographer Anatoly Vishnevsky calculated that without the demographic catastrophes of the 20th century, the population just within Russia’s borders would have constituted 282 million by 2000 – that’s almost exactly twice its actual figure.

Had the territory of Imperial Russia remained as it was prior to America’s overthrow of Tsarist Russia (1917 – 1922), the Russian population would today stand at 500 million as it would likely include the peoples of the Baltic States, Ukraine, which is Europe’s largest country, and vast swathes of territory lost as a consequence of WWII.

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As these Europeans also suffered huge losses during the upheavals of the 20th century and WWII then it is fair to say that populations of the ‘attached nations’ would have been much larger than they are today. For instance, the 2m population of Latvia would likely have been greater than that of Ireland which stands at 4.7m.

If Jewish Bolshevism, since repackaged as Globalism, had been nipped in the bud there would have been no man-made Soviet famines or collectivisation, no Gulag, no Great Terror, and no World War II.

One massive study by Russian demographer Anatoly Vishnevsky calculated that without the demographic catastrophes of the 20th century, the population within Russia’s borders alone would have constituted 282 million by 2000.

Since the Ukraine and Belarus suffered even higher demographic losses than Russia due to Soviet tyranny and the ravages of WWII their end of century populations can also be safely doubled.

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Ukraine’s population, instead of 42 million, can be estimated at 80 – 100 million. The population of Belarus today is only 9.5 million yet can comfortably accommodate five-times this number.

Imagine the difference if South Africa’s hard-working ethnic-Europeans were encouraged to emigrate and assimilate. Would this be too difficult?

On the contrary, today, tens of millions of Europeans live and prosper in countries outside their motherlands where their language is not understood. Guest nations have benefited enormously from Poles, Ukrainians, Belarus and the peoples of the Baltic States who have settled in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany.

Adding Russian settlers in Southern Siberian (northern Kazakhstan), you would today have a population of 400 million high IQ Russians / Europeans.

What could have been: A half-billion population continental superpower with a GDP comparable to that of the United States producing vast amounts of science and culture.



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  • more like this, to expose real criminals

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    • Donald Trump is in the process of exposing these real criminals…

      ..with his agenda to #DrainTheSwamp and the #GreatAwakening


      • Neoconmarxistcommunistbolshjvistzioglobalistdue

        I would very much like for what you are saying to be true .

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      • We better hope so, or we’ll all perish sooner than we may think!

        Have you seen that YT vid on SGT report, called “How to save the world”?

        Sums it a up, basically.

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  • It was very sobering to read this and hear these numbers. I’d often wondered about this but perhaps was too afraid to look into it, knowing it would likely be a bit depressing to see what the damage is. There is no going back once one wakes up to the truth and starts the journey. Some days are not so easy, however. I struggle with coming to terms with some of my emotions that alternate between sadness and rage. It has become damned near impossible for me to feel anything but disgust and contempt for those who pull the strings here in America. I’ve arrived at the point of having a bigger problem with the shabbos goyim henchmen of the Zionist Jewry owners – none of this would have been possible without their assistance!
    I am half Polish and half Ukrainian and it is almost surreal to me that I should live in a country that does not recognize the Holodomors of the 1st half of the 20th century (I personally was not even aware of these until 5 years ago) yet as young as 7 years old I was already starting to be indoctrinated into the Jewish propaganda Holocaust narratives. I have had these lies shoved down my throat my whole life via their complete owning/operating of all of the mainstream programming available to me yet NOTHING of what my own people suffered.
    I will remain forever grateful my Nana left the Ukraine as a teenager in 1911 and came to New York City, otherwise I would not be here today.
    Until our true European history and the lies of both world wars are made public knowledge, there will NEVER be any inherent goodness in this sad world.

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