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The number of migrant sea arrivals in re-vitalised Italy, so far in 2018, is down 80 percent compared to last year. However, the coloured invasion of Marxist-Globalist Spain has surged by over 350 percent in the same period.


Ceuta is an autonomous city situated just 10 miles from mainland Spain. This was the scene described in media as migrants stormed in:

“They scrambled over ‘all of a sudden, with much violence,’ and some attacked police with quicklime they had in tubes and bottles. As a result, ‘more than a dozen police’ were injured with the substance, four of whom had to go to a hospital for burns to their faces and arms. Some of the migrants scaling the fences threw faeces at police officers trying to hold them back.”


Another news platform reported in February that Ceuta is now a slum that “is breeding ground for ISIS terrorists.”


Josep Borrell is Spain’s Foreign Minister. The far left politician is typically Marxist-‘Socialist. A champagne-socialist, he has two women in his life and two massive palatial homes.

Borrell has two children as a result of his relationship with French Jewess Carolina Mayeur, whom he met in Israel in a kibbutz, where he worked on ‘humanitarian issues’.


Josep Borrell is Spain’s Foreign Minister

However, Borrell is in self-denial for whilst constantly denying that Spain has a migration problem he says, “We need new blood.”


Meanwhile, in Italy, Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini vowed: “I promised to defend the borders and I am doing it with all my energy and all the means at my disposal.”


“Boat Migrants Down 80 Percent in Populist Italy, up 350 Percent in Socialist Spain,” was reported by Liam Deacon, Breitbart in August 1, 2018: Over 57,500 illegal migrants and asylum seekers have arrived in Europe by sea so far this year, compared to 112,375 over the same period last year, the UN Migration Agency said in a paper Tuesday.

As the number of clandestine crossings fell, deaths in the Mediterranean Sea more than halved, falling from 2,240 to 1,111.


The significant fall is likely to be partly thanks to Italy’s new, populist government, which is fighting to end illegal crossings and to protect their borders. There were just 18,392 migrants arriving in Italy so far this year.

Spain Bound

Spain boundary

However, Spain, since it ushered in a new far left regime, has become the new main arrival-by-sea country in the Mediterranean. More than 22,800 migrants have arrived in Spain since the beginning of the year, with 1,866 since the 25th of July alone.

Spain neither negotiates, nor sells, loves and defends

Spain neither negotiates, nor sells, loves and defends

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