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The head of the Romania’s Ministry of Agriculture said during a TV interview on stemming the swine fever outbreak that incinerating thousands of deceased pigs was a “terrible job, it’s like Auschwitz.”

Following the uproar, he clarified that his only wish was “to describe the difficult situation the breeders face,” but some have demanded his resignation.

Major opposition parties in Romania including the Marxist Save Romania Union and former PM Dacian Ciolos’ Romania+ movement, are demanding that Agriculture Minister Petre Daea step down for comparing the incineration of pigs infected with swine fever to a National Socialist labour camp.


Romania’s agriculture minister Petre Daea speaks during a news conference in Bucharest, Romania, December 8, 2017

“There is no antidote, there is no vaccine, no medicine, the only way is to sacrifice them. The pigs are incinerated, it’s a terrible job. It’s like Auschwitz in there,” the official said on a TV talk-show on July 24 as he spoke about countering swine fever, which has affected thousands of pigs in southern Romania.

The comparison evoked public criticism. In the official statement, the Israeli Embassy in Romania said it was dismayed and disappointed over the minister’s remarks.

Liviu Dragnea, the chairman of the ruling Social Democratic Party, which the minister also belongs to, apologized to the Jewish community. According to his statement, Daea had not meant to be offensive, and called on the official to avoid remarks “which can deeply offend.”

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