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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing in Washington

Following months of scandals and bad news, Facebook will soon lose its spot as the second largest website in the U.S. in what analysts describe as a paradigm shift. Facebook has faced a number of issues in the past few months, including one of the biggest share price drops in Wall Street History.

Shareholders are desperately attempting to oust CEO Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of the board. There will be many questions surrounding election interference on behalf of the Democrats and liberal-left caucus.

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There is also international fury over Facebook’s denial of a platform of Infowars and Alex Jones. One of the self-proclaimed media Masters of the Universe is facing anger from multiple groups. One report says that to appease the hard-left, Israeli-controlled Facebook pulled the plug on 40 million users in July alone.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and internet providers abuse their monopoly by deciding who and what information should be available to the public. It is a sinister reminder of life in the past when corporate-owned media, in alliance with government, manipulated minds by spinning news and information

As well as Alex Jones, Ron Paul, David Icke, SGT report and ex-CIA Michael Scheuer, hundreds of sites critical of Zionism or Globalism have been denied access to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. YouTube allows promotion of abortion; even provide recipes for abortion food but remove academic opinions being aired.

In 2016, Facebook experienced a monthly visit figure of around 8.5 billion. By July of this year, that traffic had dropped to approximately 4.7 billion monthly visitors. It looks a lot but the Daily Mail Online, also Jewish owned, attracts 1 billion visitors a month.

Facebook’s figures are highly suspect. At any one time, it is estimated that 25 per-cent of Facebook users have their access and accounts blocked. Facebook defrauds advertisers by including blocked users with active users when hawking advertising.

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