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There is growing concern at the number of Holocaust deniers known to infest mainstream media. A study reveals that just one newspaper of 37 studied carried a story on the genocide of up to 100 million Orthodox Christians by the Soviet Union.

Historian Michael Walsh, author of Trotsky’s White Negroes and Megacaust is horrified. The historian describes the hideous mind-set of Western journalists who dismiss Stalin’s industrial-scale genocide as being ‘unfortunately necessary due to the conditions of the time’.

He says, “A friend of mine studied law at a Melbourne University. As a social experiment, he used as his screen saver a photograph of Josef Stalin. A female colleague asked him ‘who is that’?”


He says, “I couldn’t believe it: It cannot be disputed that up to 100 million people, mostly Christian Europeans, were brutally murdered, starved and worked to death during this Soviet tyrant’s thirty-seven years as a leading Bolshevik and Soviet dictator. Yet, this mature woman had never heard of him.”

In a stunning affront to human values, online encyclopaedia Wikipedia merely describes Josef Stalin as ‘the leader of the USSR.’

Few people are able to identify several holocausts that in each case accounted for the appalling deaths of tens of millions of innocents ethnically cleansed as a deliberate act of government policy.


When asked what might be done with up to five million ethnic Germans overrun by the American supplied Red Army in 1944 – 1945, Britain’s un-elected premier Winston Churchill had replied, “Don’t mind the five or more million Germans.  Stalin will see to them.  You will have no trouble with them; they will cease to exist.”

Few people are aware that up to 13 million Europeans, mostly ethnic Germans, died following the surrender of the German armed forces on May 8, 1945. In fact, more Germans lost their lives after the war than during the conflict as a deliberate act of population reduction by ethnic-cleansing.

Britain and the United States were complicit in the transportation of over 7 million captured civilians and servicemen to the Soviet Union where upon arrival they were slaughtered or worked to death in over 100 Soviet Gulag slave camps.

Gulag 1

The author of 52 book titles says holocaust denial in mainstream media is rampant, infectious, and out of control. He adds that the inexplicable madness infests not just mainstream media such as newspapers, periodicals, TV and radio broadcasting but the conventional book publishing world also.

“When visiting book stores it is difficult to find a single title dealing with any of the cold-blooded acts of genocide for which Britain, the United States, Soviet Union, China and Western-backed African and Asian dictators were responsible.


Bengal Famine

“Ironically, most people identify only the over-hyped ‘holocaust’ as an act of genocide. Yet, the figure of six million is so ludicrous the perpetrators of proved acts of genocide refuse to publicly debate the six million figures as the number is simply unsubstantiated.


UIK Kenyan Concentration Camps

Yet, few people are aware of many well-documented cases of ‘murder by government’ that cost the lives of a total of 164 million people during the 20th Century.

J. Rummel, Power, Genocide, and Mass Murder, Journal of Peace Research 31 (No. 1 1994), reveals that multiple holocausts perpetrated by the Allies and others are air-brushed out of the history books and never mentioned by media. Yet, the so-called ‘Nazi holocaust’ is constantly recycled by corporate-owned media despite an astonishing lack of credible evidence.

Michael Walsh, “It is quite clear that Holocaust-denying journalists and publishing houses are implicated in the cover-up of multiple holocausts that have occurred.

As an example of Holocaust denial on a massive scale, he says he used the Daily Mail to make his point. It is estimated that this American-based Jewish owned newspaper alone carries over 500 stories each year on the so-called ‘Nazi holocaust’.

Auschwitz a good point

“Holodomor is the name given to the several population reductions by state inspired famine. Over a ten year period, the same newspaper without condemnation had mentioned the genocide of millions of Ukrainians on only five occasions. There were none at all on Soviet holocausts that martyred up to 100 million Europeans.


“It is clear that media has no real interest in genocide but uses the alleged ‘Nazi’ holocaust as a policy of mind manipulation. It is very similar to Soviet media, whose propaganda after Germany’s defeat was piped into tens of millions of British and American homes.

It has never ceased, indeed, the propaganda of the allied victors has reached hysterical levels; in volume it is similar to that of North Korea or the Pol Pot regime. Media’s holocaust deniers cynically excuse or censor proven holocausts whilst using an imaginary one for its political value.


Holocaust (Bolshevik) survivor, Russian writer, and historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn explained the sinister phenomena of institutionalised holocaust denial. “Ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

NOTE: The link to this story should be widely shared and sent to journalists and editors who publish fake holocaust news stories.

6 million Jews

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  • Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt and commented:
    The fake HoloHoax has nothing on the real ones done BY jews.

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  • Hi Mike,
    Thank you again for your efforts. It was with emotion I noticed the name of EDGAR STEELE in this posting – with which I corresponded until they got him, put him in chains during his ‘fake’ trail and killed him !


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    • Edgar Steele was force medicated with drugs which stilled his intestines which meant he could not have bowel motions leading to gangrene of his intestines from which he died. His wife wrote of this.


  • Very important article bringing history into accord with the fact (like Mike’s excellent books). Yes, Mike, the silence by the lamestream media and unholywood about the 20th century’s REAL holocausts – and their perpetrators – is deafening. We need to FIX that! For the first time we have the power of the internet to communicate censored historical facts and the REAL holocaust perpetrators are terrified of the truths outing, hence their rabid efforts to shut things down.

    Referring to American lawyer Edgar Steele, who was framed then murdered in jail:

    Rest in peace Edgar. You fought the good fight. You are a martyr. You gave your life for your people.

    We need a ‘Wall of Hero Martyrs’ of all our people who have so far been hounded, persecuted, imprisoned, and even murdered, for their efforts to share accurate information to warn our people against the sever threat emanating from the ‘Hidden Hand’ of the Rothschild banker cabal and its fanatical cadres.

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  • While the world is constantly being reminded of the ‘evil Hitler/Verwoerd’ and others, the worst evildoers of them all – the communists, are totally ignored and who have been responsible for over 150-million deaths throughout the world through torture, executions and starvation. And the deaths still continue under despots like Mugabe and other African leaders, the late Samora Machel of Mocambique, Angostino Neto of Angola, countries like Ethopia, Eritrea, the Sudan, the Congo, etc, etc. And don’t forget our ‘dear’ friend, Fidel Castro of Cuba… Then, of course, we have our own precious bunch of rascals here – Mbeki, Mandela, Asmal, Blade Nzimandi, Jeremy Cronin, Ronnie Kasrils, et al – all faithful party members of this evil alliance. Let’s look a some figures and compare them with the highly-questionable 6-million jews under Hitler, but has been proven false by no less than Jews themselves, as well as the so-called ‘murders’ of these self-same communists by the security forces of the previous regime:***.

    Soviet Union – nearly 100-million; China – 50,700000; Cambodia – 2 million; Vietnam – 1,700000; North Korea – 1,700000; Poland – 1,600000; Yugoslavia – 1,100000. Add to those figures those killed by communists in Afghanistan, Tibet, Cuba, every African country that was invaded by communists (Angola, Moçambique, Zimbabwe, Ethopia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone – not forgetting our own Heimat, the once prosperous and peaceful South Africa under Hendrik Verwoerd. Yes, those of us who were part of the population in his days will remember that jobs were plentiful – not only for whites, but blacks also had jobs; very few were unemployed – crime was at an all time low, our economy was sound and highly rated internationally, and, strange as it may sound to the younger generation, he was a much-respected man by everybody – including blacks! And the communists did not like this state of affairs – he had to go – he was also murdered by a communist – and be replaced by weaker leaders such as Vorster, who first sold out the Rhodesians, and his successors capitulated to communist demands.***

    Unfortunately I do not have the figures of those (black and white) killed and maimed by the so-called ‘heroes of the struggle’ to destabilise South Africa, but I have seen the horrors of their methods during the eighties – necklacings by young ‘comrades’ in the townships who should have been in the classrooms; black on black violence incited by young ‘comrades’ against anyone opposed to their ideals; over 400 Inkatha leaders systematically murdered for the same reason; the senseless mowing down of (if I remember correctly) 19 Inkatha followers from the rooftop of Shell House in 1993; the many limpet mines set off in schools, cafes and shopping centres, landmines on lonely roads, killing and maiming CIVILIANS consisting of men, women and children; the brutalities of the horror camps in Angola, Zambia and other places where ‘heroes of the struggle’ like Kasrils, Hani, Modise and others tortured, starved, terrorised and murdered the inmates who were alleged ‘informers’ – need I go on?***

    What have communists ever contributed to the upliftment and well-being of countries under their (mis)rule? Schools? Universities? Science? Technology? Agriculture? Social welfare? Communist-occupied countries are a shining example of the wars, poverty and misery resulting from the communist invaders’ ‘contribution’ to so-called ‘peace and freedom’ through the barrels of their AK47’s, generously supplied by aforesaid ‘heroes’. In conclusion, the present communist incumbents in parliament are well trained in lies, disinformation and terror by those masters of deception, the KGB. Their website is a shining example of brainwashing for those gullible masses who are uninformed enough to swallow their bait, hook line and sinker, but take off your rose-tinted spectacles and start doing your homework, then you might be very unpleasantly surprised at what skeletons you’ll start digging up***

    ‘Heroes’ of the struggle, indeed!***

    And you expect right-thinking and intelligent white SAN’s to ‘apologise’ (for the umteenth time – I’ve already lost count), grovel, bow and scrape to these cruddy scum? I rest my case…***

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