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Refusal to say anything positive about a former foe is a sign of weakness, not strength. Adolf Hitler, long before his National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) was elected in January 1933, was recognised as an expert on art. Indeed, the President-Chancellor was already recognised as an artist of considerable merit.

Only occasionally is there mention of his gift. However, this is invariably sniffily dismissed as being of an inferior standard. One can be certain that the critics, who are themselves without talent, will add that Adolf Hitler failed in his attempt to be accepted by art school. In fact, the social reformer, whose popularity would soon equal that of Jesus Christ, was simply advised that his enormous talent lay not in figure or still life but in architecture.

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In this respect, it is not necessary to browse Hitler’s paintings to perceive his eye for outstanding architecture. Germania, the vision for an imperial Germany that would have eclipsed the greatness of Rome and Greece, was Adolf Hitler’s inspiration.

Today, Adolf Hitler’s artworks, which on merit alone command higher prices than celebrated politically correct artists, are exceptional.

As a social experiment, artworks of Adolf Hitler were posted on social media without revealing who the artist was. Favourable response was overwhelming; it was a social experiment that media would not dare to duplicate.

Winston Churchill, falsely described by media’s palace hacks as an artist, was no more than a dabbler and his works childlike. Yet, Britain’s unelected warlord premier dismissed his German adversary as a ‘house painter’. This half-lie has since been endlessly repeated by court historians and palace hacks.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. This outstanding selection of Adolf Hitler’s paintings, drawing and watercolours speak for themselves. For the first time ever a compilation of Adolf Hitler’s art, his paintings, watercolours, still life, landscapes, figures and much else have been published in full colour in one volume.

ART OF ADOLF HITLER over 150 artworks, paintings, watercolours, drawing, sketches, with content and captions. A first edition, this is a truly unique full colour collection many never before published.

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  • Dear Michael, I’m saving $ for this, and will order a copy of your new book The Art of Adolf Hitler as soon as possible!! We love you for working to publish this book of artworks by The Great One!

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  • Thank you, Jan…….. you are much loved, dear.

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  • Good morning Michael, Unfortunately I an unable to complete the order. Can you advise?

    Best wishes


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  • The cover price of Art of Adolf Hitler is just $14.95. POSTAGE IS NOT INCLUDED: Shipping outside Europe add $10 for up to three copies. If posting to the EU / UK add $6.50 (€6.50) for 1 – 3 copies.

    For some strange reason postage for 3 copies is the same as for one copy. Signed copies add $10 per signed copy. For further information contact

    Okay, we are going through the complexities of setting up a BUY NOW button… for now, use the PayPal donate button. As you do so you have opportunity to add your mailing address and place your order. Hope this helps everyone.

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  • Adolf art was rejected when the jew abstract art was taking mainstream. According to Mein Kamp, this disturbed the fuhrer, so did male feminism, gay and transgender policy perverting the German Christian Social Culture and society that was being influenced by Jew Bolshevik Communist Social progressive Policies!!!

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