Ten million frauleins ravaged,

By the Allies and their hordes,

Mothers, daughters, sisters too,

Impaled on Allied swords,

Raped before their mothers,

By drunken louts who stank,

But victors propaganda,

A fiction named Anne Frank.


Eight million children murdered,

Their parents put in chains,

Red Armies and their Allies,

Bellowed coarse refrains,

As drunk they took the children,

Made brave by booze they drank,

But victors propaganda,

A fiction named Anne Frank.


One hundred thousand ravished,

Women like your own,

By dregs of Allied armies,

Who murdered zone to zone,

Pillage, rape, and plunder,

Involved each Allied rank,

But victors propaganda,

A fiction named Anne Frank.


Michael Walsh

Anti-War Poet


Michael Walsh has earned international acclaim for his verse composed over 50 years of penmanship. Whilst all citations are equal the better-known contributors include mainstream media editors, Willy Russell the renowned playwright, heads of church, politicians, celebrities of theatre, writers, publicists, and business entrepreneurs. Michael Walsh has had published 52 books including ten poetry collections.

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  • “I was delighted to read your poetry on Liverpool and enjoyed it immensely.” ~ Ken Dodd, Britain’s most loved entertainer.


  • “The Archbishop (Liverpool) asked me to tell you how much he enjoyed the enclosed verse.” ~ Graeme Brady, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.


  • “May I say well done? Your poems are brilliant and everyone who reads them will identify with most. I enjoyed them very much.” ~ Barbara Noble, Co-founder Nobles of Liverpool.


  • “You are doing for Liverpool what Robert Service did for the Yukon ~ immortalising it in a timeless way.” ~ Bernard C. Cooper, Guild of Master Craftsmen.


  • “The poems are extremely interesting and make good reading, especially in the evening when returning from work.” ~ Robert Burns, MD. (Mr. Burns was the originator of the Irish theme public houses). 

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  • Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt and commented:
    Bic pens and lies within
    Fake shrunken heads and loose foreskin
    Human soap and lampshade kin
    Just more jewish hatred and sin

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  • I see an extraordinary sequence of wonderful pictures of happy children, beautiful women walking on streets and seating on esplanades, others making open-air exercises, etc. Then I see the opposite, some excrutiating showing children assassinated or dead from starvation. Several women brutly assassinated by Alied troops who had suposedly come to Europe to free its people from de ‘devil’ nazis, when what is now perfectly known and largely accepted by the world is that the true devil were the United States and Great Britain who attacked a Nation in peace whose gorvenants neither wanted nor asked for any kind of war with G.B.

    In fact all the German people and their President wanted was to stay an Independent Nation and live without exterior interference in their political affairs in order to become economically and politically a successful Country. Which it did. And was sufficiently proved. But its enormous success was its disgrace. The result was a Nation being immediately criminally destroyed in an incredable extent with the simultaneous death of hundreds of thousands of inocent men, women and children, all due to a colossal envy of a patriotic President extremelly loved by the entire Nation – a man who transformed a previous failed Germany in an immensely prosperous Country – by diabolic G.Britain’s and the U.S.’s politicians in comand.

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    • I forgot to add a third Power that can never be forgotten in the last big conflit. WW2 broke out due to the extreme ambition of Great Britan’s and United States’ governants to whom JOINED by pure opportunism cynical Soviet Union’s criminal leaders. By the end of this War the responsability of what can be correctly designated as the true holocaust, belonged excusively to those three leaders. Not forgetting the more than a million inocent human beings dead in WW1, by order of those three evil men in all Europe during WW2 were purposedly murdered over a hundred million men, women and children, as Mike so well has stated and repeated.

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  • how do Mass Murderers acquire authority…


    there are no proselytes to Talmudic Judaism from the land of gog & magog
    in the Bible….Genesis 1 – Deuteronomy 33……


    tenets of Talmudic Judaism…

    Real Semites in a concentration camp….in Gaza


    truth is not on holiday….


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    • I just watched an old Dracula movie, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and the rest of the Synagogue. The Satanic Rite of Dracula, 1973, a Hammer Production. I was astounded how much of what we know today was revealed in the movie, it must be Lord Rothschild (Dracula) and his gang, of undead, Jews, that the Dracula movies were made to torment us with.
      How the Jewish producers and writers use the Christian religion, like laughing in the faces of white Christians, the crucifix and the holy water, what a slap in the face of white Christian people, as if to say, do you not see how insane your religion really is and how Dracula fits the mold so well. Blood sacrifice, rising from the dead, cannot kill it, crosses and other means of torture, the religion’s symbols. I would have loved to have been on the set when the movie was made, probably had the Pope of that time, Pope Paul Vl, in attendance, laughing right along with the blood suckers.
      All these years of my life the Organized Cristian Religion and the Jews in Hollywood using white people’s faith to brainwash them, to direct their every thought, to make them accept the murder of themselves and their children, teaching, it is all right, they will get to live again when Jesus comes back. Like, so a bunch of people were murdered and suffered horribly for it, still the main characters kept their life and all the rest will be okay, they are just waiting for the return of Jesus or maybe they too will rise from the dead and drink the blood of innocent children.
      All that all these children, we can know, raped and tortured, murdered by the blood suckers who are real, they will not escape death, they cannot come back, they suffered from the ignorance of white people who are so selfish they think if they just accept the crap the blood suckers lay on them Jesus will come back and raise them from the grave, after which, they can live with Jesus and the blood suckers in a paradise, forever. How loud would one have to scream -wake up- to get the white Christians attention, would it ever really matter, between the Christian Preachers, the Government’s white Christian sell out’s and the Jews playing the game of GODS on us, constantly, what can ever save us from the blood suckers and their master Dracula, ie The Lord God Rothschild?
      Dear Lord Rothschild, we are delighted to inform you, you can have Palestine, take it easy for a while, after that let’em have it, you are covered, Master. Most every Palestinian I have seen looks like a white person to me, get it? The beat goes on and the murder continues. We have turned our backs on our own kind of people for a Jews religion, the murder of innocence that has destroyed so many hundreds of thousands of us, so far we have escaped. The Master has a plan though and he will not relent, drive’em till they are dead, all of them. The time is near, we are all infected with the poisons of death, none can escape, so, pray to the sky, the wall next to you, the wall in front of you, pray, or weep, or scream, do all the religious crap you want to do or think you should do, we have all been bitten and we are going to die.
      In the movie I watched tonight it is like Dracula tired of the people resisting him and his way of seeing things, murder, blood and guts, decided to just kill’em all, so he had a sellout white Christian scientist make a souped up form of the Black Death, right at the very last minute his plan was stifled by his nemesis Van Helsing, a Christian Preacher, we are supposed to think, so everything is alright, go back to sleep. Dracula, killed by being trapped in a patch of thorns, the same thorns used to fashion the crown, prop, of the biblical character Jesus, so once again the world was saved by the idea of Jesus. Reinforcing the Christians faith in their religion and their religions main character, pretty slick, don’t you think. Willing to suffer defeat at the hands of the thing they most hate, knowing it is all according to plan and the plan is certainly way ahead of where they might have thought it would be by now. Dracula and his blood suckers have already seen to the murder of millions of our children, still white people pray to the sky, still white people fall for the game of GODS, still white people think they will be saved, even that they can be raised from the dead, all that new body and happiness sucker crap, suckers…
      No one can save us because the most of us think Jesus and the Gods are real, that Jews are the chosen people of the white peoples God, that six million Jews were murdered by white people, Rothschild’s World War Two. Nothing can save the body when the mind has left the building. The Annunaki, the inventors of Humans and the only Gods there ever could have been, the Annunaki said: we, are not Gods. There is a Creator, who made us, we know nothing about it. End of story.
      Look at the faces of white children today, do they look alright, do they look healthy, confident, full of joy as children should be. We have in the past and do in the present sacrifice our children on the Jews Christian Alter of murder, we do forsake them every day we allow our nations and our people to be overrun with foreigners and with insane ideas about Earth and life on Earth, religions. Religions, are the end of us, quit them now.


  • Very touching poem Mike. Very sad.
    I too am anti-war and even more I’m anti-war propaganda.

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