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AMAZON IS UNDER FIRE as book authors question the company’s less than transparent system of royalty payments. A Google search discovers the concerns of hundreds of authors expressing disquiet over ‘unrecorded royalties’.

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Amazon’s profitability is hit further as hundreds of books, many by prominent historians, are removed from buyers choice. The censorship happened after Jewish pressure groups complained about the sale of books that investigate holocaust related fraud.

Amazon bans 1,000s of books

Amazon customers increasingly complain that shipping costs are too high and delivery times poor. Now, to cap it all, a poor press results in concerned buyers returning to more traditional shopping methods.


Shockingly, Amazon now admits that it actually pays employees to say good things about working for the company on Twitter. This is Amazon’s strategy in its shameless effort to combat bad press about the prison workshop conditions in its warehouses.

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Sharp-eyed Twitter users discovered the accounts, which are almost identical looking except for the picture, and presumed they were bots before Amazon caved in and confessed they were real employees.

A commentator says: “So Amazon has set up an army of bot accounts, allegedly from workers at various fulfilment centres, whose sole purpose is to jump on tweets critical of their benevolent overlord with the same stale cant about great pay and benefits.”

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According to Business Insider, the twitter accounts mostly “say positive things about Amazon’s warehouse working conditions,” pay, and benefits in an attempt to change negative public opinion about the company.”

Amazon 1

Last year, it was reported that Amazon warehouse employees were being worked to exhaustion. Many members of staff were falling asleep on the job, urinating into bottles and trashcans for fear of being sanctioned for bathroom breaks. Afraid to go home between shifts, many Amazon employees bed down in the cars in the company’s car parks.


Obsessed with robot technology in its market-trader attempt to maximise costs Amazon faced further controversy after the company was granted a patent for a wristband which would track employee movements and tell them where to go.


MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster, shunned by the political elite and their controlled media.

books, Mike Walsh Historian

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  • Great text.
    One question Mike: your asking us to purchase your two books by Amazon in the end of your extraordinary text, is only irony or shall we take you seriously? Sorry for not quite understand your phrase, my english is not that good.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Maria, it’s a transitional phrase as like Amazon or not we are still dependent upon such Amazon royalties as they are until we can provide an alternative choice with our own editions. At the moment ~ until next week (LIFE IN THE REICH) Amazon will be there for those unlikely to be aware of The Ethnic-European.

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  • From now on I will not be purchasing anything from yet another “acquired” jew company. Little by little my choices are dwindling by the centimeters it gets me angrier and angrier by the second as well…guess I will be throwing out my kindle as well, what is it good for if I can no longer buy your books or any other revisionists books for that matter. I have always been fascinated by history of all sorts, little did I know that the supposed “victors” were the writers of such fictional delusions but the someone like you comes along and there is light at the end of the tunnel I am free then to view historical facts as facts and discard the obvious Jewish bullshit…thank you heaps I look forward to the day when I can purchase your books from you directly. 88

    Liked by 1 person

  • Freifrau Gabriele

    25 years ago, I made a promise to myself to buy books from independent small book stores, or order directly from authors and writers. I have avoided big stores since then, and am happy to continue to do so today. Also, I encourage others to take these necessary steps after I tell them what is really going on. Through this action we all sent a clear message, and at the same time support the individual author, writer, independent printer, and small bookstore owners no matter were one lives. The same method applies for other goods people want to purchase. It all begins with YOU. You are your own navigator. So get to it.

    Liked by 2 people

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