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There was a time when you could chance upon a policeman with a brain cell; I met several.  Fondly remembered was the cop who smiled when in the 1970s I asked him if there as any possibility of the British Movement or National Front being declared illegal organisations. His reply made much sense.

! BM Leader leads march Edgeware Road, London.

BM Leader leads march Edgeware Road, London.

“No, Michael; out in the open the activities of anti-establishment organisations are easily monitored. We know their executives who make our job easier by keeping their members within legal guidelines.”

Michael speaker 204 Scan

The Special Branch officer, a police group charged with surveillance and subversion, went on to explain.

Michael speaker 201 Scan

“If we were to take out the leadership the membership would disintegrate. But, afterwards many members would reorganise to become unidentifiable splinter groups. Frustrated by their being denied a part of the democratic process, and left without hope of their goals being reached, many will resort to illegal, inflammatory, hit-and-run guerrilla strikes.

These splinter groups we have great difficulty in identifying let alone monitoring. We simply don’t have the manpower to police ten or more maverick right-wing cadres. We learned this from the Troubles in Northern Ireland. We are happy with the way things are.”

British Movement Leader Mike Walsh confers with Leader Guard members in Diksmuide.

British Movement Leader Mike Walsh confers with Leader Guard members in Diksmuide.

The officer’s words brought me much comfort as it seemed the British Movement et al would continue to function. The one departure from police strategy was likely out of their control. This was when the Dopey Director or Prosecutions at the Home Office charged me with ‘racial incitement’.

I had a year or so earlier published fliers the caption of one which merely stated that ‘race-mixing destroys our people’, which Asians also bought. But, I was found guilty and received six x 4-month prison sentences.

Sticker that got Mike Walsh a 4 month prison sentence

Sticker that got Mike Walsh a 4 month prison sentence.

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The proof of the pudding is that I learned that in my absence embittered members had resorted to maverick vengeful acts of lawlessness. My being charged and sentenced had only made Constable Plod’s job more difficult than had campaign stickers that simply stated a biological fact.

What next, fines and terms of imprisonment for saying that congress between Irish Wolfhounds and Shih Tzu dogs produces mongrels? One never knows in a society that has completely lost its reason. Where nowadays can you find a policeman with a brain cell?

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MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster.

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