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Population drain suffered by the Baltic States, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, negatively affects the security of Western Europe. The director of the Lithuanian Centre for Social Research, Sarmite Mikulenienė, has good reason to be concerned.

Lithuania, the most virulently anti-Russian nation, regrets that the country’s cannon fodder has disappeared over distant horizons.

According to Michael Walsh, whose book, Trotsky’s White Negroes is a best-seller, entire populations of Europeans by Washington, Westminster and Moscow mutual agreement, were fed into the Soviet Union’s Gulag grinder to work as what Trotsky described as ‘White Negroes’.

According to Mikulenienė, the issue of loss of population was especially acute after the collapse of the USSR. Since the 1990s, Lithuania has lost a quarter of the population. Latvia, which is 40 per-cent ethnically Russian, suffers the loss of a third of its population.

Poland has lost more than a million inhabitants who travelled to more developed countries of Europe. Their empty seats in business, agriculture, industry, and education “are occupied by visitors from the east, primarily from Ukraine.”

Mikulenienė believes that the main reason for the outflow of the population is the accession of several Eastern European countries to the European Union in 2004.  Developed countries, such as Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Spain, opened their labour markets for new EU members and provoked mass emigration.

The populations of many EU countries are rapidly aging. According to Mikulenienė, soon it will lead to the collapse of the pension system because there will be nobody to finance pensions. When visiting Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, one is struck by the shortage of young adults. Bizarrely, those of working age are outnumbered by the very young and the very old.

Mikulenienė adds, “The situation is alarming. In Lithuania, two thousand villages have already emptied, faculties are being closed at universities, and there is a shortage of labor. The population density has decreased to 44 people per square kilometre. In Latvia and Estonia, it is still worse, 35 and 29 people per square kilometre, respectively.”

In addition, the population of Lithuania decreases most rapidly in the EU. It is followed by anti-rating in Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

One of the worst effected nations is Ukraine, Europe’s largest country. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991) the population of Ukraine stood at 52 million. By 2000 this number was reduced by 3 million. The nation’s declining population has been catastrophic. The population of Ukraine today is estimated at just 45 million but is likely down to 42 million. What accounts for the loss of at least 10 million Ukrainians?

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It is estimated that 2.5 million Ukrainians have started new lives in Russia. Poland is the second preferred choice for those fleeing the ravages and subsequent poverty that followed the U.S. backed coup that ousted the elected government in February 2014. Many have simply spread out across Europe and the wider world.

A factor not openly discussed is genocide of ethnic-Europeans as a consequence of contrived de-population measures. Reduced to one of the worst levels of poverty experienced anywhere in the world, Ukrainians suffer yet another holodomor. They and other Europeans are dying prematurely and the young are not replacing themselves. The same applies to the Baltic States and to a slightly lesser level the rest of the EU nations.

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  • Sorry Mike to send the comment to this box, I wrote it here by distraction.

    About Soros. The caracter of this creature is abominable. This cinic man now is pretending to be an innocent and good-hearted person, asking European Union to help the economy of African Countries to prevent its miserable peoples from immigrating to Europe. How hipocrit can this man be?! Why not himself be the first to help those countries’ economy and its peoples, he who is an ultra-rich man? Does he think the world doesn’t know perfectly well by now the diabolic person he is?

    He is responsable for over a billion immigrants entering Europe during the last decade and more than half that goes of this one. He is the person who commands the politics of all anti-patriotic and pro-zionism governants of European Union, all of them sold to globalism in exchange of billions of dollars which go strait to their accounts in off-shores, of course with the conivence of 90% of newspapers, television and radio’ journalists of U.S. and E.U., who also receive billions of dollars every year.

    A few years ago I read that 30 million dollars(!!!) were given annually to newspaper’s, television and radio journalists of the State of Nevada – mind you such an amount of money offered to just one State, now one can only imagine the trillions that were/are given to the rest of them – by the same zionists, but that was then. Undoubtedly is by Soros nowadays. To whom always joins a multitude of mercenaries with orders to start fights, kill inocent citizens, throw bombs, practice acts of violence, assalts, abuse sexually women, etc., mercenaries and anti-patriots who sell themselves to globalism by half a penny (like we say over here in cases such as these.

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  • Sturmgerwehr stg44

    As the situation with regard to ethnic European demographic is now at crisis levels a few things need to happen quickly

    1. The jewish banking system of central banks that control the EU and all the countries in it has to be dismantled.

    2.The Eu structure itself must go and the individual countries themselves must assume soverignty with their own currency.

    3.Any politician from the old regimes that are pro immigration have to be booted out. All foreign migrants have to leave
    4. NATO must be disbanded.

    5. The economic structure of Europe must change to allow white families to live with dignity and have more children if they wish. Even polygamy to increase the birth rate is a good idea. It has been done before in Germany during the middle ages.

    Otherwise Europe is doomed

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    • Like Hitler
      Shut down centralized bank systems, shut down freemason organizations,
      Remove non ethics from political influencing positions, prevent them owning private property or voting rights on political issues.
      Those not of national bloodline back three generations, are not considered citizens of the region.
      There was purpose to Hitler policy, he had it right!!!

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